Successful Habits of Visionary Entrepreneurs

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Mind of an Entrepreneur
Are there visionary entrepreneurs you would like to learn of their habits? Have you tried finding out what makes some entrepreneurs successful and others unsuccessful? And do you think you’ve got all it takes to become a visionary entrepreneur? (Answer those questions before you continue).

As much as I am not going to compel you to live these habits of successful entrepreneurs, I will not relent either in showing you ways these habits can change your life if eventually you learn them.

Before the inspiration to write this article came, what has taken a better part of my thought in the last one week was and still is,; “why on earth will an entrepreneur set out or devotedly be interested to establish a business firm he/she knows won’t last ? What will such a mediocre gain by such a worthless venture? Or is it just for the fun of being a one-time business owner?”

You know, this is a difficult lifestyle to behold. Most entrepreneurs who are in business today do not care to know what they stand to gain at the long run, and no doubt, this is among many reasons why they don’t care to observe the output of every habit they inputted into their businesses.

To make a visionary entrepreneur, more than words are needed. Every habit you exhibit has its resultant effect on your business whether good or bad.

In today’s post, I want to dwell on some of the successful habits Henry Wells, William Fargo and John Butterfield, all of American Express inputted as far back as 1850 into American Express that made their legacy what it is today, the successful habits William Boeing inputted into Boeing in 1915 when he founded it, the successful habits of William Durant founder of General Motors, Thomas Edison of General Electric (the man who thought differently from other inventors), William Hewlett and David Packard founders of HP in 1937, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Aliko Dangote of Dangote Group, Bill Gates of Microsoft Inc., Steve Jobs of Apple, Mazi Clement Owunna of Starline Nigeria, Uche Ugah of Master Energy, Ossy Prestige Ossy of Prestige Associate and many other world renowned successful entrepreneurs.

If I may ask you, what could be some of the habits these men mentioned above were able to exhibit that made their businesses stand out among others? Well, I may not know exactly as I wasn’t there with them but permit me to borrow words from Colin Powell who said; that “There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” This quote makes me believe I have a clue to why these men succeeded while others didn’t.

In my previous exclusive interviews with Authors, Entrepreneurs and Public Speakers in U.S.A., London and Nigeria, I came to realize that those successful habits of visionary entrepreneurs are the same all over the world. That is to say that a millionaire in Nigeria has the capacity to become a millionaire in United States of America under the condition that you play by the same rule that earns you money having every other things as a constant. With this I mean to say that if you open up to what I am about to teach you here, you will achieve great success irrespective of the country you find yourself.

To build a successful business that transcends beyond the first generation founders, the habit starts from day one. The big picture of the future begins from your thought. What do you think about successful people? Do you see them to be lucky or spiritualists? Beyond the Two Things Successful Business People Do, they laboured under correct knowledge, thought ‘next generation’ and most importantly lived the successful habits of visionary entrepreneurs.

Top 7 Habits of Visionary Entrepreneurs

1. They had strong desire to be successful
2. They were ready to risk their momentary gain for their future-endless benefits
3. They were team players who kept by the rules of engagement
4. They were bent on building a clock instead of being experts in time telling
5. They built businesses that create room for innovation
6. They were careful to build businesses that the next generations to come won’t be ashamed to be a part of
7. They were busy raising people after their kind

To keep on producing same successful results in the future you must make it a constant in reproducing after your kind as a visionary entrepreneur such that even in your absence the right and best choice will still be made.

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