Top 2 Important Factors Needed To Climb The Corporate Ladder Faster Than Anyone Thought Possible

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While I worked as an employee several years I go, I discovered and practised two (2) important virtues that helped me climb the corporate ladder very fast, such that at the age of 23, I had already become an Assistant Manager in one of the Company’s branches.

At a point, my direct Boss, being the Manager,Nedu Iheanacho left me to do all the jobs myself because he had confidence that I will deliver. I had the privilege to interact with elders and customers and also strike some deals and negotiations with them as a result of the mastery I got in these two (2) important virtues.

Unarguably, these virtues have the capacity to position you at a point that you can become the favourite staff of your Boss.

They are;

1. Think through every problem – and you might come up with another easier strategy to tackling it.

2. Develop the habit of working more than you are paid for – and you will natural buy over the heart of your boss.

NB: There are more factors to gaining this kind of access to your boss but I won’t spell all of them out here. Let me reserve the remaining 18 until you have invited me to speak to your Church, Organization or Students as the case may be.

– Emenike Emmanuel –
CEO, Emchis Consulting


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