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Top 7 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Quit So Soon

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[An article that unveils the unspoken intents why
most bloggers quit blogging too soon and thus never live to
share in the millions of dollars circulating in the dot com world]

Are you an entrepreneur, a student or one of the unemployed youths hoping to join millions of other bloggers making six digit figures as an income from simply blogging and other related internet businesses? Here comes an article to educate you beforehand over certain reasons why most bloggers don’t continue after the first one year of spiral blogging and possible things you can do to become an outstanding success in this industry.

“Passion is the fuel and oil that lubricates and
empowers every iota of success and accomplishment
ever experienced by an entrepreneur.
Without passion entrepreneurs quit.”
Emenike Emmanuel
Founder, Emchis Consulting

Having failed as a blogger before but now upstanding and of course raising thousands of others to stand with me, I think I am in a better position to show you reasons why most bloggers quit so soon and why I choose not to quit again.

“Gone so soon” is the word to describe the speed with which most bloggers abandon their blogging career to move on to other businesses.

Making money online as a blogger can be easy if you understand the principles that will help you to stay abreast, otherwise, it can also be highly frustrating.

Some bloggers who claim to have over 100,000 visitors in their first month of blogging most times are not always telling us the whole truth, except for bloggers who had some previous blogs and of course some regular viewers who they had to introduce to their next and newest blog, (I mean the likes of Michael Dunlop who had to introduce his blog readers at to

When budding bloggers who we are hoping to train into hot-headed entrepreneurs get to read most of these exaggerations, they are often left with two options of either to quit and move into other businesses or just stay back waiting for their own turn of the traffic in the future with little or no definiteness of purpose.

Whatever be the issue, I still believe that “quitting is not an option.” Only small minds quit too early. Don’t make yourself one. When it comes to making entrepreneurs and employees perform at their peak, I have always played my part and that’s one of the lessons I have never failed to litter on the pages of every article published here in Emchis Consulting.

For several reasons bloggers who came into blogging (with the hope of making a fortune out of it) quit so soon. And from the experiences I had from my previous failed blogs and information I gathered from friends who abandoned blogging to other line of businesses came these Top 7 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Quit So Soon.

1. Drain of Passion
Passion is a pivotal instrument needed to keep businesses running. In fact, I can vividly say that passion is the fuel and oil that lubricates and empowers every iota of success and accomplishment ever experienced by an entrepreneur. Without passion entrepreneurs quit.

The case of a blogger who is drained of passion over his blogging career cannot be different. Such a person is bound to quit blogging as soon as the passion to write, publish and interact with other bloggers and followers isn’t there anymore.

2. False Perceptions about Blogging
Newbie have several misconceptions about blogging. Some think money comes simply by writing and publishing. Oh my God! What a foolish thing to think this way! Making money from blogging isn’t that easy. It requires much more than just creating a blog post and hitting ‘publish.’ Unfortunately, when those false perceptions and conceptions fail some bloggers, all they could remember is the word ‘quit.’

3. Quest for Quick Money or Overnight Wealth
As long as you have not invested money and time into your blog (directly or indirectly), your probability of making huge income from it is limited. It might interest you to know that intelligence can wonderfully break these protocols such that even without advert spaces, word ad, or google adsense, you can still make money from your blog. I know you will be interested to know how I do it but let’s leave it for our next post [or rather for students who will register for How to Build a Successful Blog with me].

Investing in your blog can come by a way of buying an advertorial space in other blogs to promote either your product and services or just your posts. This strategy is what I have spirally used to garner traffic to my blog. See Naija Pound where I promote my latest audio book titled; How to be an Entrepreneur of Excellence.

However, quest for overnight wealth which has failed and will continue to fail bloggers has never ceased in making the impatient bloggers quit blogging so soon.

4. Bad Ranking on
One of the most frustrating yet energizing experiences most bloggers have is trying to check their web ranking on . When some bloggers after publishing probably their 50th or 100th blog post and still find their blogs either not captured by Matrices or ranking millionth, hurriedly quit blogging.

This decision to quit too early is also remotely related to having little or no visitors view their blog posts. Notwithstanding the fact that it can be quite tempting to quit, it is however more interesting to synergize and re-empower yourself to become one among the successful bloggers. Read up this article from a trusted friend of mine on how you can Improve On Your Google Ranking Using the Social Media.

5. Lack of Adequate Technical Abilities
Blogging needs some techniques. These techniques include but not limited to ability to tag rightly and professionally, ability to link some social networking sites to your blog, ability to install some necessary web tools and plugins etc. When some bloggers have tried without success, some choose to quit while few pay others to do it for them. Well, I still believe you don’t necessarily need to be a Web Savvy to get these things right. You just need to put in extra time, and be passionate about your decision to be a Professional Blogger.

There are several levels of technicalities needed to keep your blog beautiful. To make a successful blogger you need to learn them.

6. Poor Writing Skills
People with poor writing skills have lesser probability of making a successful blogger. Greater percentage of the things you will be doing in blogging has everything to do with writing but poor writing skill will definitely bring in a mishap. Whether you are into gaming, software development or any sort of internet marketing, the place of your writing ability cannot be substituted.

Although not everyone was born with this skill but it can actually be learnt and even mastered. I can remember the first day I thought about writing my first book. I woke up that night with everything I wanted to write on my mind but translating them into a readable sentence was where the problem lied. However, since I knew that ‘writing’ was what will launch me to my next level, hence I continued to develop my writing skills. Today, I can boast of over 100 business-based articles, 8 unpublished books and several contributions to magazines. It is amazing that today I can write as much as 5000 words every day, all because I gave in my time to it.

To become a successful blogger or probably just a writer (not blogging this time), I recommend you read Okechukwu Ofili’s article here on How to Write Often.

7. Not Being Knowledgeable about SEO
SEO means, Search Engine Optimization. I may not know any SEO Expert but I know of one even though he has often declined to be. From the moment I began to follow his advice, everything about my career as a blogger changed, my ranking on came up and when searching for certain keywords on Google you will definitely find my posts. His name is MICHAEL DUNLOP. Michael Dunlop, the founder of and has played a great role in teaching me the reasons while some blog posts appear on search engine and get read why others never surfaced. Bravo to him. Also, Rebekah Radice, founder of has also been instrumental in helping me fully understand the impact of the social media in growing my traffic and also in marketing.

To enjoy your life as a professional blogger you must be knowledgeable about how SEO works; the function of webcrawlers and the benefits of tagging appropriately. Those who rely on having creative and well articulated write-ups most times end up not having their blogs visited and in worst cases never had their articles shared.

To make it big as a blogger is possible, it is not easy, but you need passion, patience, hard work and you must be knowledgeable about SEO ranking. Most importantly, you must have to hone your writing skills. Even if you weren’t born with it, you can learn and develop it.

Having said all these, I wouldn’t like to see you quit, whether as a blogger, a student or as an entrepreneur. You must understand that up there in the sky are no limitations. If you add more strength, passion and creativity to what you are doing today, you will certainly project yourself into the sky where you can succeed without limit.

“People with poor writing skills have lesser
probability of making a successful blogger.”
Emenike Emmanuel
Founder, Emchis Consulting

Good News
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