One More Secret

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Just one more secret to your business excellence, one more secret to become a highflier in life, one more secret to land the biggest job, one more secret to earn the trust of people you have never met and one more secret to earn your name, business or organisation a free ticket to any country of your choice. Between you and your promise land is one more secret… This one more secret has changed my life, business and the way I do things. I want to believe it can as well transform your life as soon as you begin to live by it.

What could this one more secret be? Don’t because you want to be real make yourself vulnerable today or in future. What do I mean by making yourself vulnerable? That’s, thinking you are being real while you belittle, talk down and expose your little secret. Don’t say it the way it is, say it the way you want it to be. Always talk in the tomorrow. For instance, if you are jobless, talk about jobs you can create, you’ve created or that of someone you know or heard about created. If you are a student, talk about your career, talents and great potentials you will end up feeding from in future. If you’re a career person, talk about your promotion, your businesses and possible contracts. And if you don’t have money at the moment or passing through some challenges, don’t talk about it. Build a strong positive mental attitude and you will be surprise how it will influence everything that has your identity.

I was wondering how this ONE MORE SECRET could be instrumental to your success until I looked back into my life from the last two years when I was commissioned to active service in the Ministry of Motivation by God Himself. From that day henceforth, my facebook updates changed, diction changed, association changed, inspiration flowed in and lives in my sphere of contact began to leap for joy. This is to mean, if this secret worked miracles for me, it can as well work much more wonders for you.

You are in great need of this ONE MORE SECRET. What new language could you probably learn today? What new life are you ready to start living today? What new association or connection do you think will definitely be of immense benefit to your excellence in business? Find out… Maybe that could be the one more secret you will need to break some records and walk yourself into the World’s Guinness Book of Record today.

About Me
I am Emenike Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Emchis Motivational Network. I write, speak and motivate individuals and organisations to achieve excellence in life and business. Through this blog (Emchis Consulting) I have touched thousands of lives around the world positively. I have also interviewed different industry specialists in three different continents. I believe that anyone can succeed if the person can find out where he or she is naturally planted. And guess what? I am a Nigerian. Now, are you looking for a speaker to stir hope and peak performance in your audience? Stop the search and give me a call (on +2347036251361) to book appointment with me.

In case you want to be my friend on facebook or twitter the liberty is yours.


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