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The Best of Life-Transforming Quotes for All Entrepreneurs

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Here are some of the interesting quotes I have collected from the Facebook pages and timelines of my friends who are doing very well as entrepreneurs.

Some of them will be surprise to see their names here but I just had to appreciate them for inspiring lives around the world with the fruits of their lips and blessed pen on their hands.

If you find any of the quotes fascinating please leave a comment for us let’s know how it blessed your life.

Enjoy them.

“The worst people to seek help from are those who are jealous, chickened and intimidated by your success.”
– Emenike Emmanuel

“Never you give your time to the ungrateful ones and unbelievers of your destiny.”
– Chijioke Eugene

“Millions of blogs are ready to accept a helpful and in-depth guest article. No matter how knowledgeable a blogger you are, readers may not take you seriously if you go about it all by yourself.”
– Neil Patel (

“If #Passion is a name of a person then #Excellence must be the surname.”
– Emenike Emmanuel

“When there is nothing left to say, lift your head up high, smile and walk away like you own the world.The bigger you Awaits you.”
– Chijioke Eugene

“Even though we live in a world where it is easy now to take what you know, weave a ball of energy, and pursue it to the form of excellence, building a personal brand as a thought leader, it takes real work.”
– Emeka Nobis (

“Your perspectives influence your experiences. To have a change of experience, change your perspective because how you see influences what you see.”
– Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

“Things are happening out there. Don’t waste your life in wishful thinking. Get out of your cocoon and go make a name for yourself. Life is too short to be wasted in oblivion.”
– Ogwo David Emenike

“The closer you get to excellence in your life, the more friends you’ll lose. People love you when you’re average because it makes them comfortable. But when you pursue greatness it makes people uncomfortable. Be prepared to lose people on your journey.”
– Sam Dede

In summary, you are a limit breaker.

When you look at yourself, what do you see?

Do you see a failure, or a champion positioned to rule the world? Do you see a complainer or a trailblazer, pathfinder and pacesetter?

Do the challenges around you in anyway inspire your thought to envisage the endless opportunities divinity made available to you?

I have come to discover that as the quest for overnight success intensifies, more opportunities are created for people of diligence. Today, they may not look like it but over time, you will discover that these ones will be more positioned to lead in their chosen profession than those who forced half-baked blessing to come their way.

My dear, you are a limit breaker. Limit breakers don’t seek for shortcuts. They take on the long-but-lasting approach to their great future. They trust God that if they can persevere more, the limit will break. And can I tell you something? It does.

Do not let anyone deceive you. If you can constantly work day and night for it, give up your sleep, strength and energy for it in prayer, planning and execution, sooner your vision will become a reality in your hand.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
I am Emenike Emmanuel.

How to rule your world with self control

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“Why did he use that word on me?”
“Why would he speak to me in that manner?”

“Is it because I brought myself too low to associate with everyone?”

“I don’t blame him.”

These, and more are some of the questions and conclusion going on in your mind right now. Your self ego has probably been trampled upon and made of no value. Your meekness has been misinterpreted for weakness and your reputation dragged to the mud. But you still don’t have to blow the balloon.

Blowing your balloon is like losing your self control. And when it happens, your self esteem which you have worked so hard to protect at all cost will still be lost.

You don’t have to lose your self control to show your manliness or maturity. You don’t have to reply every disappointment to show that you are not a moron. Sometimes you have to play the cool and work things out in another way.

He might think he is using you, but it all depends on your perception, understanding and plans. No one can use you. Quote me. I can say it again and again. See yourself as been useful. And when you do, you will find it easier to keep your cool and not blow the balloon.

One of the wisest Roman Emperors, Marcus Aurelius said; “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

You must learn to control yourself when people act, and tend to drag you below the level you think you are.
It is true you deserve much more than you are treated in that family, organization and contract, but you don’t have to lose your self control and blow the balloon to prove it.
Take this from me; ‘Your self control is an integral part of your self worth – preserve and value it, and you will be glad you did.’

– Emenike Emmanuel –
CEO, Emchis Consulting

5 Reasons Why Every Public Speaker Needs a Website [or a Blog]

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why every speaker needs this
Are you a Public Speaker who has a strong desire to multiply his streams of income? Do you wish to be an influential Public Speaker in this industry such that when you speak audience can’t help but listen? Are looking forward to combining your speaking profession with your writing career like some of my friends and fans are hoping that I teach them?
Are you interested in changing the world, flying your name around the world without visa and of course not die a local champion who can’t survive anywhere else except his environment of abode? If you answered ‘YES’ to those questions above, then I humbly advice that you read this article with every sense of interest because I specifically wrote it for you.

Before I finally concluded in my mind that it was time to write this article, I made an extensive research and found out that no article has ever been published online on this issue of Why Public Speakers Need a Website (or a Blog). No doubt, this was the reason why I said you need to read this article with every sense of interest.

Not having a website or at least a FREE BLOG by Motivational Speakers and Writers is one among the reasons why these two industries are often neglected in the society. Can you believe with me that two great speakers and writers can live within the same city (like Aba, Abia State or even Lagos all in Nigeria) without each other knowing themselves? This is one of the tragic things that make Public Speakers and writers not to appreciate the values of the century.

” One of the deadliest mistakes a public speaker or a
writer can do is to invest all his time in building his capacity
only to make his followers and fans trying to connect with him
vulnerable to be manipulated and afterward duped.”
– Emenike Emmanuel
CEO, Emchis Consulting

Whether you are speaking for a living, for fun or you just want to fill the gap, having a website (or a blog) must be considered an ‘urgent necessity.’ Although it is not your website (or blog) that makes you a powerful speaker, but it is necessary for you to grow in the industry of public speaking.
Connecting with friends on social media
In this computer age where everyone wants it cheap and wouldn’t want to waste time, it is also expedient that you don’t prepare to waste opportunities. No matter how much you seem to labour under correct knowledge, you will never have a second chance to make the first impression. As a Public Speaker you must understand that success in this computer age cannot be achieved with a typewriter mentality. With this I mean to say you should see the need to upgrade. Upgrade by having your own website (or blog).

Having being in both industries (speaking and blogging) for quite some time, I have come to realise how important it is that every public speaker have a website. Both are inseparable twins if success were intended.

In today’s post, I want to share with you 5 Practical Reasons Why Every Public Speaker/Writer Needs a Website or a Blog. I would have loved to charge for this article like others do but because of my vision for Emchis Consulting I cannot and I will not in the future. In Emchis Consulting it is one of my goals to assist you build a successful career. I have done it for entrepreneurs and I can’t fail to do same to my fellow and aspiring public Speakers.

5 Practical Reasons Why Every Public Speaker/Writer Needs a Website (or a Blog)

1. Influence and Accessibility
The sphere of influence and accessibility of a speaker with a website (or a blog) can’t be the same with a speaker who does not have a website or a blog.

It is too mechanical to operate in the century of ours without a website (or a blog). Same fate applies to writers. In my speaking and writing career, I have been able to touch thousands of lives in countries (for instance, Antigua and Barbuda) I do not even know the continent they belong to (apologies for my ignorance), all because I own a blog [Emchis Consulting]. I have had people call me with phone numbers I don’t even know which country had the code (of course I had to research through the internet at or to find out the country that had the code).

Owning a website does not cost a fortune. You can actually have one.

2. People (fraudsters) Easily Fake Such Speakers and Thus Make Adherers Vulnerable Without Your Knowledge

I have seen people pose on the internet to be Wole Soyinka while on the contrary Wole Soyinka does not have a website nor a registered member of any social networking site according to (May 23, 2014). Since this had continued, who knows how many undisclosed cases of people who may have thought they were following Wole Soyinka on facebook or twitter in their ignorance.

One of the deadliest mistakes a public speaker or a writer can do is to invest all his time in building his capacity only to make his followers and fans trying to connect with him vulnerable to be manipulated and afterward duped.

3. It is Another Easy Way to Give Back to the Society that Moulded You and Gave You a Platform as a Speaker

Any speaker or writer who does not have a website nor a member on any social network in this 21st century should be considered a stingy speaker or writer (strictly my opinion). If people [especially our budding speakers, entrepreneurs and writers] must pay all the time to access every of your intellectual materials then your credibility as a character moulder and life coach should be questioned.

Even Robert Kiyosaki, Fela Durotoye, Les Brown, Guy Kawasaki etc have a website and a blog. Donald Trump, American billionaire personally updates his facebook account himself. Richard Branson, founder of Virgins Inc. gives out free but powerful business advices in his blog at Of course you and I are witnesses to the fact that Aliko Dangote, the richest black man in the world from Nigeria joined twitter on December 31, 2014 [with the twitter handle: @AlikoDangote] because he wants to connect with his fans and customers around the world.

Now, what are you waiting for? Can’t you see that having a blog beyond making money is an avenue to blessing someone’s life?
Before you can become a celebrated Brand Ambassador, which is the dream of every professional, you must be actively involved on the internet.

4. It is a Monument For Posterity

In the next 50 years if Jesus Christ tarries, posterity can’t deny the impact I have made today and I will continue to make through my blog because Emchis Consulting will be standing as a great monument in my name. By then Emchis Consulting would have turned out a household name when it comes to offering expert business and career advice on the internet and at conferences and seminars.

I am glad I have others speakers and writers who are also thinking in my direction, a crop of people who are changing the world like me through their websites and blogs even as speakers and writers. Few examples of such are;,,, etc.

The decision to raise a great monument for posterity no doubt could be one among the reasons why Joel Brown, founder of refused to sell out his blog even when he was offered $250,000, $600,000 and even a couple of million dollar deals to do so. Joel Brown, during an interview with Yaro Starak, founder of disclosed that his refusal for a buy out was primarily because he’s more excited about seeing where will take him than selling out now. Today, Joel Brown makes over $100,000. Thanks to patience, creativity and thinking-for-the-future.

Although it is not only a website or a blog one can build as a monument in his name, but it is important that you see the need to own a website or a blog as a public speaker or a writer.

5. It is Another Way You Can Build Your Reputation and Credibility as a Speaker/Writer

When seeking for further information about a speaker who is to speak at an event or that spoke at an event people turn to the web for help. One of such resourceful websites is the one built by my friend John Chau and his team at . People searching through the web scan through articles the speakers had written and the ones written about them.

Once people starts recognizing you in your industry, booking speaking engagements will be a lot easier. Apart from owning a website or a blog where you’ve written articles on your field, other written materials such as books, pamphlets, guest posts, magazine articles you’ve done or audio tapes you have can go a long way in helping you establish your credibility with your prospects.

After your speech at events, do you have a place where the audience that has listened to you could go to know more about you? If you don’t have one, I recommend you to go set up a blog now. You can as well stop reading and do it now. Take action now to move your speaking and writing career to the next level and afterwards you can come back to finish this article.

After speaking at events (like I will be traveling this weekend for my Emchis Financial Empowerment Summit –EFES), I distribute a detachable form that contains information about me and my organization. On the form is a link to my blog.

The reputation and credibility I have built over time through this strategy can’t be matched.

“As much as you can talk every day, you should be
able to write every day to remain relevant.”
– Emenike Emmanuel
Founder, Emchis Consulting

Good News
If you do not have a blog that will help you market your skills, or you want to learn how to ultimately maximize the blog you have already, then I will submit I am here to help you start. I have opened up opportunity to train intending bloggers on HOW TO START A SUCCESSFUL BLOGGING BUSINESS. Don’t be left out.

Did you enjoy this article or there were things you think I should add to it? Let me know what you’re thinking on the comment box. Feel free to reblog it; share it on facebook, twiiter and google+.

About Me
Emenike Emmanuel
I am Emenike Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Emchis Motivational Network. I write, speak and motivate individuals and organisations to achieve excellence in life and business. Through this blog (Emchis Consulting) I have touched thousands of lives around the world positively. I have also interviewed different industry specialists in three different continents. I believe that anyone can succeed if the person can find out where he or she is naturally planted. And guess what? I am a Nigerian.

Now, are you looking for a speaker to stir hope and peak performance in your audience? Stop the search and give me a call (on +2347036251361) to book appointment with me.
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Plan Your Way to the Top: The Biggest Choice You Can Ever Make in Life and How to do it

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Plan Your Way to the Top: The Biggest Choice You Can Ever Make in Life and How to do it

Not everyone is born to be a highflier in life but I’m yet to see anyone who dared enough at lofty places and never got there. Although the journey to greatness is littered with challenges ready to pull one down but not a single person who planned well ahead of time was recorded to have missed hitting the zenith. The major reason why most men remain too long at the ground floor has always been the fear of height. Isn’t it ridiculous to mention that greater percentage of people who prayed to God for ‘lifting’ is afraid of heights? Okay, how far do you think taking it SOFTLY will take you in life?

One of the best choices of yours today that will of course yield a tremendous increase in your future are the plans you made. Begin to plan now, and be radical about it. I have said it before and will continue to say it again that a man who cannot plan for his future has nothing to live for. If you say he does, what will he wake up the next day doing? Roaming the street, causing havocs, blocking spaces, and arguing the unnecessary? Bullshit! That’s not what we plan to see in our tomorrow.

The Best Choices

If you wish to be great you must be meticulous and radical in your plans. You must be sure you are not giving away your most valuable asset – TIME, to the wrong person(s). You must be sure you are not shifting to do tomorrow things you’ve got the abilities to do today. And you must be sure you don’t start any business you do not have passion for, and will not be committed to have it transcend to second and many more generations. I have never ceased to tell business owners who care to listen that there’s no justification for being buried in the mediocrity of starting businesses that will begin and end with them. If they do, it will be quite difficult for their posterities to forgive them. This simple word of advice has helped thousands of people who visit my blog to ask themselves serious questions about their industries, the product they promote and the kind of services they offer. For instances; “in the next 10 years, will I still derive satisfaction doing this same business of mine? Or what new trends of business can I likely connect to it to enhance its acceptability in the market?” Those who did ask have received tremendous response from me.

Anyone who has made conscious decision to plan his or her way to the top is always careful to note his excesses, mistakes and areas of imperfection. He’s always eager to do and re-do whatever he sees earns him his biggest income, reputation and value. Such a person does not take chances at limiters engineered to short-circuit his thinking speed. One of the best choices the person makes is to be down-to-earth to see positive changes take place in the lives of people he or she comes across on daily basis.

How to do it

However, planning your way to the top can’t be complete until you have devised new means and strategies to make people depend on you genuinely, if not for everything but for important ingredients of life, for instance; their happiness, care, financial supply, advice, heart-mending etc. Can you build yourself to a point that before people invest they must enquire of your advice, not because you are their Boss but because you have a wealth of knowledge very necessary to their excellence in business? Do you believe you can do that? Ehhhhh…… Of course I know you can but in case it still seems difficult to you, here are simple things you must do:

 Discover your talent(s)
 Develop a new skill
 Build on the old skills
 Master your skills and talents
 Work harder than everyone in the industry you are passionate about
 Increase your resourcefulness
 Talk like an expert even when you are on the making
 And never take the credit for all your successes. Push it to God.

To become someone who can never be ignored, you must have your MIND MAP boldly spelt out during conversation. It is at this revelation that the world arises.

Those who made adequate plans and were ready to invest all that were needed to make it work in the last 10 years are not crawling on the floor today. They are the highfliers we are celebrating in the society today. But one thing is certain, and that has always been my biggest joy that no one and I mean NO ONE who dared it that never got it. The very license you have to enjoy tomorrow is embedded in the ways you planned your today. Remember what Warren Buffet said that “Investors of tomorrow will not profit from yesterday’s growth.” Make your best choice NOW.

About The Author

Emenike Emmanuel

I am Emenike Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Emchis Motivational Network. I write, speak and motivate individuals and organisations to achieve excellence in life and business. Through this blog (Emchis Consulting) I have touched thousands of lives around the world positively. I have also interviewed different industry specialists in three different continents. I believe that anyone can succeed if the person can find out where he or she is naturally planted. And guess what? I am a Nigerian.
In case you want to be my friend on facebook or twitter the liberty is yours.

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Compiled by: Emenike Emmanuel

Business Books

To help budding entrepreneurs become more successful in the choice of career they have chosen for themselves I have asked my friends who are experts in the industry of Human Capacity Development to suggest Business Books they think will be beneficial to budding entrepreneurs and why they think these books will be of immense benefit. Those of them who responded before this article was compiled made these powerful suggestions.

Here are what they said:

Emenike Emmanuel
CEO, Emchis Consulting

Emenike Emmanuel suggested that his No.1 best business book for budding entrepreneurs is The Holy Bible. According to Emenike Emmanuel, the founder/CEO of Emchis Consulting, he believes that The Bible is not only a Spiritual Book it is also a Business Book inspired by God. From his findings, almost all of the Principles of Business Success that are being taught today in Business Schools are lifted from the Bible. In confirmation to this, read the following articles; Biblical Business Secrets part 1 and part 2.
You will learn the following from these links (part 1 & 2);
 Why you need a feasibility study before establishing your business as it was first taught us by God in Genesis 1: 2 where the Spirit of God was hovering and assessing the situation on ground before creation began.
 How to make deals creatively and why you don’t need to make it when you are hungry.
 The power of innovation as it was first initiated by Jacob.
 Why you must carefully consider risk but not allowing it to stop you.
 Best business wisdoms as was taught us by King Solomon.
 And many more.

Darlington Dofe Egwim
Darlington Dofe Egwim suggested “GOALS” by Brian Tracy for budding Entrepreneurs
According to Darlington Dofe, he made it clear that the best business book every budding entrepreneur must read is “GOALS” by Brian Tracy. And the following were the reasons for his suggestion;
 It will unlock the entrepreneurial giant in you.
 It will help you take charge of your entrepreneurial career.
 It will help you create your own business.
 It will help you measure your success step-by-step.
 And finally, it will help you become an expert in your entrepreneurial field.

Ifeanyi Anyanwu
Business Growth Strategist
Ifeanyi suggested 5 Powerful Books that every budding entrepreneur whose interest is to hit excellence as a target must read. He was also careful to list out wonderful reasons why he thinks that these business books will be of great benefit to budding entrepreneurs.
Why Ifeanyi Anyanwu Suggested “The New Rules of Entrepreneurship” by Dr Rob Yeung:
 This is a book that will show you how to turn your passion into profit, create your business concept, find customers and make money, and of course grow your business.

Why Ifeanyi Anyanwu suggested “The Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy:

 This is a book about the principle of selling that shows you why people ever buy a product, how to sell creatively, 10 keys to success in selling, the power of suggestion and why people don’t buy a product, rather they buy solutions.

Why Ifeanyi Anyanwu suggested “How They Started Global Brands” by David Lester:
 This is a book that helps you know how global brands like Apple, KFC, Coca-Cola Company etc all started, the secrets to each brand’s success, the challenges the founders faced, how the brand names were chosen and where the initial ideas came from.
This is really interesting to behold.

Why Ifeanyi Anyanwu suggested “How To Win Customers & Keep Them For Life” by Michael LeBouef:
 This is a book on how to win and sustain your customers who are the life-blood of your business. When they go your business falls. In fact, they are the No.1 Boss. He suggested it because it shows you why people buy once and never return, why people become strong and steady customers, how to turn angry customer into a happy and satisfied one and the 5 best ways to keep customers coming back.

5. SECRET OF SELF-EMPLOYMENT by Sarah and Paul Edwards
Ifeanyi Anyanwu suggested this book because it dwells much on surviving and thriving in the ups and downs of being your own Boss. “Secrets of Self-Employment” by Sarah and Paul Edwards is a book that will help you develop the confidence, motivation and self-discipline to succeed, methods to assess your personal strengths and weaknesses, get the world to take you seriously and how to overcome uncertainty, fears and self-doubt.

Jephter Akaehie
CEO, Power Edge Consulting

Jephter Akaehie suggested “100 UNBREAKABLE LAWS OF BUSINESS SUCCESS” by Brian Tracy.
He suggested this business book because he considers it a “Business Prophetic Manual”. Jephter said; “it turned my business life around and I believe it can do same for every budding entrepreneur.”

David Okorie
Founder, Reality Power Talk

“I think the best business book I can suggest for budding entrepreneurs is “BUSINESS AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT” by Bill Gates.”

Take Action Now!
I plead on you to please visit the nearest bookshop to you and get these books if you’ve not read it, but if you’ve read it before begin to implement what you learnt from it.

Note: More updates are coming. Keep winning. You are made to be great, so don’t fail your generation.

I believe your friends will be glad to read this post, share it on facebook, twitter, google+. I will be glad to know what you think, so leave a comment for me on the comment box and if you are not yet following this blog hurry up for more interesting articles. I have just concluded writing another wonderful article on Successful Habits of Visionary Entrepreneurs which you can’t afford to miss, so, follow us.

Emenike Emmanuel on Leadership

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Are you a leader who wish to double the performance of your followers or a
follower warming up to take up a good leadership position in your organisation faster than everyone thought possible? Here are great
Leadership Quotes From Emenike Emmanuel, the young Motivational Speaker
who’s changing lives around the world.

“To lead well you must first learn to follow well.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“You are not permitted to lead if you don’t have vision to share and strong passion to follow your vision.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Any leadership that can’t train, trust and delegate has made the worst and most dangerous leadership to stay under.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Don’t blow your trumpet but don’t let your followers strangle you in
mediocrity.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Develop the capacity to mentor others. Any leader who lacks this
capability always produce frustrated followers.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Lead from both ends – you pull, you push.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Be responsible for your actions, don’t let anyone remote or manipulate you.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Don’t lead a course you do not believe in.” – Emenike Emmanuel