5 Things to Note on Your Way to Your Glorious Destiny

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Most people will not believe in your gifting and divine talent until you give it a voice. 2 years ago, once upon a friend never believed I could amount to anything, so he never considered it an abomination to make jest of me in the public (and even in Church) – calling me different names as he laughed on. He tried his best to discourage me in my writing career. On several occasions he mentioned names of few people that failed, including himself and begged me not waste my time.

Why all these things continued, my Pastor Uzoigwe Samuel Abraham never stopped calling me “Emma Wonder”. That nickname he awarded me suddenly started taking form. I turned out to be a wonder that the world will wonder about like he often prayed for me. It also became a great motivation for me. It made me have great interest for excellence. So when the call to become a Motivational Speaker came I was never in doubt if it was real or not.

Now, I have a working dream, a testimony of God’s faithfulness and will definitely not graduate as a job seeker. He got it all wrong.

Things to note:
1. Discouragement to your dreams won’t come from someone you don’t know.
2. Anyone who discourages you is afraid of you rising higher than him or her.
3. If God said go, don’t ask “why?” Take off first then the “why” will naturally unfold itself to you.
4. Those who undermined you when you took off in the journey to your glorious destiny will be so humbled by every successful move you made. If the person is still your friend on facebook he won’t comment on your achievement.
5. Never never forget to acknowledge those who were of great support to your rising. And always pray for God’s super abundant favour on them.

Finally, let your biggest motivations rise from within as they are inspired by God. Everything anyone else tries to do is an addendum.

– Emenike Emmanuel
CEO, Emchis Consulting and
Editor, Atang Abiriba Events Magazine


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