Best Quotes on Creativity

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Here are life-changing
quotes on creativity from Emenike Emmanuel, the young Nigerian who assist thousands of people around the world become entrepreneurs of distinction. He’s the Executive Director of Emchis Motivational Network.

“Creativity makes a whole lot of things in this world very easy to achieve. With it you pay less for the things you need to get going in life, and with it also you maximize profit and of course make a name in your time. I’m yet to see a man who was creative that the world never stood at his revelation.”
~ Emenike Emmanuel

“Creativity increases your height of maturity. It makes men who thought you don’t really count call you lord, and of course seek your counsel.”
~ Emenike Emmanuel

“You don’t necessarily need to know everything but just few things you are wholesomely talented at can turn you into a book of motivation for others to learn of.”
~ Emenike Emmanuel

“Innovation is the spice of life.”
~ Emenike Emmanuel

To be continued….


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