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5 Things to Note on Your Way to Your Glorious Destiny

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Most people will not believe in your gifting and divine talent until you give it a voice. 2 years ago, once upon a friend never believed I could amount to anything, so he never considered it an abomination to make jest of me in the public (and even in Church) – calling me different names as he laughed on. He tried his best to discourage me in my writing career. On several occasions he mentioned names of few people that failed, including himself and begged me not waste my time.

Why all these things continued, my Pastor Uzoigwe Samuel Abraham never stopped calling me “Emma Wonder”. That nickname he awarded me suddenly started taking form. I turned out to be a wonder that the world will wonder about like he often prayed for me. It also became a great motivation for me. It made me have great interest for excellence. So when the call to become a Motivational Speaker came I was never in doubt if it was real or not.

Now, I have a working dream, a testimony of God’s faithfulness and will definitely not graduate as a job seeker. He got it all wrong.

Things to note:
1. Discouragement to your dreams won’t come from someone you don’t know.
2. Anyone who discourages you is afraid of you rising higher than him or her.
3. If God said go, don’t ask “why?” Take off first then the “why” will naturally unfold itself to you.
4. Those who undermined you when you took off in the journey to your glorious destiny will be so humbled by every successful move you made. If the person is still your friend on facebook he won’t comment on your achievement.
5. Never never forget to acknowledge those who were of great support to your rising. And always pray for God’s super abundant favour on them.

Finally, let your biggest motivations rise from within as they are inspired by God. Everything anyone else tries to do is an addendum.

– Emenike Emmanuel
CEO, Emchis Consulting and
Editor, Atang Abiriba Events Magazine


5 Reasons Why Every Public Speaker Needs a Website [or a Blog]

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why every speaker needs this
Are you a Public Speaker who has a strong desire to multiply his streams of income? Do you wish to be an influential Public Speaker in this industry such that when you speak audience can’t help but listen? Are looking forward to combining your speaking profession with your writing career like some of my friends and fans are hoping that I teach them?
Are you interested in changing the world, flying your name around the world without visa and of course not die a local champion who can’t survive anywhere else except his environment of abode? If you answered ‘YES’ to those questions above, then I humbly advice that you read this article with every sense of interest because I specifically wrote it for you.

Before I finally concluded in my mind that it was time to write this article, I made an extensive research and found out that no article has ever been published online on this issue of Why Public Speakers Need a Website (or a Blog). No doubt, this was the reason why I said you need to read this article with every sense of interest.

Not having a website or at least a FREE BLOG by Motivational Speakers and Writers is one among the reasons why these two industries are often neglected in the society. Can you believe with me that two great speakers and writers can live within the same city (like Aba, Abia State or even Lagos all in Nigeria) without each other knowing themselves? This is one of the tragic things that make Public Speakers and writers not to appreciate the values of the century.

” One of the deadliest mistakes a public speaker or a
writer can do is to invest all his time in building his capacity
only to make his followers and fans trying to connect with him
vulnerable to be manipulated and afterward duped.”
– Emenike Emmanuel
CEO, Emchis Consulting

Whether you are speaking for a living, for fun or you just want to fill the gap, having a website (or a blog) must be considered an ‘urgent necessity.’ Although it is not your website (or blog) that makes you a powerful speaker, but it is necessary for you to grow in the industry of public speaking.
Connecting with friends on social media
In this computer age where everyone wants it cheap and wouldn’t want to waste time, it is also expedient that you don’t prepare to waste opportunities. No matter how much you seem to labour under correct knowledge, you will never have a second chance to make the first impression. As a Public Speaker you must understand that success in this computer age cannot be achieved with a typewriter mentality. With this I mean to say you should see the need to upgrade. Upgrade by having your own website (or blog).

Having being in both industries (speaking and blogging) for quite some time, I have come to realise how important it is that every public speaker have a website. Both are inseparable twins if success were intended.

In today’s post, I want to share with you 5 Practical Reasons Why Every Public Speaker/Writer Needs a Website or a Blog. I would have loved to charge for this article like others do but because of my vision for Emchis Consulting I cannot and I will not in the future. In Emchis Consulting it is one of my goals to assist you build a successful career. I have done it for entrepreneurs and I can’t fail to do same to my fellow and aspiring public Speakers.

5 Practical Reasons Why Every Public Speaker/Writer Needs a Website (or a Blog)

1. Influence and Accessibility
The sphere of influence and accessibility of a speaker with a website (or a blog) can’t be the same with a speaker who does not have a website or a blog.

It is too mechanical to operate in the century of ours without a website (or a blog). Same fate applies to writers. In my speaking and writing career, I have been able to touch thousands of lives in countries (for instance, Antigua and Barbuda) I do not even know the continent they belong to (apologies for my ignorance), all because I own a blog [Emchis Consulting]. I have had people call me with phone numbers I don’t even know which country had the code (of course I had to research through the internet at or to find out the country that had the code).

Owning a website does not cost a fortune. You can actually have one.

2. People (fraudsters) Easily Fake Such Speakers and Thus Make Adherers Vulnerable Without Your Knowledge

I have seen people pose on the internet to be Wole Soyinka while on the contrary Wole Soyinka does not have a website nor a registered member of any social networking site according to (May 23, 2014). Since this had continued, who knows how many undisclosed cases of people who may have thought they were following Wole Soyinka on facebook or twitter in their ignorance.

One of the deadliest mistakes a public speaker or a writer can do is to invest all his time in building his capacity only to make his followers and fans trying to connect with him vulnerable to be manipulated and afterward duped.

3. It is Another Easy Way to Give Back to the Society that Moulded You and Gave You a Platform as a Speaker

Any speaker or writer who does not have a website nor a member on any social network in this 21st century should be considered a stingy speaker or writer (strictly my opinion). If people [especially our budding speakers, entrepreneurs and writers] must pay all the time to access every of your intellectual materials then your credibility as a character moulder and life coach should be questioned.

Even Robert Kiyosaki, Fela Durotoye, Les Brown, Guy Kawasaki etc have a website and a blog. Donald Trump, American billionaire personally updates his facebook account himself. Richard Branson, founder of Virgins Inc. gives out free but powerful business advices in his blog at Of course you and I are witnesses to the fact that Aliko Dangote, the richest black man in the world from Nigeria joined twitter on December 31, 2014 [with the twitter handle: @AlikoDangote] because he wants to connect with his fans and customers around the world.

Now, what are you waiting for? Can’t you see that having a blog beyond making money is an avenue to blessing someone’s life?
Before you can become a celebrated Brand Ambassador, which is the dream of every professional, you must be actively involved on the internet.

4. It is a Monument For Posterity

In the next 50 years if Jesus Christ tarries, posterity can’t deny the impact I have made today and I will continue to make through my blog because Emchis Consulting will be standing as a great monument in my name. By then Emchis Consulting would have turned out a household name when it comes to offering expert business and career advice on the internet and at conferences and seminars.

I am glad I have others speakers and writers who are also thinking in my direction, a crop of people who are changing the world like me through their websites and blogs even as speakers and writers. Few examples of such are;,,, etc.

The decision to raise a great monument for posterity no doubt could be one among the reasons why Joel Brown, founder of refused to sell out his blog even when he was offered $250,000, $600,000 and even a couple of million dollar deals to do so. Joel Brown, during an interview with Yaro Starak, founder of disclosed that his refusal for a buy out was primarily because he’s more excited about seeing where will take him than selling out now. Today, Joel Brown makes over $100,000. Thanks to patience, creativity and thinking-for-the-future.

Although it is not only a website or a blog one can build as a monument in his name, but it is important that you see the need to own a website or a blog as a public speaker or a writer.

5. It is Another Way You Can Build Your Reputation and Credibility as a Speaker/Writer

When seeking for further information about a speaker who is to speak at an event or that spoke at an event people turn to the web for help. One of such resourceful websites is the one built by my friend John Chau and his team at . People searching through the web scan through articles the speakers had written and the ones written about them.

Once people starts recognizing you in your industry, booking speaking engagements will be a lot easier. Apart from owning a website or a blog where you’ve written articles on your field, other written materials such as books, pamphlets, guest posts, magazine articles you’ve done or audio tapes you have can go a long way in helping you establish your credibility with your prospects.

After your speech at events, do you have a place where the audience that has listened to you could go to know more about you? If you don’t have one, I recommend you to go set up a blog now. You can as well stop reading and do it now. Take action now to move your speaking and writing career to the next level and afterwards you can come back to finish this article.

After speaking at events (like I will be traveling this weekend for my Emchis Financial Empowerment Summit –EFES), I distribute a detachable form that contains information about me and my organization. On the form is a link to my blog.

The reputation and credibility I have built over time through this strategy can’t be matched.

“As much as you can talk every day, you should be
able to write every day to remain relevant.”
– Emenike Emmanuel
Founder, Emchis Consulting

Good News
If you do not have a blog that will help you market your skills, or you want to learn how to ultimately maximize the blog you have already, then I will submit I am here to help you start. I have opened up opportunity to train intending bloggers on HOW TO START A SUCCESSFUL BLOGGING BUSINESS. Don’t be left out.

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