Top Ways to Becoming More Productive in the Work Place

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The difference between men of activity and men of productivity is in the
measure of jobs left undone after the day was over.

The inspiration to write this article came while I was walking down to
the office in the morning. I pondered over it then and said to myself;
“Boy! Let’s see how productive you will be today.” The bitter truth is
that they are days so disgusting that we end up wet and weak yet not
accomplishing much. But can I tell you that it isn’t natural… That is
to mean; you can either choose to be productive or not.

One of the key factors I have observed that distinguish the Rich from
the Poor is that the Rich are men of productivity while the Poor are men
of activity. In the neutral sense of it there’s nothing wrong with
activity but how come it has always stopped the average man from ever
becoming as wealthy as he wanted?

I didn’t bore myself today by setting unrealistic goals, I was straight
and simple to set three goals which I insisted to see I did finish it
before coming back. I had in my To-do-list a proposal to compose for my
Motivational Business Series among others and I’m glad I did today.
That’s what it means to be productive.

What are the benefits for being productive?

Being productive is the best thing anyone can do. When you are
productive as a subordinate you manifest the result of law of
attraction. It makes you a favourite staff, a reliable boss and most
importantly, the spotlight will always be on you. People tend to run to
you each time a work is required to be done fast and in good condition.

Having watered your mind to find or increase your interest in being
productive, I think the time is right to disclose to you the 6 Ways to
Become Productive.

Let’s get down on them so that we could do something else.

1. Recognize God

Of course this is not a religious sermon but whatever we do in this life
without God is prone to fail. God may not be asking you to let Him do
the job but you must recognize His Sovereignty and Supremacy.

“Our service to God is not to provoke His blessings but to fulfill His
purpose for creating us.”
~ Anya Oko

See God as the first.

2. Focus on your strength

One of the reasons why most Entrepreneurs find it difficult to be
productive is because they start business in fields or industries they
have no passion and thus strength in.

How can one discover his strength?

To find the area of your strength discover the area of your true
passion. And how can you find this area of your passion? Ask yourself of
things you can willingly do without asking for a pay check.

Any time you stop focusing on your strength you are bound to be very
unproductive. So, to become productive, focus on your strength.

3. Don’t sabotage yourself

So many people are the root cause of their problems. They intentionally
sell themselves to their enemies through their characters.

Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t be your own enemy.

4. Learn to work as a team

Be a team player. After you’ve learnt every other thing you must learn
to work with a group. Don’t always believe you can achieve much going

5. Learn to delegate responsibility

You can’t be everywhere at the same time and you can’t do everything all
alone. You’ve got to let others mind the next post while you focus on
someting else.

6. Be yourself

Don’t fake who you are not. Be original! Understand your limit.

Productivity is all it takes to be productive. Like begat like. The more
productive you become, the more likely you will get the opportunity to
be more productive.

Do you know of someone who wants to be more productive? Share this
article with them or feature it in your blog.
Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.


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