Emenike Emmanuel on Financial Discipline

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Emenike Emmanuel is an Entrepreneur, an Author, a Motivational Speaker and the
CEO of Emchis Consulting, the Business Development segment of Emchis
Motivational Network. He is passionate to see Business owners and budding entrepreneurs stand out, and to this effect he blogs to give
Professional Business/Career Advice.

Below are some of his wise Quotes on Financial Discipline:

“Develop a flair for saving, you’d be glad you made the wisest choice.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Your paycheck is big enough to start a new business with.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“The problem of our people is not that we don’t have enough resources, our problem is that we have people who are not resourceful.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Stretch yourself on the exercise pitch of discipline until a point it begins to flow naturally.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Don’t lend your business capital hoping to get it back, most businesses that are no more today did same.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Credit purchase has helped me stand out in business especially as one who began with no start up capital, but the ugly part of it is that it
made me a debtor.” – Emenike Emmanuel


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