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The Best of Life-Transforming Quotes for All Entrepreneurs

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Here are some of the interesting quotes I have collected from the Facebook pages and timelines of my friends who are doing very well as entrepreneurs.

Some of them will be surprise to see their names here but I just had to appreciate them for inspiring lives around the world with the fruits of their lips and blessed pen on their hands.

If you find any of the quotes fascinating please leave a comment for us let’s know how it blessed your life.

Enjoy them.

“The worst people to seek help from are those who are jealous, chickened and intimidated by your success.”
– Emenike Emmanuel

“Never you give your time to the ungrateful ones and unbelievers of your destiny.”
– Chijioke Eugene

“Millions of blogs are ready to accept a helpful and in-depth guest article. No matter how knowledgeable a blogger you are, readers may not take you seriously if you go about it all by yourself.”
– Neil Patel (

“If #Passion is a name of a person then #Excellence must be the surname.”
– Emenike Emmanuel

“When there is nothing left to say, lift your head up high, smile and walk away like you own the world.The bigger you Awaits you.”
– Chijioke Eugene

“Even though we live in a world where it is easy now to take what you know, weave a ball of energy, and pursue it to the form of excellence, building a personal brand as a thought leader, it takes real work.”
– Emeka Nobis (

“Your perspectives influence your experiences. To have a change of experience, change your perspective because how you see influences what you see.”
– Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

“Things are happening out there. Don’t waste your life in wishful thinking. Get out of your cocoon and go make a name for yourself. Life is too short to be wasted in oblivion.”
– Ogwo David Emenike

“The closer you get to excellence in your life, the more friends you’ll lose. People love you when you’re average because it makes them comfortable. But when you pursue greatness it makes people uncomfortable. Be prepared to lose people on your journey.”
– Sam Dede

In summary, you are a limit breaker.

When you look at yourself, what do you see?

Do you see a failure, or a champion positioned to rule the world? Do you see a complainer or a trailblazer, pathfinder and pacesetter?

Do the challenges around you in anyway inspire your thought to envisage the endless opportunities divinity made available to you?

I have come to discover that as the quest for overnight success intensifies, more opportunities are created for people of diligence. Today, they may not look like it but over time, you will discover that these ones will be more positioned to lead in their chosen profession than those who forced half-baked blessing to come their way.

My dear, you are a limit breaker. Limit breakers don’t seek for shortcuts. They take on the long-but-lasting approach to their great future. They trust God that if they can persevere more, the limit will break. And can I tell you something? It does.

Do not let anyone deceive you. If you can constantly work day and night for it, give up your sleep, strength and energy for it in prayer, planning and execution, sooner your vision will become a reality in your hand.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
I am Emenike Emmanuel.

How to rule your world with self control

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“Why did he use that word on me?”
“Why would he speak to me in that manner?”

“Is it because I brought myself too low to associate with everyone?”

“I don’t blame him.”

These, and more are some of the questions and conclusion going on in your mind right now. Your self ego has probably been trampled upon and made of no value. Your meekness has been misinterpreted for weakness and your reputation dragged to the mud. But you still don’t have to blow the balloon.

Blowing your balloon is like losing your self control. And when it happens, your self esteem which you have worked so hard to protect at all cost will still be lost.

You don’t have to lose your self control to show your manliness or maturity. You don’t have to reply every disappointment to show that you are not a moron. Sometimes you have to play the cool and work things out in another way.

He might think he is using you, but it all depends on your perception, understanding and plans. No one can use you. Quote me. I can say it again and again. See yourself as been useful. And when you do, you will find it easier to keep your cool and not blow the balloon.

One of the wisest Roman Emperors, Marcus Aurelius said; “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

You must learn to control yourself when people act, and tend to drag you below the level you think you are.
It is true you deserve much more than you are treated in that family, organization and contract, but you don’t have to lose your self control and blow the balloon to prove it.
Take this from me; ‘Your self control is an integral part of your self worth – preserve and value it, and you will be glad you did.’

– Emenike Emmanuel –
CEO, Emchis Consulting

5 Reasons Why Every Public Speaker Needs a Website [or a Blog]

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why every speaker needs this
Are you a Public Speaker who has a strong desire to multiply his streams of income? Do you wish to be an influential Public Speaker in this industry such that when you speak audience can’t help but listen? Are looking forward to combining your speaking profession with your writing career like some of my friends and fans are hoping that I teach them?
Are you interested in changing the world, flying your name around the world without visa and of course not die a local champion who can’t survive anywhere else except his environment of abode? If you answered ‘YES’ to those questions above, then I humbly advice that you read this article with every sense of interest because I specifically wrote it for you.

Before I finally concluded in my mind that it was time to write this article, I made an extensive research and found out that no article has ever been published online on this issue of Why Public Speakers Need a Website (or a Blog). No doubt, this was the reason why I said you need to read this article with every sense of interest.

Not having a website or at least a FREE BLOG by Motivational Speakers and Writers is one among the reasons why these two industries are often neglected in the society. Can you believe with me that two great speakers and writers can live within the same city (like Aba, Abia State or even Lagos all in Nigeria) without each other knowing themselves? This is one of the tragic things that make Public Speakers and writers not to appreciate the values of the century.

” One of the deadliest mistakes a public speaker or a
writer can do is to invest all his time in building his capacity
only to make his followers and fans trying to connect with him
vulnerable to be manipulated and afterward duped.”
– Emenike Emmanuel
CEO, Emchis Consulting

Whether you are speaking for a living, for fun or you just want to fill the gap, having a website (or a blog) must be considered an ‘urgent necessity.’ Although it is not your website (or blog) that makes you a powerful speaker, but it is necessary for you to grow in the industry of public speaking.
Connecting with friends on social media
In this computer age where everyone wants it cheap and wouldn’t want to waste time, it is also expedient that you don’t prepare to waste opportunities. No matter how much you seem to labour under correct knowledge, you will never have a second chance to make the first impression. As a Public Speaker you must understand that success in this computer age cannot be achieved with a typewriter mentality. With this I mean to say you should see the need to upgrade. Upgrade by having your own website (or blog).

Having being in both industries (speaking and blogging) for quite some time, I have come to realise how important it is that every public speaker have a website. Both are inseparable twins if success were intended.

In today’s post, I want to share with you 5 Practical Reasons Why Every Public Speaker/Writer Needs a Website or a Blog. I would have loved to charge for this article like others do but because of my vision for Emchis Consulting I cannot and I will not in the future. In Emchis Consulting it is one of my goals to assist you build a successful career. I have done it for entrepreneurs and I can’t fail to do same to my fellow and aspiring public Speakers.

5 Practical Reasons Why Every Public Speaker/Writer Needs a Website (or a Blog)

1. Influence and Accessibility
The sphere of influence and accessibility of a speaker with a website (or a blog) can’t be the same with a speaker who does not have a website or a blog.

It is too mechanical to operate in the century of ours without a website (or a blog). Same fate applies to writers. In my speaking and writing career, I have been able to touch thousands of lives in countries (for instance, Antigua and Barbuda) I do not even know the continent they belong to (apologies for my ignorance), all because I own a blog [Emchis Consulting]. I have had people call me with phone numbers I don’t even know which country had the code (of course I had to research through the internet at or to find out the country that had the code).

Owning a website does not cost a fortune. You can actually have one.

2. People (fraudsters) Easily Fake Such Speakers and Thus Make Adherers Vulnerable Without Your Knowledge

I have seen people pose on the internet to be Wole Soyinka while on the contrary Wole Soyinka does not have a website nor a registered member of any social networking site according to (May 23, 2014). Since this had continued, who knows how many undisclosed cases of people who may have thought they were following Wole Soyinka on facebook or twitter in their ignorance.

One of the deadliest mistakes a public speaker or a writer can do is to invest all his time in building his capacity only to make his followers and fans trying to connect with him vulnerable to be manipulated and afterward duped.

3. It is Another Easy Way to Give Back to the Society that Moulded You and Gave You a Platform as a Speaker

Any speaker or writer who does not have a website nor a member on any social network in this 21st century should be considered a stingy speaker or writer (strictly my opinion). If people [especially our budding speakers, entrepreneurs and writers] must pay all the time to access every of your intellectual materials then your credibility as a character moulder and life coach should be questioned.

Even Robert Kiyosaki, Fela Durotoye, Les Brown, Guy Kawasaki etc have a website and a blog. Donald Trump, American billionaire personally updates his facebook account himself. Richard Branson, founder of Virgins Inc. gives out free but powerful business advices in his blog at Of course you and I are witnesses to the fact that Aliko Dangote, the richest black man in the world from Nigeria joined twitter on December 31, 2014 [with the twitter handle: @AlikoDangote] because he wants to connect with his fans and customers around the world.

Now, what are you waiting for? Can’t you see that having a blog beyond making money is an avenue to blessing someone’s life?
Before you can become a celebrated Brand Ambassador, which is the dream of every professional, you must be actively involved on the internet.

4. It is a Monument For Posterity

In the next 50 years if Jesus Christ tarries, posterity can’t deny the impact I have made today and I will continue to make through my blog because Emchis Consulting will be standing as a great monument in my name. By then Emchis Consulting would have turned out a household name when it comes to offering expert business and career advice on the internet and at conferences and seminars.

I am glad I have others speakers and writers who are also thinking in my direction, a crop of people who are changing the world like me through their websites and blogs even as speakers and writers. Few examples of such are;,,, etc.

The decision to raise a great monument for posterity no doubt could be one among the reasons why Joel Brown, founder of refused to sell out his blog even when he was offered $250,000, $600,000 and even a couple of million dollar deals to do so. Joel Brown, during an interview with Yaro Starak, founder of disclosed that his refusal for a buy out was primarily because he’s more excited about seeing where will take him than selling out now. Today, Joel Brown makes over $100,000. Thanks to patience, creativity and thinking-for-the-future.

Although it is not only a website or a blog one can build as a monument in his name, but it is important that you see the need to own a website or a blog as a public speaker or a writer.

5. It is Another Way You Can Build Your Reputation and Credibility as a Speaker/Writer

When seeking for further information about a speaker who is to speak at an event or that spoke at an event people turn to the web for help. One of such resourceful websites is the one built by my friend John Chau and his team at . People searching through the web scan through articles the speakers had written and the ones written about them.

Once people starts recognizing you in your industry, booking speaking engagements will be a lot easier. Apart from owning a website or a blog where you’ve written articles on your field, other written materials such as books, pamphlets, guest posts, magazine articles you’ve done or audio tapes you have can go a long way in helping you establish your credibility with your prospects.

After your speech at events, do you have a place where the audience that has listened to you could go to know more about you? If you don’t have one, I recommend you to go set up a blog now. You can as well stop reading and do it now. Take action now to move your speaking and writing career to the next level and afterwards you can come back to finish this article.

After speaking at events (like I will be traveling this weekend for my Emchis Financial Empowerment Summit –EFES), I distribute a detachable form that contains information about me and my organization. On the form is a link to my blog.

The reputation and credibility I have built over time through this strategy can’t be matched.

“As much as you can talk every day, you should be
able to write every day to remain relevant.”
– Emenike Emmanuel
Founder, Emchis Consulting

Good News
If you do not have a blog that will help you market your skills, or you want to learn how to ultimately maximize the blog you have already, then I will submit I am here to help you start. I have opened up opportunity to train intending bloggers on HOW TO START A SUCCESSFUL BLOGGING BUSINESS. Don’t be left out.

Did you enjoy this article or there were things you think I should add to it? Let me know what you’re thinking on the comment box. Feel free to reblog it; share it on facebook, twiiter and google+.

About Me
Emenike Emmanuel
I am Emenike Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Emchis Motivational Network. I write, speak and motivate individuals and organisations to achieve excellence in life and business. Through this blog (Emchis Consulting) I have touched thousands of lives around the world positively. I have also interviewed different industry specialists in three different continents. I believe that anyone can succeed if the person can find out where he or she is naturally planted. And guess what? I am a Nigerian.

Now, are you looking for a speaker to stir hope and peak performance in your audience? Stop the search and give me a call (on +2347036251361) to book appointment with me.
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Plan Your Way to the Top: The Biggest Choice You Can Ever Make in Life and How to do it

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Plan Your Way to the Top: The Biggest Choice You Can Ever Make in Life and How to do it

Not everyone is born to be a highflier in life but I’m yet to see anyone who dared enough at lofty places and never got there. Although the journey to greatness is littered with challenges ready to pull one down but not a single person who planned well ahead of time was recorded to have missed hitting the zenith. The major reason why most men remain too long at the ground floor has always been the fear of height. Isn’t it ridiculous to mention that greater percentage of people who prayed to God for ‘lifting’ is afraid of heights? Okay, how far do you think taking it SOFTLY will take you in life?

One of the best choices of yours today that will of course yield a tremendous increase in your future are the plans you made. Begin to plan now, and be radical about it. I have said it before and will continue to say it again that a man who cannot plan for his future has nothing to live for. If you say he does, what will he wake up the next day doing? Roaming the street, causing havocs, blocking spaces, and arguing the unnecessary? Bullshit! That’s not what we plan to see in our tomorrow.

The Best Choices

If you wish to be great you must be meticulous and radical in your plans. You must be sure you are not giving away your most valuable asset – TIME, to the wrong person(s). You must be sure you are not shifting to do tomorrow things you’ve got the abilities to do today. And you must be sure you don’t start any business you do not have passion for, and will not be committed to have it transcend to second and many more generations. I have never ceased to tell business owners who care to listen that there’s no justification for being buried in the mediocrity of starting businesses that will begin and end with them. If they do, it will be quite difficult for their posterities to forgive them. This simple word of advice has helped thousands of people who visit my blog to ask themselves serious questions about their industries, the product they promote and the kind of services they offer. For instances; “in the next 10 years, will I still derive satisfaction doing this same business of mine? Or what new trends of business can I likely connect to it to enhance its acceptability in the market?” Those who did ask have received tremendous response from me.

Anyone who has made conscious decision to plan his or her way to the top is always careful to note his excesses, mistakes and areas of imperfection. He’s always eager to do and re-do whatever he sees earns him his biggest income, reputation and value. Such a person does not take chances at limiters engineered to short-circuit his thinking speed. One of the best choices the person makes is to be down-to-earth to see positive changes take place in the lives of people he or she comes across on daily basis.

How to do it

However, planning your way to the top can’t be complete until you have devised new means and strategies to make people depend on you genuinely, if not for everything but for important ingredients of life, for instance; their happiness, care, financial supply, advice, heart-mending etc. Can you build yourself to a point that before people invest they must enquire of your advice, not because you are their Boss but because you have a wealth of knowledge very necessary to their excellence in business? Do you believe you can do that? Ehhhhh…… Of course I know you can but in case it still seems difficult to you, here are simple things you must do:

 Discover your talent(s)
 Develop a new skill
 Build on the old skills
 Master your skills and talents
 Work harder than everyone in the industry you are passionate about
 Increase your resourcefulness
 Talk like an expert even when you are on the making
 And never take the credit for all your successes. Push it to God.

To become someone who can never be ignored, you must have your MIND MAP boldly spelt out during conversation. It is at this revelation that the world arises.

Those who made adequate plans and were ready to invest all that were needed to make it work in the last 10 years are not crawling on the floor today. They are the highfliers we are celebrating in the society today. But one thing is certain, and that has always been my biggest joy that no one and I mean NO ONE who dared it that never got it. The very license you have to enjoy tomorrow is embedded in the ways you planned your today. Remember what Warren Buffet said that “Investors of tomorrow will not profit from yesterday’s growth.” Make your best choice NOW.

About The Author

Emenike Emmanuel

I am Emenike Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Emchis Motivational Network. I write, speak and motivate individuals and organisations to achieve excellence in life and business. Through this blog (Emchis Consulting) I have touched thousands of lives around the world positively. I have also interviewed different industry specialists in three different continents. I believe that anyone can succeed if the person can find out where he or she is naturally planted. And guess what? I am a Nigerian.
In case you want to be my friend on facebook or twitter the liberty is yours.

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Compiled by: Emenike Emmanuel

Business Books

To help budding entrepreneurs become more successful in the choice of career they have chosen for themselves I have asked my friends who are experts in the industry of Human Capacity Development to suggest Business Books they think will be beneficial to budding entrepreneurs and why they think these books will be of immense benefit. Those of them who responded before this article was compiled made these powerful suggestions.

Here are what they said:

Emenike Emmanuel
CEO, Emchis Consulting

Emenike Emmanuel suggested that his No.1 best business book for budding entrepreneurs is The Holy Bible. According to Emenike Emmanuel, the founder/CEO of Emchis Consulting, he believes that The Bible is not only a Spiritual Book it is also a Business Book inspired by God. From his findings, almost all of the Principles of Business Success that are being taught today in Business Schools are lifted from the Bible. In confirmation to this, read the following articles; Biblical Business Secrets part 1 and part 2.
You will learn the following from these links (part 1 & 2);
 Why you need a feasibility study before establishing your business as it was first taught us by God in Genesis 1: 2 where the Spirit of God was hovering and assessing the situation on ground before creation began.
 How to make deals creatively and why you don’t need to make it when you are hungry.
 The power of innovation as it was first initiated by Jacob.
 Why you must carefully consider risk but not allowing it to stop you.
 Best business wisdoms as was taught us by King Solomon.
 And many more.

Darlington Dofe Egwim
Darlington Dofe Egwim suggested “GOALS” by Brian Tracy for budding Entrepreneurs
According to Darlington Dofe, he made it clear that the best business book every budding entrepreneur must read is “GOALS” by Brian Tracy. And the following were the reasons for his suggestion;
 It will unlock the entrepreneurial giant in you.
 It will help you take charge of your entrepreneurial career.
 It will help you create your own business.
 It will help you measure your success step-by-step.
 And finally, it will help you become an expert in your entrepreneurial field.

Ifeanyi Anyanwu
Business Growth Strategist
Ifeanyi suggested 5 Powerful Books that every budding entrepreneur whose interest is to hit excellence as a target must read. He was also careful to list out wonderful reasons why he thinks that these business books will be of great benefit to budding entrepreneurs.
Why Ifeanyi Anyanwu Suggested “The New Rules of Entrepreneurship” by Dr Rob Yeung:
 This is a book that will show you how to turn your passion into profit, create your business concept, find customers and make money, and of course grow your business.

Why Ifeanyi Anyanwu suggested “The Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy:

 This is a book about the principle of selling that shows you why people ever buy a product, how to sell creatively, 10 keys to success in selling, the power of suggestion and why people don’t buy a product, rather they buy solutions.

Why Ifeanyi Anyanwu suggested “How They Started Global Brands” by David Lester:
 This is a book that helps you know how global brands like Apple, KFC, Coca-Cola Company etc all started, the secrets to each brand’s success, the challenges the founders faced, how the brand names were chosen and where the initial ideas came from.
This is really interesting to behold.

Why Ifeanyi Anyanwu suggested “How To Win Customers & Keep Them For Life” by Michael LeBouef:
 This is a book on how to win and sustain your customers who are the life-blood of your business. When they go your business falls. In fact, they are the No.1 Boss. He suggested it because it shows you why people buy once and never return, why people become strong and steady customers, how to turn angry customer into a happy and satisfied one and the 5 best ways to keep customers coming back.

5. SECRET OF SELF-EMPLOYMENT by Sarah and Paul Edwards
Ifeanyi Anyanwu suggested this book because it dwells much on surviving and thriving in the ups and downs of being your own Boss. “Secrets of Self-Employment” by Sarah and Paul Edwards is a book that will help you develop the confidence, motivation and self-discipline to succeed, methods to assess your personal strengths and weaknesses, get the world to take you seriously and how to overcome uncertainty, fears and self-doubt.

Jephter Akaehie
CEO, Power Edge Consulting

Jephter Akaehie suggested “100 UNBREAKABLE LAWS OF BUSINESS SUCCESS” by Brian Tracy.
He suggested this business book because he considers it a “Business Prophetic Manual”. Jephter said; “it turned my business life around and I believe it can do same for every budding entrepreneur.”

David Okorie
Founder, Reality Power Talk

“I think the best business book I can suggest for budding entrepreneurs is “BUSINESS AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT” by Bill Gates.”

Take Action Now!
I plead on you to please visit the nearest bookshop to you and get these books if you’ve not read it, but if you’ve read it before begin to implement what you learnt from it.

Note: More updates are coming. Keep winning. You are made to be great, so don’t fail your generation.

I believe your friends will be glad to read this post, share it on facebook, twitter, google+. I will be glad to know what you think, so leave a comment for me on the comment box and if you are not yet following this blog hurry up for more interesting articles. I have just concluded writing another wonderful article on Successful Habits of Visionary Entrepreneurs which you can’t afford to miss, so, follow us.

Emenike Emmanuel on Leadership

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Are you a leader who wish to double the performance of your followers or a
follower warming up to take up a good leadership position in your organisation faster than everyone thought possible? Here are great
Leadership Quotes From Emenike Emmanuel, the young Motivational Speaker
who’s changing lives around the world.

“To lead well you must first learn to follow well.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“You are not permitted to lead if you don’t have vision to share and strong passion to follow your vision.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Any leadership that can’t train, trust and delegate has made the worst and most dangerous leadership to stay under.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Don’t blow your trumpet but don’t let your followers strangle you in
mediocrity.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Develop the capacity to mentor others. Any leader who lacks this
capability always produce frustrated followers.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Lead from both ends – you pull, you push.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Be responsible for your actions, don’t let anyone remote or manipulate you.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Don’t lead a course you do not believe in.” – Emenike Emmanuel


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(Interview with Okoro Chinedu Vincent)

My name is Emenike Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Emchis Consulting, the business development segment of Emchis Motivational Network. I am a professional blogger and writer, and most importantly I love helping people become business owners either by acquiring a new skill, maximizing their old skills or earning from their natural abilities – Talent. This I have been able to achieve on this blog where I concentrate on giving you the Best Business and Career Advice. As a Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur I have helped on different levels in helping young people remain fired-up to achieve their God-given purpose in life.

Today, as part of my vision statement to bring to you my most valued reader the most inspiring stories and experiences from the best people in the world, I have my Guest today as Okoro Chinedu Vincent. Okoro Chinedu Vincent is one of those young and vibrant Nigerians you can’t afford to miss reading his inspiring stories. Okoro Chinedu Vincent is a talented writer whose works has flown beyond the borders of Africa. He’s so smart especially when pen and paper are involved that even the smartest writers can’t resist him .He has been featured in both local and international anthology. One of the recent anthology his poem was featured is the ‘Nelson Mandela Poetry Collaboration’ which will be live online on 30th of April, 2014.

Chinedu 2

Without further delay let me open up the interview but in case you want to contact him to order his books in bulk, to speak at your event, to coach you or partner with his dreams and visions, please scroll down to the end of this interview – all his contact details are fully spelt out.
You are welcome to this interview with Okoro Chinedu Vincent.

Emenike: Sir, can you please introduce yourself to our audience? Tell us about your background.
Chinedu: Well,my name is Okoro Chinedu Vincent. I was born as a twin into the family of Mr/Mrs W ilfred Okoro from Ndianiche Uwakonye Arondizuogu in Onu-Imo Local Government Area of Imo state. My family background is nothing to write home about because I came from a struggling family that managed to survive. In fact things became worst when my father sold his lorry. To eat, to pay house rent, to pay school fees and to live comfortable was not that easy for us.

Emenike: Going by what you said about your background and the level of success I’ve seen you achieve today, I am meant to believe you came from a poor background but you never allowed your back remain on the ground?
Chinedu: Yes

Emenike: So what was the biggest inspiration/motivation your background gave you?
Chinedu: It made me start to thinking positively on how to redeem my family and her image (which I’m optimistic is meant to be glorious) and myself from this shackle of not living comfortably in life. In fact, there were lots of challenges for me then especially as one who came from a poor family background. It is like a person that was born and nothing to survive with and people around will keep on asking this question how will he survive while others are saying let them see how will survive? All these made me believe as a child then that coming from a poor family lures more controversies than one could imagine because some people have already concluded that I wasn’t going to make it in life. Those obnoxious beliefs against me gave me an impression that I was standing in this world alone. So to prove them wrong, I started working hard to see that what people said about my family will not stand like a prophecy. Today, I can boldly say that those misconceptions some people had about my family’s future was a great force of motivation to work hard in life right from childhood.

Emenike: What were some of the activities you engaged yourself in in the past to become the great person you are so far?
Chinedu: I started working properly to support myself when I was in my Junior Secondary 3 class. Emenike, you know it is very funny to share all these things I did in life before getting to this stage **laughs**. However, since you have asked, I will share some. Honestly, I did a lot of things which if I start telling people now….they will find it difficult to believe. Beside our house then, was this hospital precisely St Anthony’s Hospital and Mortuary, Aba, meanwhile I grew up in Aba. I normally wash ambulance which I was paid Two Hundred Naira (N200) per ambulance I washed. I also joined Canopy Rental Company in some of their weekend outings. I was a part of a marching band group in my church where we had the privilege to attend some paid programs that are not always regular. I sold par-boiled groundnut at the front of our house. I was a part of some local drama clubs in their local outings in churches which we were paid a token and sometimes, we went for a free outing. You see, my job experiences are so numerous **laughs** However, it has all played a role in sharpening my seat of imagination that gave rise to most of my intellectual materials today.

Authored by Okoro Chinedu Vincent
Authored by Okoro Chinedu Vincent

Emenike: I know you to be an Author, I have come across so many of your intellectual materials but for the purpose of emphasis and for our audience readers, tell us how far you’ve gone as a Writer?
Chinedu: Nice question… **smiles** I have been in the writing field professionally for more than two years now. I write novels, plays, poems, essays, short-stories etc. Some of my poems and essays have been featured in both local and international anthology. One of the recent anthology my poem was featured is the ‘Nelson Mandela Poetry Collaboration’ which will be live online on 30th of April. One of my book titled ‘Now I Know’ was published recently by Kingstar Digital Publishing and can be accessed online in these online stores including, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBookstore, etc.

Emenike: What inspiration(s) gave rise to most of your books?
Chinedu: Contemporary issues such as poverty, prostitution, killing, sorcery, terrorism, moral decadence, family disorderliness, wickedness, child abuse, hatred, hostility and other spiritual things happening in the world are sources of inspiration to all my books.

Emenike: Why did you choose writing as a Career despite the fact that the reading culture of Nigerians and Africa who are your primary target are not yet fully developed?
Chinedu: Choosing writing as a career was not a mistake and can never be. Before I go ahead to buttress my point I must make it clear to everyone who is either listening to us or reading this interview that Okoro Chinedu Vincent didn’t come into the writing profession because I saw people making money from it. In fact, mere looking at the poor reading culture in Nigeria one would be discouraged to write and this was one of the contributing rationales that made me stop writing for more than two years. What I’m doing today and the ones I’m yet to do were as a result of a dream I had years back that made me continue with the writing profession. And what was this dream? A man came to my dream and he gave me a published book and when I looked at the Author’s name to my greatest surprise it was my name boldly inscribed on it. He asked me to take the book that it was mine and I collected it. When I woke up the next morning, I was reinforced to write; inspiration became so fresh in me, in fact that morning I started writing a new book. Notwithstanding the poor reading culture in Nigeria I still choose writing because that was what destiny is saying. Destiny is saying that I have been called to write and that’s all.

Emenike: Your inspirations and choice are superb. So tell us, what role have you played to boost the reading culture of the African Child?
Chinedu: The reading culture of the African child is of immense importance to me and I will do everything within my powers to support this noble cause. I am also using this media to call on all parents and teachers to tell their children the importance of reading and writing. Currently, we have a plan on the processing speed lane whose primary focus is to bring all writers in this State under an umbrella so as to work as a team in achieving this great vision. I believe with God being with us we will achieve it.

Emenike: What role do you think Writers play or should play in boosting or stabilizing the National Economy?
Chinedu: There are many ways writers can contribute to the national economy. It is the duty of writers to criticize and sarcastically write against bad government either by fiction or non-fiction. Their writings will help to educate and enlighten the citizens of the country to stand against bad government and also make the government to sit up. When all these are achieved, I believe the national economy will be improved immensely. So, writers has a vital role to play in the growth of our national economy, and to an extent, we writers are playing our roles dutifully.

Emenike: As a speedily evolving Superstar in the literary art with an Eagle’s eye, what do you think are the challenges most writers are faced with in Sub-Sahara Africa? And what’s your suggestion in curbing them?
Chinedu: There are numerous challenges facing writers in sub-Sahara Africa. The major one is piracy. Piracy has made some writers to drop their pen. Piracy has rendered many writers useless. This is a place where you see a writer of more than two powerful books in the market and he will have nothing to write home about. This is a case where ‘monkey dey work while baboon dey chop’ (this is Nigerian Pigin). After toiling day and night to write a standard book and somebody from nowhere will get a copy of the book and reproduce it in a large quantity and start selling it in a cheap price thereby hindering the original book to sell. In fact it is a common thing in sub-Sahara Africa especially in Nigeria. And it seems that the Government is not doing anything to curb this piracy of a thing.

This is the high time people stood against piracy because, it’s inhuman. For instance, I made it as a point of duty not to buy a pirated book in my life even if it is sold for $0.4 and I want other people to join me in doing it. Also government should take it as a vital priority of checking pirated books in the market and most especially, schools should stand against using pirated books in their respective schools. I think with these measures, piracy will be curbed entirely in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa at large so that writers will start reaping the fruit of their pen.

Emenike: This is very fantastic. Your decision is great indeed; I wish the change will start from all writers. So tell us, who are your Mentors and/or Role Models as a Writer?
Chinedu: As far as writing career is concern, I have adored Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi as my role model. This is a woman, if I look at her achievements literary; I’m motivated to work hard. Other role models are Margaret Atwood, Late Pa Chinua Achebe, Nnedi Okorafor, Wole Soyinka, Chika Unigwe, Helon Habila, Chibundu Onuzo and few others remaining.

Chinedu 1

Emenike: Every writer has his or her own peculiarity that endears him or her to the audience. This is what we call Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in business. So, what do you think is your own unique selling proposition?
Chinedu: I have written books that every man must read before dying. My books are catchy and each page you open has a message to pass. They are very interesting that readers are aroused to turn the next page as they read from it. So I think, these are the charismas that made me a special writer to my fans.
Emenike: What ways do you intend to give back to the society – especially the less privileged? Most people I have interviewed on this blog told me about their foundations and some who have not started any prayed that one day they will. Are you also a party to this?
Chinedu: For now, I’m still contemplating something beneficial I will give back to the public.

Emenike: From your own philosophy about success, at what stage do you consider a Writer to be successful?
Chinedu: For me, a successful writer is one who sells one thousand copies of his/her book on daily basis **laughs**. When a writer has all he/she wants at call and beck, when a writer is so famous that people would wish to see him or her flesh and blood. For me, this is the way I see a successful writer.

Emenike: What ways do you intend to get your books to the market, especially this powerful one “NOW I KNOW”?
Chinedu: My intellectual materials are already in the digital print (ebook) as published by Kingstar Digital Publishing but for fast accessibility you can buy it online at the following online stores using these links; Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and noble, Apple iBookstore etc

Emenike: What marketing strategy earns you your highest level of income as an established Author?
Chinedu: Well, like I told you earlier, my biggest motivation as a writer is not in how much it earns me but how many lives I can touch through it. So, I have not been careful to observe which of the strategies I have applied in the past and still applying earns me my highest return but so far so good, my marketing strategies have always been effective.

Emenike: What’s your advice for young people who may want to become very great in life?
Chinedu: My advice for young people who may want to become very great in life is that they should not allow their dream for greatness to die in vain. They should also not allow their present condition to weigh their dreams down. Most especially, they should not talk about their greatness on their lips but they should work it out so that people will talk about it. They should also believe and trust in God always because He is the maker of man. Lastly, whoever that wants to be great have 100% chance of becoming great.

Emenike: From the way you’ve sounded I can see a great height of sincerity in your eyes in helping young people realise their destiny like you’ve done yours in the field of writing. So tell us, for some hours now I have been with you, what can you tell the world about Emenike Emmanuel, the Founder and CEO of Emchis Consulting?
Chinedu: Emenike Emmanuel is such a person that has a great vision and not only having this vision to be great but, he is focused, hardworking, enduring in actualizing the vision. I must confess that being with him for some hours now, I see a person that is going somewhere beyond man’s imagination and in no distant time to come, the world will experience the emergence of a world changer and the world changer is no other person than EMENIKE EMMANUEL!

Emenike: What ways do you think we can go in raising the bar of excellence in this blog so that Emchis Consulting will become the most visited blog in the world?
Chinedu: To raise the bar of excellence of this blog, Emchis Consulting, you should maintain frequent online presence, post valuable facts and most especially, rub minds together with some other professional bloggers in the world.

FACEBOOK PAGE: Okoro Chinedu Vincent
TWITTER: @Okorochinedu2
GOOGLE + : Okoro Chinedu Vincent
LinkedIn: Okoro Chinedu Vincent

You read some of his favourite quotes here.

Top Reasons Why Starting Your Business Part-Time is Good for You

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Top Reasons Why Starting Your Business Part-Time is Good for You

Are you intending to embark on starting a new business from scratch or expanding your already existing business? Do you want to learn how starting a business part-time can help you avoid the risk of experiencing a fatal business failure? Do you want to know why most successful businesspeople started off first by working part-time? Or you want to know why I recommend that you start your business part-time first? Well, if you answered yes to all those questions, then I advice you read on because this article is specifically written for you.

In my previous post on How to Achieve Success Working Part-Time, I told us how to use the Magic of Part-Time in generating uncommon wealth. I also told you things you need to know about working part-time and if I can remember vividly, I promised to tell you Why I Suggest You Start Part-Time. Today, I have come to fulfill my promise but for clarity, I have titled it, “Top Reasons Why Starting Your Business Part-Time is good for you.” This article is poised to challenge you and of course unveil the secrets hidden for ages why some businesses hardly experience business downturn.
Enjoy it.

Record shows that 65 percent of Small and Medium scale enterprises close down after 3 years of start up and to a great extent this has being a great pool of headache to me. It was a part of my reasons why I didn’t want to become a successful entrepreneur alone but to help others become successful too. I came to realise that some of the reasons why these small and medium scale businesses went down the drain was because they never cared to test the ground upon which they sheepishly sow all the proceedings of their life. They did what I call ‘uncalculated risk’ and no wonder they crashed so easily. The consequence has to tell on them and no doubt, there’s no way they can outsmart it than start all over again. This is something that was avoidable if they had mastered the Act of Starting Part-Time.

If you want to achieve success early enough in life, I am of the opinion that you start part-time. For instance, you are in school but you wish to go into business after getting your first degree, I suggest you start part-time. If you are working on a full-time job now but wish to become a business owner in future, start part-time. Don’t quit your job too early until you have mastered the world of business to an extent, otherwise you may regret ever being in business. They are countless number of skills you will learn while working part-time. Not only will you learn those entrepreneurship skills, you will also have the liberty of less risk to test run your ideas if it has a market value, a trans-generational standard and lots more.

Notwithstanding all the great articles you see on this blog I am still working on it part-time although my part-time has produced more result than those who have invested all their life in it.
Let me shock you…

Do you know that intelligent hiring companies are more willing to work with part-timers than they are ready to work with full-timers? With part-timers the employers save more money and still get the same result if not more than. This is because part-time workers are more conscious of time than full-time workers can ever be. Each day they have a goal they must meet to earn a pay which they must reach. Recently, in the US, employers are beginning to see into the potential profits in hiring part-time workers as a means of cutting cost by all measures.
Now, do you wish to become a successful entrepreneur? Listen to my instruction and start part-time. I wish to see you at the top. Thank you.

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How to Become a Successful Motivational Speaker Speaking to Elders

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How to series
How to Become a Successful Motivational Speaker Speaking to Elders

When granted/offered the privilege to speak to elders, it is a great opportunity you must never joke with. I know of great and talented Comedians who have lost every contact with the Government meetings in Nigeria simply because they misused this kind of opportunity and I also know of others who have repeatedly being invited to spice up every government’s meeting with some sort of comic relief because they maximized the first opportunity. Remember they said there’s no second chance to give a first impression, which is true. So, if you make it to speak before elders, whether in the traditional settings, in Church, in government or in business, here are things you must do and the ones you must never do in order to remain afloat in the industry of public speaking.

1. Never insult them in your speech

Yes. It is a taboo to insult elders especially here in Africa. Pick your words. It is better you are termed a poor speaker than to be termed an insulting speaker. At least they might think you don’t have wealth of knowledge on the topic offered you to speak on and may do better if given another topic. But in a situation you ended up insulting them because you had the platform, know it well that they will talk about you in the negative, and I hope you know what that means? It simply means, no business – doors closed.
2. Never tell them lies because you want to excite them or prove to them you are versatile

Nothing soils the reputation of a speaker like telling lies. I know you might be trying to excite them but don’t you think they will find out? What then becomes of your reputation if they find out? Elders can go as far as suing you when you tell them lies, especially the ones that has something to do with them.

3. Tell them what they need to hear (they are less driven by wants)

What they need to hear is the reason for which they invited you to speak. So in every speaking style you may want to employ, make sure you are telling them what they need to hear not what you want to talk about. You can ask them before mounting the podium. There’s no error in asking question. Ask the person that handed over the letter to you so that he can give you details of what your audience might be expecting so that you don’t end your speech regretting. Your joy as a motivational speaker is not because you have spoken well with powerful accent but in the audience being left motivated.

4. Make them forget their worries either by cracking jokes or addressing their pressing need

I have come to realize through many years of having dealings with elders that nothing sets them uneasy like their worries. And most of them especially the wealthy ones can do everything at their reach to get it out. In making elders forget their worries two things are involved. One is to crack jokes and another is to address their pressing need. Don’t tell me you can’t do any of this. If you can’t then you are not yet ready to be a Motivational speaker.

5. Learn to quote higher authorities they can’t refute their philosophies

Elders want to know how vast you are. There’s no other means of getting to know about quotes of authorities of diverse industries except through books. In that case, if you want to know what experts and elders have to say over a particular issue under discussion you must be a good reader – you must read books. Most importantly, search quotes of some elders who may likely be in the event, and as you speak, quote them. In a situation you can’t get their books or that of other elders they respect their philosophy Google it. The internet has made many things much easier for us today. One of the talented public speakers I learnt this strategy from was Niyi Adesanya of Nigeria. He uses this strategy when addressing Yoruba elders by quoting Pa Obafemi Awolowo.

6. Speak with confidence.

When speaking to elders don’t hide the genius in you. You don’t have a second chance to make the first impression. Do your homework very well. For me, sometimes I rehearse before a mirror, record my speeches with a phone so that I can listen to myself and I also ask my siblings how well I have performed.
The first day I spoke in a Church before my Dad, I prepared very well in the night and on that Sunday, I performed so excellently that he congratulated me with a bottle of wine and some other expensive gifts he wouldn’t have given me ordinarily.

7. Work with time
Elders know what time is than young people do, so when speaking to them stick to your timing. Don’t think you can always apologise for being late. Stick to the time allotted to you and be sure you exhausted your topic.

About Me

I am Emenike Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Emchis Motivational Network. I write, speak and motivate individuals and organisations to achieve excellence in life and business. Through this blog (Emchis Consulting) I have touched thousands of lives around the world positively. I have also interviewed different industry specialists in three different continents. I believe that anyone can succeed if the person can find out where he or she is naturally planted. And guess what? I am a Nigerian. Now, are you looking for a speaker to stir hope and peak performance in your audience? Stop the search and give me a call (on +2347036251361) to book appointment with me.

How to Become a Motivational Speaker Elders Will Love to Listen to

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How to Become a Motivational Speaker Elders Will Love to Listen to

Before I go ahead to tell you the kind of Motivational Speakers elders will love to listen to let me tell you who a Motivational Speaker is. A Motivational Speaker can as well be called an Inspirational Speaker. It all depends on the title the person in focus wants to go by. A Motivational Speaker is a speaker who makes speeches intended to motivate or inspire an audience. Business organisations may require the services of a Motivational speaker to help the employees see the future of the business in a more positive dimension. With soft words of encouragement a Motivational speaker helps an audience especially that involving a business entity to be goal oriented.

Having said all that about who a Motivational Speaker is, and what he has to offer, let me tell you how you can become the kind of Motivational speaker elders will love to listen to. That’s to say that there are speakers, especially young motivational speakers elder dislike listening to and others they can spend their last card on flight ticket to hear them speak. Now, what makes the difference? Is that one of them being disliked do not have a peculiar story to share or that the speaker speaks in a manner inconsistent with what elders love to invest their time listening to? In few lines from now you will get to know why some young Motivational Speakers are preferred over the other when it has to do with speaking to elders.

Don’t forget that every audience has their own kind of message. I was once in a meeting where a young Motivational speaker was speaking to a crop of young students in a manner that should have being reserved to a Church congregation. And guess what? The response he got said it all.

How to Become a Successful Motivational Speaker Speaking to Elders

When granted/offered the privilege to speak to elders, it is a great opportunity you must never joke with. I know of great and talented Comedians who have lost every contact with the Government meetings in Nigeria simply because they misused this kind of opportunity and I also know of others who have repeatedly being invited to spice up every government’s meeting with some sort of comic relief because they maximize the first opportunity. Remember they said there’s no second chance to give first impression.

If you make it to speak before elders, whether in the traditional settings, in Church, in government or in business, here are things you must do and the ones you must never do in order to remain afloat in the industry of public speaking.

This article shall be continued on the next post as: How to Become a Successful Motivational Speaker Speaking to Elders


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I came to realise that my decision today has a lot to contribute in making sure I am where I wish to be in the next 5 years. I also came to realise that before I am 30 years of age, there are levels of success I should have achieved. These things as I will be sharing with you here in today’s post has always being the drive behind every of my undertakings. These 30 Things are the basis why I do what I do. Each time I wake up in the night I stare at them, imagine their possibilities, identify the hidden risks and sacrifices attached to them and of course raise my faith to raise my bar of excellence.

I wouldn’t know if you have ever taken time to chart the course of your life in the next 5 years or 10 years. It is true it might look late but indeed it is never too late to start neither is it too late to win. If you can stand up in your mind today, look over the walls of limitations, you will realise that great heaps of opportunities has been waiting for you to explore.
One thing I am requesting of you today is that you allow these 30 Things that have always given me sleepless night because I want to achieve them before 30 to inspire you.

As I write this, I am not afraid neither am I in doubt if what I have planned to achieve before 30 will be mine or not. I am just over 100 percent sure I will achieve these things.
Now, without further delay, let me show you those 30 Things I Must Do Before I am 30.

1. Before 30, I must have known God better than I have ever done before
2. Before 30, I must have read my Bible cover to cover at least twice
3. Before 30 I must have become a Millionaire in dollars
4. Before 30 I must have published more than 5 books and several editions of my magazine
5. Before I am 30 I must have built the most visited business blog in Africa and by 40 I will beat the world record
6. Before I am 30 I must have had not less than 10 people in my payroll
7. Before I am 30 I must have built a Wisdom/Leadership Institute in Nigeria
8. Before I am 30 I must have had my MBA in Lagos Business School and Harvard Business School
9. Before I am 30 I must have been married
10. Before I am 30 I must have sponsored missionary work in several countries around the world
11. Before I am 30 I must sponsored not less than 5 persons on scholarship
12. Before I am 30 I must have been driving my third car and given out several cars
13. Before I am 30 I must dined with Presidents, Governors, Mayors and Senators
14. Before I am 30 I must have spoken on great platforms like TEDx and many others
15. Before I am 30 I must have been registered in National Speakers Association
16. Before I am 30 I must published more than 100 interviews of great personalities (including billionaires) in my blog.
17. Before I am 30 I must have co-authored a book with my Dad, Rev E. Emenike
18. Before I am 30 I must have positively impacted lives like no other
19. Before I am 30 I must have shared speaking platforms with some of my mentors and role models like Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Fela Durotoye and many others
20. Before I am 30 I must have visited Israel on Pilgrimage
21. Before I am 30 I must have planted at least one Church
22. Before I am 30 I must have stopped working for money and started making money work for me
23. Before I am 30 I must have had over 10 solid channels of generating income
24. Before I am 30 I must have displaced the popularly known Footballer by name Emenike Emmanuel on the search engine, such that when you type Emenike Emmanuel again all you will see is mine before him
25. Before I am 30 I must have been actively involved in Nigerian politics
26. Before I am 30 one of my books must have made it to the New York Times Bestseller
27. Before I am 30 I must have read over 200 business books
28. Before I am 30 I must have over 10,000 articles written by me, with over 50,000 bloggers following my blog and over 100,000 likes on facebook and a regular seminar hosting capacity of over 10,000
29. By 30, I must have achieved a whole lot of things as though I am in my fifties
30. Before I am 30 I can be sure I have lived my life so far just being a blessing to you. Yes. I mean YOU.

What do you think about them? Do you believe these things are possible? Do you have a similar goal or are you still waiting to meet life unprepared? I urge you think big. Dream big. And dare big things. You are meant to be up not down. I believe you can, so don’t proof me wrong. Cheers…

7 Reasons Why You Need a Money Mentor

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Money Mentor

Do you find it difficult making money decision? Are you looking for where to invest your next income? Or are you interested to know how having money Mentor can help you duplicate your earnings so that you will begin to live the kind of life you have always wanted? Well, there is no other better way of gaining financial education except through money Mentors. So, if you answered ‘Yes’ to those questions above then this article is specifically written for you.
When I am not writing at home, I am in the field sourcing for information and connecting with new class of people. People I know I will need to be a better Businessman. Today, I stumbled on a person I have just decided to use as my money Mentor. In fact, I want to thank him wherever he is now for inspiring this article. After spending few minutes with him, I learnt something very important that would have taken me decades to get by.
Today, I will not only share with you the importance of having money Mentor but I will also show you strategies to getting money Mentors and how to know if a particular money mentor is the best for you.
Nobody can claim to know everything. Even as a writer, I don’t know everything. So to make up for the things I don’t know which I ought to know to remain relevant in my field and the society at large I use other people’s knowledge by simply having them as my mentor.
As an Entrepreneur or would-be Entrepreneur, one of the best thing you can do for yourself is to have someone (whether male or female, old or young, online or offline) who will always guide you in making money decision. Many who started out in their businesses without a mentor today have themselves to blame. Why? They undermined the importance of having a money Mentor, a good financial Adviser and a common sense of decency.
Who is Qualified to be a Money Mentor?
On several occasions, some people like to present themselves as experts in things they know little or nothing about, probably because of the title accompanying it or the financial rewards attached to it. If you are the type that loves to play the game of luck bear it in mind here that luck has never really worked and never can it work when it has to do with selecting a money Mentor. Don’t say I didn’t warn you in advance. Not everyone qualifies to be your money Mentor. J. Paul Getty said; “Seek [financial] advice on risk from the wealthy who still take risks, not friends who dare nothing more than a football bet.”
Find someone who is already successful in starting and running his own business and seek for money advice. Search them out both online and offline. Some of the places you can find money mentors are at Seminar grounds, by visiting their offices or buying books written by those you want to serve as your money mentor.
The most successful business people will be more willing to pass on their expertise. So there is no harm in trying out.
When I think of money mentors I think of men and women who have proved their financial acumen by making a bit of money themselves – and not by inheritance or lottery winnings. If you can find any of them around you that you admire, like I said earlier, approach them to make your intents known.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Money Mentor
1. Money Mentors bring a wider range of experience to the table
2. Money Mentors help you model your business ideas in a concise but detailed form where it can be marketable
3. Money Mentors help you develop a strong passion over a business idea they understood has the capacity to make you a fortune
4. Money Mentors are there to ask you questions that will spark off your seat of thought to action.
5. Money Mentors are good listeners, ready to give their time and attention to questions and afterwards, provides relevant answers.
6. Money Mentors are made men who are independent and will never think of stealing your idea. With Money Mentors the fear of competing with an already established firm is minimized.
7. Every successful Entrepreneur you see today has a money mentor. So if you want to be successful too, then you will need one.

I hope with these reasons you can now see vividly why you need a money mentor? Share your own thought with me in the comment box and as usual, don’t forget to share with friends on facebook, twitter and google+.

Top 10 Tips To Help You Stay Positive While You Look For a New Job

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Top 10 Tips To Help You Stay Positive While You Look For a New Job

Probably something happened and you lost your job or you are in a job that does not bring you maximum satisfaction, there’s still hope for you to remain positive while you go ahead to look for other new jobs.

Don’t let what the media is saying discourage you. No matter how bad they say things are in the labour market, great companies are still busy looking to hire the best available staff. If you have the right skills, a strong passion and the backing grace of God, it is then guaranteed that job could be waiting for you around the corner.

You need to be upbeat and positive. In order to help you stay positive, here are top 10 tips to help you stay positive while you look for another job.

1. Volunteer at Church, School, Hospital and other relevant organization of humanitarian service.
By doing this it is possible that the spotlight will fall on you. You attract people you never thought possible in your life and God being faithful, you will come across a person who will favour you with a new job.

2. Join a Think Tank
A think tank is a group of experts who provide advice and ideas on political, social or economic issues. This group of experts help you brainstorm to come up with new ideas that will keep you on the fore-front of what is happening in the society. This kind of network really helps a great deal.

3. Keep a Routine
Don’t go into bad habits of waking up late, sleeping in the afternoon, visiting people in the afternoon or procrastinating around the house when you ought to be looking for a new job. Wake up when you ought to, engage in activities that will yield long-term profit and get to diversify.

Come up with new job responsibility to keep you active and viable. If you finally had the privilege of attending a new job interview, you will be asked what you did or were doing while you waited for a job. Most times I suggest you just submit unsolicited applications to different companies, attend their interview sessions even if you don’t need the job and certainly you will have something to learn without having anything to lose.

4. Be well informed with details about the industry you are into
Yes. This is very important. For instance you studied engineering, and as things are, there’s no job, that shouldn’t make you to undermine the series of important activities going on in your industry. You must stay up to date to stay positive.

Don’t go below just because you are not working. Keep yourself positively busy by learning to know more about your industry or another industry you might be willing to work in. If there is a particular company you submitted application letter to, begin to make extensive research about them. What this thing does is that it will help you to stay ahead of your competitors when the time for interview comes.

5. Become adventurous
Let the passion to know and learn new things begin to spin up from you. Look for a new language or dialect to learn, a new kind of meal, deal making strategy, how to live on less, how stuffs work and so on and so forth. There are over one thousand and one things you could learn while you look for a new job. My concern which I also know ought to be yours is for you not to look back in regret after many years are gone. Utilize this very opportunity – it will help you stay positive.

6. Avoid negative people
At the very time you are jobless when advisers will come with both their solicited and unsolicited advices. Some of them will make you cry and some of them will make you smile. Some will discourage you while others will encourage you. In fact, there is nothing you won’t see at this point in time but where the heart of the matter is is in your reaction. Sort out those people whose thoughts and advices are always perverse – those who are always thinking up one new negative thing or the other and avoid them. You don’t need those kinds of people to stay positive while you look for a new job.

7. Think different, Think Positive
Do not focus on the negative side of life. Give no room for any kind of thought that won’t make you better. Staying positive while you look for a new job can’t be possible if you can’t think different and positive.

8. Network with others
Keep your contacts intact. Make new connections and make best use of the social network. That reminds me, what do you do when on facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube, google+, pinterest, instagram and other social networks? While you look for a new job, make as much connections on these social networks than ever. These connections will one day turn out to be clients or job referrals.

9. Checkmate on your expectations
I know it is good to be expectant. Yes. I also know that without expectations most of our requests won’t receive the support of the invisible Creator – God, but most times people who expect too much end up placing themselves on a high jump. It makes most people want to turn out a perfectionist which is unhealthy for peaceful co-existence.

Don’t expect everyone to be good and don’t expect everyone to be bad. Give people room to be free with you. It is a powerful tool to helping you stay positive while you look for a new job.

10. Don’t give up
A wise man said that the road to success is littered with the carcasses of men who tried and failed. Don’t participate in the folly by giving up on yourself and your abilities. Keep your faith tuned on. Everything you are passing through today is among what is needed to shape your glorious future. Okay, come to think of it; what will you tell your posterity if you give up today? Will you tell them there weren’t jobs to do in your time? What if their destiny is connected to yours? Can you afford to stand the shame of being the reason for their calamities?

Don’t give up. Never stop submitting applications. Never stop attending interviews. Never stop researching on the next available job. Never stop making studies about your industry. And never stop working on a new career. You will ultimately come out a winner someday.

Before I conclude this article, let me also tell you that there is another means of getting a fat paycheck. And that is creating your own job. If you have faced too many rejections before now, don’t bother, you have the capacity to create a job others will be eager to work in. Look at what Bill Gate said. He said; “I failed in some subjects, my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” Did that word mean anything to you? I repeat, don’t give up. Also, see this. Reid Hoffman, the founder of Linkedin said; “all humans are entrepreneurs not because they should start companies but because the will to create is encoded in human DNA.”

God bless you for your time to read this article. I believe it has credited your knowledge bank. You can go ahead to share it with friends on facebook, twitter and google+.

List of People Who Became Millionaires Before Turning 25

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List of People Who Became Millionaires Before Turning 25

While trying to gather this information I discovered that there was absolutely nothing ‘luck’ contributed in making these ones who turned Millionaires before 25 who they are today. So if you are excusing yourself that you aren’t as lucky as they are stop – for no successful Entrepreneur ever banked on luck. Of course Ralph Waldo Emerson said; “shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” The cause and effect here simply tells us that for every decisions, actions and reactions we make has its corresponding effect which could either be success or failure.

One common trait about these people who turned millionaires at a tender is that of great vision, smart ideas and unflinching determination. That makes it simple to say if they can make it you too can make it.

In this article today I will not only be listing these people who became millionaires before they turned 25 but I also share with you their advices for anyone who wants to perform better than them.

Don’t say this article isn’t for you after all you are already above 25 for I know you know someone who might need this motivation to jump-start on his ideas. Go ahead to share it with them or simply reblog it.
Below is a List of People Who Became Millionaires before They Turned 25:

Michael Dell

Michael Saul Dell born in 1965 earned his first million at the age of 19. Michael Dell dropped out of the University of Texas shortly after starting a computer company that sold directly to consumers at prices lower than retail rivals could match.
By the time Michael Dell was 24, the company now known as Dell had had revenue worth of $258 million. In his advice for young people Michael Dell said; “young people should be passionate about what they do which must be on what they really love to do.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is among those who became millionaires before they turned 25. Mark Zuckerberg born on May 14, 1984 in February 2004 launched the Enterprise now known as Facebook inc., which catapulted him into the Forbes list of Billionaires for the first time in 2007 at the age of 23. While presenting a speech in 2007 to a cross-section of students at Stanford University, Mark Zuckerberg said; “young people are just smarter.” This word of his stands to mean that there’s no other better time to be smarter than now you are below 25 or slightly above it. Although there’s no medical report to proof that but it has always happened to be true.

Catherine Cook

Catherine Cook, born in 1989 became a millionaire at the age of 21. Catherine Cook and her brother David Cook and elder brother Geoff who was a Serial Entrepreneur started MyYearBook, a social networking site for updating photos for teens.

The idea to establish such a powerful project that later revolutionized their family background struck after she and David complained bitterly about their School YearBook. But instead allowing such bitterness weigh her down she maximized the opportunity to become what we know today as the Female Mark Zuckerberg.

In her advice she said; “you should stop thinking about it and make it happen.” Catherine Cook also said; “when you are young is the best time to start your own business, as you do not have the responsibilities you have when you are older. The worst that can happen if you fail now is that yo have firsthand experience to make your next venture a success.”

Sean Belnick

Sean Belnick became a millionaire at 16 through the sales of office chairs online. This great idea of his metamorphosed into a company now known as
Sean adviced that it is never too early to start… there’s a lot of great information on the internet. Just do the research and find a way to do what you want to do.”

Jermaine Griggs

Jermaine Griggs, born on 18th June 1983 became a millionaire at the age of 23 by pursuing his passion for teaching music. His website, is designed to help people learn to play piano, guitar or drums by ear, with reading sheet music. According to the report on ground more than 2 million students download his online lessons each year.

Jermaine Griggs’ long term goal is to establish a brick-and-mortar learning centres, a TV network and a magazine. He advised that any young entrepreneur who wants to be successful must understand the power of selling, not only things but himself and his ideas. Jermaine Griggs said; “Study business. Study those who have come before you and find people with the same dreams and aspirations as you.”

Matt Mickiewicz

Matt Mickiewicz, born on June 27, 1983 made his first million dollars at the age of 22. Best known as an Internet Entrepreneur he created the following websites;, 99designs and

According to Matt Mickiewicz, the internet gives entrepreneurs instant feedback from consumers, making it relatively inexpensive to test and launch ideas.

Mickiewicz said; “people who say it takes money to make money are using the worst excuse ever. Create massive value for others by providing a solution where no other exists.”

Juliette Brindak

Juliette Brindak, born built the website at the age of 15 and by 19 he was already a millionaire. At this 19 I talked about she was already worth $15 million.

The idea to come this far all started at the age of 10 when Juliette Brindak began drawing the “cool girls” cartoon figures that later became stars in her online community. At the age of 21 she already had 20 employees working under her, one of whom is her father.

Juliette Brindak advised that you should fill your team with members who believe in your idea and any time they no longer do, get rid of them.

David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos

David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos became millionaires in 2006. Both of them met at Babson College and later developed the Grasshopper Virtual Phone System formerly known as GotVmail Commnunications in 2003. This company of theirs was designed to help Entrepreneurs stay in touch with customers, investors or others while on the move.

As a way to have a strong division of labour where everyone stayed in his own area of expertise, David Hauser built the technology while Siamak Taghaddos took care of the marketing.

Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson, born on November 13, 1984 launched more than a dozen websites between 1998 and 2004 before he was 20 years old. Before he left High School he was already a millionaire.

At the age of 9 Cameron Johnson started a Printing Company called Cheers and Tears, where he makes greeting cards from his home. At the age of 12 he made $50,000 selling his Sister’s Beanie Baby collection on the permission of her Sister.

In 2009 he hosted a BBC television show called, “Beat the Boss.” As one among those who turned millionaires before 25, Cameron Johnson said in his advice for young people; “put yourself out there. Get started, do something and start small. The lower your startup costs, the easier it is to find profitability. Create value for others, and you will be rewarded.”

In conclusion, I think I have done a great job in making a collection of these young millionaires before 25. What do you think you can pay for the mind shift it just had on you now? Well, unlike other bloggers in my field who would want to charge for write-ups like this and many more on this blog I am definitely not going to charge you for a dime but promise me you will do the following;
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Don’t forget, I came online to help you become an Entrepreneur of distinction. I hope that’s exactly what I am doing? Luck is a false hope – it doesn’t really work anywhere.

How to Prepare and Present a Speech People Will Love to Listen to

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Image from PresenterMedia
Image from PresenterMedia

Having been in the speaking profession for few years now, I have observed that there are speeches that don’t just sell and there are others people will cry to listen to. To have a great speech written down is not where the matter ends; it is at its presentation. If you have mastered how to write creatively with new thinking and great possibilities you must as well learn how to make great presentation.

Meanwhile, this article is only for those who want to thrill and fire up their audience. If that doesn’t matter to you don’t bother reading further because I will shock your mind.

To prepare a powerful speech that will end up selling heavily you must have the audience at the centre of your heart. They are the reason for the speech and if they finally don’t get motivated to do more and have more after your speech, you have ended up doing nothing.

How I know the level of regards you have for your audience is in the quality of time you invest in preparing a speech and the quality of the speech you present – including your willingness to give out for free things they should have ordinarily paid for.
Recently a friend of mine from India who I met on facebook complained to me bitterly about 30 Pre-Primary Teachers who spoiled her mood by using harsh and rude words on her on the feedback form. Although it was not only these 30 people that were present for the meeting but this 30 out of 100 (where 70 of them were from the faculty of engineering) gave same harsh and rude feedbacks. She asked; “does this happen? Is there any other way to conduct special session for them?”

Although I gave her few replies then but in this article today I will be going in details.

Three things make audience or listeners reply harshly in their feedbacks. These things are;

1. If they don’t feel belonged to the kind of speech delivered in the meeting.

2. If they feel intimidated by other professionals present.

3. If you kick against their philosophy (or belief system).

To present a speech that is proven to sell you must make it void of those three things.

Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. Chuba Okadigbo and the rest of those we know as master communicators didn’t wake up to become that perfect, they worked it out. Before you prepare or present a speech, these are some of the assignments you must undertake;

 Narrow your topic

Be centric, specific and focused. There’s definitely no way you can cover all aspects of blogging for instance, if that’s what you are expected to present a speech on. But any attempt to be everything at the same time will leave you embarrassed.

 Hide every ulterior motive if you have any

If there is any ulterior motive you have like to using the audience to sell your materials don’t make it known. Hide it as much as you can.

 Speak in the tone of your audience

Don’t speak like one from the moon. Use illustrations that pertain to the daily dealings of your audience. Otherwise I can assure of being seen as a television than a speaker. If you are speaking to High School graduates speak their language. If you are speaking to professionals in a particular field do an extensive work to know more about them so that you will be able to flow.

 Even if you are already an Expert it is advised that you make a note of your speech. Use bullets to point out major issues you can’t fail to miss.

In summary, before preparing your speech next time ask those that invited you about the academic levels of all the attendees they are expecting. Ask of the total number of people expected, the number of doors and windows in the room or hall and sitting arrangement. Make sure you arrive at the venue before every other person so that you can get accustomed to the environment. If you don’t like the sitting arrangement or where the platform is, you can ask for rearrangement if possible in order to suit your choice and style.

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How to Succeed While You Work From Home

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Although not all businesses can be worked from home but experience has taught us that the best way to start from scratch is to start a home-based business. One of the best home base businesses I enjoy most is the internet business which includes; online marketing (sales of information products), freelance writing, blogging, sales of ad spaces etc.

If you are into online business one advantage about it is that you can run your business from any part of the world as long as you connected to the internet. When I am working from home I save time and money that should have gone to transport, I have less of distractions from people and mind boggling stories, and of course I can wear any cloth of my choice – in fact while I was typing this article I wore boxer (my underwear) which is impossible if this was to be a business you can’t run from home.

Find an area in your house to make an office

Notwithstanding you are working from home, try to make out a small space in your room that will serve as your office. This is for the purpose of helping you be in the same working mood you would have been if you weren’t working from home. Doing this not only helps to put you in a special working mood but will also help to avoid the temptation of trying to work from the bed which is very unproductive.

Dress for success

Don’t mind the fact that I told you I wore only my underwear while I wrote this article. Don’t imitate me on that, sometimes I just have to freestyle. Dressing for success always while you are working from home gives you a greater measure of confidence, a sense of professionalism and a great level of productivity.
You don’t necessarily need to put on your suit but a clean and pressed shirt and trouser will ultimately give you the mood you need.

Pre-requisites for working from home

1. Self discipline

Not everyone can work from home. If you are not self-discipline you will easily get distracted while working from home.

2. Do what you love
To do what you love you must first of all find out what you love. Find a skill around it. Learn it and start practicing. When you are doing what you love you don’t need to look into someone else own and since that’s what you love doing, you will definitely be willing to do that from anywhere, including from home.

A friend of mine who now uses two rooms as his recording studio started working from home by converting their dining room into a studio. If he didn’t love what he was doing he wouldn’t have succeeded now.

3. You must be self motivated

In this case, what is fueling your passion to become more productive will not be the ambient, the financial reward you might get or the different kinds of new faces you will certainly not see but internal motivation. Being self motivated is pivotal in running a successful home-based business. When I first started this blog most people are now celebrating because of the speed at which it is growing

4. Be prepared to start from scratch

Starting from scratch is not what everybody can afford to do but to me, that’s the best way of starting a business. My dream is to build businesses which when spoken about people will be motivated and inspired. And if your thought is as good as mine then you must have thought of home-based business. For instance in America and Europe, most of the young millionaires like Caterina Cook of MyYearBook, Matt Mickiewicz, Sean Belnick, Jermaine Griggs e.t.c. we celebrate as those who became millionaires before 24 all started from home and of course from scratch.

5. Set out time to work at home

That you are working from home should not make you mismanage your time. Prepare your time table for work and other things. Failure to do this you will soon realize that your spouse will get bored about you. It is an error to think that because you are working from home should make every time a time for work.

6. Treat it as a business not a hobby

That you are working from home does not make it less a business. Invest in buying up more equipment to build your business. Develop your own marketing plan. Home-based business is business not a hobby.

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10 Lies You Should Never Believe

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In our world together lies are everywhere. People wake up to develop a philosophy that has no basis. The reason why I wrote this article is because I have seen people’s ability to think shrink, desire to dream more buried and povety mentality grow like mustard tree. On this note, if nothing is done to stop the propagandas of these lies, they may end up destroying what we have been struggling to build. If you’ve been caught in these myths and you were wondering, could this be true? I’m here with a resounding NO! It is no truth, don’t believe these lies when next you hear it.

These are the lies you must never believe:

1. You need money to be creative

This is not true. What you need first to be creative then the money will come.

2. You need certificate to be rich

This is not true. When next you hear someone say that to you, ask the person what Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford and the rest of them studied in school. What’s their certificate?

The essence of education is not for certificate but strategy.

3. You are too young to be wealthy

This is not true. You can become anything you desire. Mark Zuckerberg is a Billionaire below 30, Michael Dunlop of became a millionaire below 20. It could be you too. Keep dreaming big, you’re not too young for that.

4. You are a failure

I still don’t accept this to be true. Failure is just an event. Men don’t fail, they simply quit too early.

5. Everyone hates you

This isn’t just possible. It seems to be true because you closed your eyes against those that love you. Open your eyes now.

6. When you get rich you become happier

That’s a big lie. If you’re a jerk with a dollar, you’re still a jerk with billions of dollars. Get happy now not latter.

7. You have arrived

No one ever arrives. When you think you do, that’s comfort – the mortuary of success calling.

8. Money grows on trees

To get money you need hard work, creativity and a strong will.

9. Your background is what held you down

It is YOU not your background.

10. You don’t need God to be successful

That’s the devil deceiving you. God is all in all.

When next you are confronted by these lies simply discard them. They are big lies.

5 Things I Learnt While on Tour in Ebonyi State

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While on tour in Ebonyi State, Nigeria precisely Ohaozara for the first segment of the Mega Business Summit, I was impressed by the things I learnt, the people that were inspired by my simple words and the dimension God is taking us to. While speaking to a cross section of young people, a lady who heard the way I stressed so much on Talent, Skill and Competence without giving 100% attention to formal education stood up and asked; “what is the essence of education?” You will see the interesting answer I gave her in the course of this article. Just read on!

1. Spending time with people who believe you can make it big helps you perform at your peak. Yes! For me to keep them liking me, I had to study and research voraciously. It was then I knew that the essence of having a formal education is strategy and not certificate.

2. Staying where your impact is felt natural stirs your spirit to act in harmony to the positive expectations of your fans, audience or clients.

3. I stumbled on some life-changing books in my Dad’s library – from the ones giving a divine revelation of hell and Heaven, business, politics and history. “Begin with Sadat” was among such great books. I wished I could exhaust the over 5000 books in that library.

4. I learnt with practical realities that money is not what is needed first to make money. You need God’s favour, connection, great idea and a big dream. A dream when shared frightens.

5. I learnt in more simpler terms that visions and dreams are the vessels through which God fulfill our heart’s desire. It shook me that some people can’t dream big dreams but they expect God to do big things. No o o o! That’s not the way it is!

Being there has imparted my life.

3 Things You Should Never Expect From An Enemy

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Are you experiencing a set back in your busines or career? Do you find it difficult to trust people due to one hurt feeling you had in the past? Or do people find it difficult relating [or opening up] with you? If your answer to these questions is YES! Then you are the reason for which the inspiration to write this article came. Read it, learn from it and live a better life.

Traditionally we are taught to blame every bad omen on our enemies. But my research here shows that they are not always responsible (although as we know, they are wicked).

There are three things in life which one called an enemy (whether man or devil) can’t do. I am writing this so that when next it happens you don’t blame the wrong person. When you blame the wrong person, the wrong result occurs.

They are;

1. Disappointment

Have you ever had someone disappoint you? If yes! Was that person a friend or an enemy? Let me leave you to answer that.

Well, I have had enough. And guess what? They were people I loved, respected and trusted. Same was likeable to God, Jesus and Joseph. God exalted Lucifer as the Arch angel – the one in charge of His food processing industry, of course you know God eats only Praise and Worship but what did the stupid lucifer do? He disappointed God. Judas disappointed Jesus, Joseph was disappointed by his brothers and Joshua was disappointed by Achan, a man from the Messaic lineage.

2. Discouragement

Have you ever been discouraged? An enemy can’t show you your weakness – he is a stranger. Even when the devil wants to discourage you he comes through the person you expected encouragement from. My dear, this is life and you’ve got to face it is their language.

3. Inability to Believe in You

Enemies are afraid of you. A friend knows a bit of your ability. A friend concludes you faster.

Note: Inasmuch as you need to be careful about who you consider as the enemy of your progress, you must be much more careful about your friendly enemies.

‘Watchfulness’ is the game.

Zig Ziglar: The Model of My Mentor By Emenike Emmanuel [MSP]

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No one ever became magnificiently successful without having a Being he could point at and say “this is my mentor or model! The person who inspired me with his words and actions.” The story of everyone who is in the Motivational Speaking profession cannot be complete if he or she have never encountered Pa Zig Ziglar.

Although I was never able to meet Zig Ziglar in his lifetime like it was in my plan to do, but the impart his materials (Tapes and Books) have made on me can only be erased by eternity.

It was just this time last year, being 28th Novermber, 2012 when the news of his death got to us. We cried, we sobbed but the remarkable investments he made in the lives of half a billion people all over the world was our consolation. Pa Ziglar was a Godly man who loved God and His work.

I got to know Zig Ziglar from Leslie Brown who spoke about him as his Mentor. How he ‘fired up’ Les Brown was a great inspiration to me.

Today, as a remembrance of the day he took a transition into glory after battling with Pneumonia, I am de dedicating this article to him. I regard him as the ‘Model of My Mentor’, a man who made Motivating others to achieve success in life a priority. Notwithstanding the poor background he came from he dared ‘success’ and met it, and not just doing it alone, he stated a philosophy to make it a chain reaction. He said; “You can get whatever you want if you can just help enough others get what they want.” Of course that message is the one that destroys selfishness which is the biggest challenge of the human race.

Some of his quotes I love so much includes;
“You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.”
“If you don’t see yourself as a winner, you can’t perform as a winner.” and
“You don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great.”

Zig Ziglar died at the age of 86, spent 50 years to produce 30 books, imparted half a billion people and companies (which Emchis Consulting is a part of) and today, his legacy lives.

If given an opportunity to say something about Zig Ziglar, the Father of Modern Day Motivation, what would you say? Leave a comment for us and bid Zig Ziglar a Perfect Rest.