Misconceptions About Blogging

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How much do you know about the blogging industry? What was your intention for coming into blogging? And what was the biggest lie you were told about the blogosphere? Are you tired of being lied to and now want to know the truth about making money from blog? If you are, then I am ready to help you. You are not permitted to be deceived again on issues about blogging by virtue of the content of this article but if eventually you get deceived, simply know that you caused it because you have refused to abide by my technical yet simple instructions.

Blogging is much more than copy and paste like I have always told you. Blogging is a noble profession which should only be reserved for those few integral part of the society who delight in writing and are passionate about educating the world. Most popular bloggers have deceived new entrants that blogging is all about money making. They have deceived new entrants that it is only the news niche where money can be generated in blogging.

Blogging is not only for the purpose of making money, it is much more than that.
Emenike Emmanuel
Often times most newbie are always misunderstanding the place of blogging in granting employment and financial liberty. Blogging has offered most people a new opportunity to own their own business usually home-based businesses. Blogging as a home-based business has lifted most Nigerians off the burdens of corporate slavery.

Misconceptions about Blogging

Blogging is All about Money Making

Blogging is not just for the purpose of making money. In fact Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motors was right when he said that “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” Most people who made great amount of money from blogging were mostly those who went into with the goal of achieving something much more than money. In fact, I always advice that it is better to do anything for fame than for money because I have discovered new ways which Thinking Money Makes People Poor, and that is why those who heed to my instructions always come out an outstanding success.

If you are in the Blogging Industry or wish to join soon you must realise from today henceforth that blogging is beyond money making. For more information on other things that could motivate you to become a Blogger or as a Blogger, read this article: 5 Things to Keep You Motivated as a Blogger.

You Don’t Need Passion to Be a Blogger, All You Need is Access to the Internet

Just like every other kind of business career, passion is very pivotal to your excellence. It is passion that keeps you awake at night to research, write and publish. Without passion it will be very difficult to remain a Blogger for more than a year. Most copy and paste attitude being exhibited by some bloggers today especially in Nigeria is because they no longer have the passion to remain in blogging.

One of the biggest lies I have heard ever since I came into blogging professionally was; “you don’t need to be even passionate about it (that is, blogging), all you just need is to have access to the internet.” And my question is who is feeding our innocent and budding online entrepreneurs with all these lies? No wonder the adherers of this fake information copy, edit and paste information on their website without considering the legal implications! They spread rumours and afterwards mess up the blogging profession.

If You Can’t Write You Can Copy Other Bloggers

If you can’t write don’t blog. Look for some other businesses you can do. There are several other internet businesses you could do from home apart from blogging. Please don’t be a party to those who soil the reputation of this noble profession. That Linda Ikeji makes millions of Naira from her blog in a month does not mean we do not have other people who can make as much as twice what she makes from other kind of businesses. What of Akin Alabi, founder of NairaBet.com and Simdul Shagaya, founder of Konga.com? Aren’t they successful? It is plagiarism to steal people’s web content to publish on your blog as though you are the originator. If you can’t write you can market online or go into partnership with others who have special writing skills like most people have done with me. I now write for several magazines and individuals – some I sell out rightly, others I publish in my name.

You Can Write On Any Niche

There’s always an industry you know something about. If it is not the music industry it is the fashion industry, if it is not the movie industry it is football, if it is not entrepreneurship it is insurance, if it is not about the internet it is something else. There are numerous niches available to be explored but the truth is that no matter how versatile you are in knowledge you can’t write (blog) on just any niche. You must have an area of specialty. You must have a niche where you have strong passion for. It is possible you may have more than one niche like me but before you go into blogging professionally it is expedient you decide a niche to blog on. This is where your success as a blogger begins. Your niche is what determines the people you attract to your blog. People surfing the net for information go by keywords and it is these Google keywords that determines if your blog comes up on the search engine or not.

Don’t be deceived, you can’t write on just any niche. Decide a niche you will blog on. There’s something you know how to do best, begin from there. It could be about mobile apps, electronics, psychology, prayer or what have you. Begin with a niche and let your followers understand you to be an expert in that field and before long, money will flow in your direction.

Blogging is a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Most bloggers get frustrated in their blogging career because of the misconceptions they had about blogging. They were told big lies which they could not resist. In fact, when I came into blogging newly we were all told the same lies. Most popular bloggers have deceived us to believe that once you come into blogging you become a millionaire overnight, but this is not true. It takes time to make money online especially as a blogger. It takes courage and perseverance to continue blogging while you wait for the money to come. It took Linda Ikeji of LindaIkeji.blogspot.com, Uche Eze of BellaNaija.com, Darlington Omeh of WealthResult.com, Farouk Radwan of 2KnowMyself.com and several others years before they started making money from blogging. So if you must succeed in this blogging industry you must be ready to exercise patience.

Let me sound it clear again before I finally wrap up this post that blogging is not a get-rich-quick business scheme that makes you money overnight. If you are thinking that way please be informed that blogging is not for you. Blogging is majorly for the purpose of bringing solution to people and as those problems are solved, the money comes.

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