How to Generate Provision to Sponsor Your Vision

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God, the Creator of the universe is no waster. He is the best business Guru I have met so far in my life. He does not waste His resources and do not encourage His children to do so.

One of the things I respect so much about God is His knowledge of leverage and strategy. He knows what to give, to get what He wants. He’s powerful, almighty and supreme but He still chose to play by this rule so that we, who wants to be conformed into the image of His likeness might learn of Him.

One of His principles I want to share with you today is, GOD’S PRINCIPLE FOR PROVISION. And that principle states that “vision is what attracts provision.” In other words, if you need provision, you must have a vision.

This principle I am sharing with you here today is something that has worked wonders for me. Trust me, if it didn’t work I won’t post it here.

One of the things that makes God respond faster to the prayer of a man with a vision is because He gave the vision. In fact, at every seconds, billions of ideas (capable of making the world a better society) are released from Heaven but the unfortunate thing is that only few persons conceive and write it down to become a vision worth pursuing.

When God looks at those few people that grabbed and cherished these ideas, He says; “thank you” and goes ahead to make the supplies, contacts and strategies to bring that vision to manifestation.

I have never seen a man or woman who had a genuine vision but didn’t get divine provision.

Vision is what attracts the provision of God. I have come to understand too that BIG VISION attracts BIG PROVISION. The bigger the vision, the bigger the provision.

So, instead of trying to adjust and downsize the big vision into a smaller one that suits the level you are at the moment, leave it the way it came and stick closely to God, the author and originator of all great ideas and He will make the provision available.

– Emenike Emmanuel –
CEO, Emchis Consulting


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