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Compiled by: Emenike Emmanuel

Business Books

To help budding entrepreneurs become more successful in the choice of career they have chosen for themselves I have asked my friends who are experts in the industry of Human Capacity Development to suggest Business Books they think will be beneficial to budding entrepreneurs and why they think these books will be of immense benefit. Those of them who responded before this article was compiled made these powerful suggestions.

Here are what they said:

Emenike Emmanuel
CEO, Emchis Consulting

Emenike Emmanuel suggested that his No.1 best business book for budding entrepreneurs is The Holy Bible. According to Emenike Emmanuel, the founder/CEO of Emchis Consulting, he believes that The Bible is not only a Spiritual Book it is also a Business Book inspired by God. From his findings, almost all of the Principles of Business Success that are being taught today in Business Schools are lifted from the Bible. In confirmation to this, read the following articles; Biblical Business Secrets part 1 and part 2.
You will learn the following from these links (part 1 & 2);
 Why you need a feasibility study before establishing your business as it was first taught us by God in Genesis 1: 2 where the Spirit of God was hovering and assessing the situation on ground before creation began.
 How to make deals creatively and why you don’t need to make it when you are hungry.
 The power of innovation as it was first initiated by Jacob.
 Why you must carefully consider risk but not allowing it to stop you.
 Best business wisdoms as was taught us by King Solomon.
 And many more.

Darlington Dofe Egwim
Darlington Dofe Egwim suggested “GOALS” by Brian Tracy for budding Entrepreneurs
According to Darlington Dofe, he made it clear that the best business book every budding entrepreneur must read is “GOALS” by Brian Tracy. And the following were the reasons for his suggestion;
 It will unlock the entrepreneurial giant in you.
 It will help you take charge of your entrepreneurial career.
 It will help you create your own business.
 It will help you measure your success step-by-step.
 And finally, it will help you become an expert in your entrepreneurial field.

Ifeanyi Anyanwu
Business Growth Strategist
Ifeanyi suggested 5 Powerful Books that every budding entrepreneur whose interest is to hit excellence as a target must read. He was also careful to list out wonderful reasons why he thinks that these business books will be of great benefit to budding entrepreneurs.
Why Ifeanyi Anyanwu Suggested “The New Rules of Entrepreneurship” by Dr Rob Yeung:
 This is a book that will show you how to turn your passion into profit, create your business concept, find customers and make money, and of course grow your business.

Why Ifeanyi Anyanwu suggested “The Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy:

 This is a book about the principle of selling that shows you why people ever buy a product, how to sell creatively, 10 keys to success in selling, the power of suggestion and why people don’t buy a product, rather they buy solutions.

Why Ifeanyi Anyanwu suggested “How They Started Global Brands” by David Lester:
 This is a book that helps you know how global brands like Apple, KFC, Coca-Cola Company etc all started, the secrets to each brand’s success, the challenges the founders faced, how the brand names were chosen and where the initial ideas came from.
This is really interesting to behold.

Why Ifeanyi Anyanwu suggested “How To Win Customers & Keep Them For Life” by Michael LeBouef:
 This is a book on how to win and sustain your customers who are the life-blood of your business. When they go your business falls. In fact, they are the No.1 Boss. He suggested it because it shows you why people buy once and never return, why people become strong and steady customers, how to turn angry customer into a happy and satisfied one and the 5 best ways to keep customers coming back.

5. SECRET OF SELF-EMPLOYMENT by Sarah and Paul Edwards
Ifeanyi Anyanwu suggested this book because it dwells much on surviving and thriving in the ups and downs of being your own Boss. “Secrets of Self-Employment” by Sarah and Paul Edwards is a book that will help you develop the confidence, motivation and self-discipline to succeed, methods to assess your personal strengths and weaknesses, get the world to take you seriously and how to overcome uncertainty, fears and self-doubt.

Jephter Akaehie
CEO, Power Edge Consulting

Jephter Akaehie suggested “100 UNBREAKABLE LAWS OF BUSINESS SUCCESS” by Brian Tracy.
He suggested this business book because he considers it a “Business Prophetic Manual”. Jephter said; “it turned my business life around and I believe it can do same for every budding entrepreneur.”

David Okorie
Founder, Reality Power Talk

“I think the best business book I can suggest for budding entrepreneurs is “BUSINESS AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT” by Bill Gates.”

Take Action Now!
I plead on you to please visit the nearest bookshop to you and get these books if you’ve not read it, but if you’ve read it before begin to implement what you learnt from it.

Note: More updates are coming. Keep winning. You are made to be great, so don’t fail your generation.

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Emenike Emmanuel on Leadership

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Are you a leader who wish to double the performance of your followers or a
follower warming up to take up a good leadership position in your organisation faster than everyone thought possible? Here are great
Leadership Quotes From Emenike Emmanuel, the young Motivational Speaker
who’s changing lives around the world.

“To lead well you must first learn to follow well.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“You are not permitted to lead if you don’t have vision to share and strong passion to follow your vision.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Any leadership that can’t train, trust and delegate has made the worst and most dangerous leadership to stay under.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Don’t blow your trumpet but don’t let your followers strangle you in
mediocrity.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Develop the capacity to mentor others. Any leader who lacks this
capability always produce frustrated followers.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Lead from both ends – you pull, you push.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Be responsible for your actions, don’t let anyone remote or manipulate you.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Don’t lead a course you do not believe in.” – Emenike Emmanuel

Emenike Emmanuel on Financial Discipline

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Emenike Emmanuel is an Entrepreneur, an Author, a Motivational Speaker and the
CEO of Emchis Consulting, the Business Development segment of Emchis
Motivational Network. He is passionate to see Business owners and budding entrepreneurs stand out, and to this effect he blogs to give
Professional Business/Career Advice.

Below are some of his wise Quotes on Financial Discipline:

“Develop a flair for saving, you’d be glad you made the wisest choice.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Your paycheck is big enough to start a new business with.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“The problem of our people is not that we don’t have enough resources, our problem is that we have people who are not resourceful.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Stretch yourself on the exercise pitch of discipline until a point it begins to flow naturally.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Don’t lend your business capital hoping to get it back, most businesses that are no more today did same.” – Emenike Emmanuel

“Credit purchase has helped me stand out in business especially as one who began with no start up capital, but the ugly part of it is that it
made me a debtor.” – Emenike Emmanuel


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(Interview with Okoro Chinedu Vincent)

My name is Emenike Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Emchis Consulting, the business development segment of Emchis Motivational Network. I am a professional blogger and writer, and most importantly I love helping people become business owners either by acquiring a new skill, maximizing their old skills or earning from their natural abilities – Talent. This I have been able to achieve on this blog where I concentrate on giving you the Best Business and Career Advice. As a Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur I have helped on different levels in helping young people remain fired-up to achieve their God-given purpose in life.

Today, as part of my vision statement to bring to you my most valued reader the most inspiring stories and experiences from the best people in the world, I have my Guest today as Okoro Chinedu Vincent. Okoro Chinedu Vincent is one of those young and vibrant Nigerians you can’t afford to miss reading his inspiring stories. Okoro Chinedu Vincent is a talented writer whose works has flown beyond the borders of Africa. He’s so smart especially when pen and paper are involved that even the smartest writers can’t resist him .He has been featured in both local and international anthology. One of the recent anthology his poem was featured is the ‘Nelson Mandela Poetry Collaboration’ which will be live online on 30th of April, 2014.

Chinedu 2

Without further delay let me open up the interview but in case you want to contact him to order his books in bulk, to speak at your event, to coach you or partner with his dreams and visions, please scroll down to the end of this interview – all his contact details are fully spelt out.
You are welcome to this interview with Okoro Chinedu Vincent.

Emenike: Sir, can you please introduce yourself to our audience? Tell us about your background.
Chinedu: Well,my name is Okoro Chinedu Vincent. I was born as a twin into the family of Mr/Mrs W ilfred Okoro from Ndianiche Uwakonye Arondizuogu in Onu-Imo Local Government Area of Imo state. My family background is nothing to write home about because I came from a struggling family that managed to survive. In fact things became worst when my father sold his lorry. To eat, to pay house rent, to pay school fees and to live comfortable was not that easy for us.

Emenike: Going by what you said about your background and the level of success I’ve seen you achieve today, I am meant to believe you came from a poor background but you never allowed your back remain on the ground?
Chinedu: Yes

Emenike: So what was the biggest inspiration/motivation your background gave you?
Chinedu: It made me start to thinking positively on how to redeem my family and her image (which I’m optimistic is meant to be glorious) and myself from this shackle of not living comfortably in life. In fact, there were lots of challenges for me then especially as one who came from a poor family background. It is like a person that was born and nothing to survive with and people around will keep on asking this question how will he survive while others are saying let them see how will survive? All these made me believe as a child then that coming from a poor family lures more controversies than one could imagine because some people have already concluded that I wasn’t going to make it in life. Those obnoxious beliefs against me gave me an impression that I was standing in this world alone. So to prove them wrong, I started working hard to see that what people said about my family will not stand like a prophecy. Today, I can boldly say that those misconceptions some people had about my family’s future was a great force of motivation to work hard in life right from childhood.

Emenike: What were some of the activities you engaged yourself in in the past to become the great person you are so far?
Chinedu: I started working properly to support myself when I was in my Junior Secondary 3 class. Emenike, you know it is very funny to share all these things I did in life before getting to this stage **laughs**. However, since you have asked, I will share some. Honestly, I did a lot of things which if I start telling people now….they will find it difficult to believe. Beside our house then, was this hospital precisely St Anthony’s Hospital and Mortuary, Aba, meanwhile I grew up in Aba. I normally wash ambulance which I was paid Two Hundred Naira (N200) per ambulance I washed. I also joined Canopy Rental Company in some of their weekend outings. I was a part of a marching band group in my church where we had the privilege to attend some paid programs that are not always regular. I sold par-boiled groundnut at the front of our house. I was a part of some local drama clubs in their local outings in churches which we were paid a token and sometimes, we went for a free outing. You see, my job experiences are so numerous **laughs** However, it has all played a role in sharpening my seat of imagination that gave rise to most of my intellectual materials today.

Authored by Okoro Chinedu Vincent
Authored by Okoro Chinedu Vincent

Emenike: I know you to be an Author, I have come across so many of your intellectual materials but for the purpose of emphasis and for our audience readers, tell us how far you’ve gone as a Writer?
Chinedu: Nice question… **smiles** I have been in the writing field professionally for more than two years now. I write novels, plays, poems, essays, short-stories etc. Some of my poems and essays have been featured in both local and international anthology. One of the recent anthology my poem was featured is the ‘Nelson Mandela Poetry Collaboration’ which will be live online on 30th of April. One of my book titled ‘Now I Know’ was published recently by Kingstar Digital Publishing and can be accessed online in these online stores including, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBookstore, etc.

Emenike: What inspiration(s) gave rise to most of your books?
Chinedu: Contemporary issues such as poverty, prostitution, killing, sorcery, terrorism, moral decadence, family disorderliness, wickedness, child abuse, hatred, hostility and other spiritual things happening in the world are sources of inspiration to all my books.

Emenike: Why did you choose writing as a Career despite the fact that the reading culture of Nigerians and Africa who are your primary target are not yet fully developed?
Chinedu: Choosing writing as a career was not a mistake and can never be. Before I go ahead to buttress my point I must make it clear to everyone who is either listening to us or reading this interview that Okoro Chinedu Vincent didn’t come into the writing profession because I saw people making money from it. In fact, mere looking at the poor reading culture in Nigeria one would be discouraged to write and this was one of the contributing rationales that made me stop writing for more than two years. What I’m doing today and the ones I’m yet to do were as a result of a dream I had years back that made me continue with the writing profession. And what was this dream? A man came to my dream and he gave me a published book and when I looked at the Author’s name to my greatest surprise it was my name boldly inscribed on it. He asked me to take the book that it was mine and I collected it. When I woke up the next morning, I was reinforced to write; inspiration became so fresh in me, in fact that morning I started writing a new book. Notwithstanding the poor reading culture in Nigeria I still choose writing because that was what destiny is saying. Destiny is saying that I have been called to write and that’s all.

Emenike: Your inspirations and choice are superb. So tell us, what role have you played to boost the reading culture of the African Child?
Chinedu: The reading culture of the African child is of immense importance to me and I will do everything within my powers to support this noble cause. I am also using this media to call on all parents and teachers to tell their children the importance of reading and writing. Currently, we have a plan on the processing speed lane whose primary focus is to bring all writers in this State under an umbrella so as to work as a team in achieving this great vision. I believe with God being with us we will achieve it.

Emenike: What role do you think Writers play or should play in boosting or stabilizing the National Economy?
Chinedu: There are many ways writers can contribute to the national economy. It is the duty of writers to criticize and sarcastically write against bad government either by fiction or non-fiction. Their writings will help to educate and enlighten the citizens of the country to stand against bad government and also make the government to sit up. When all these are achieved, I believe the national economy will be improved immensely. So, writers has a vital role to play in the growth of our national economy, and to an extent, we writers are playing our roles dutifully.

Emenike: As a speedily evolving Superstar in the literary art with an Eagle’s eye, what do you think are the challenges most writers are faced with in Sub-Sahara Africa? And what’s your suggestion in curbing them?
Chinedu: There are numerous challenges facing writers in sub-Sahara Africa. The major one is piracy. Piracy has made some writers to drop their pen. Piracy has rendered many writers useless. This is a place where you see a writer of more than two powerful books in the market and he will have nothing to write home about. This is a case where ‘monkey dey work while baboon dey chop’ (this is Nigerian Pigin). After toiling day and night to write a standard book and somebody from nowhere will get a copy of the book and reproduce it in a large quantity and start selling it in a cheap price thereby hindering the original book to sell. In fact it is a common thing in sub-Sahara Africa especially in Nigeria. And it seems that the Government is not doing anything to curb this piracy of a thing.

This is the high time people stood against piracy because, it’s inhuman. For instance, I made it as a point of duty not to buy a pirated book in my life even if it is sold for $0.4 and I want other people to join me in doing it. Also government should take it as a vital priority of checking pirated books in the market and most especially, schools should stand against using pirated books in their respective schools. I think with these measures, piracy will be curbed entirely in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa at large so that writers will start reaping the fruit of their pen.

Emenike: This is very fantastic. Your decision is great indeed; I wish the change will start from all writers. So tell us, who are your Mentors and/or Role Models as a Writer?
Chinedu: As far as writing career is concern, I have adored Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi as my role model. This is a woman, if I look at her achievements literary; I’m motivated to work hard. Other role models are Margaret Atwood, Late Pa Chinua Achebe, Nnedi Okorafor, Wole Soyinka, Chika Unigwe, Helon Habila, Chibundu Onuzo and few others remaining.

Chinedu 1

Emenike: Every writer has his or her own peculiarity that endears him or her to the audience. This is what we call Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in business. So, what do you think is your own unique selling proposition?
Chinedu: I have written books that every man must read before dying. My books are catchy and each page you open has a message to pass. They are very interesting that readers are aroused to turn the next page as they read from it. So I think, these are the charismas that made me a special writer to my fans.
Emenike: What ways do you intend to give back to the society – especially the less privileged? Most people I have interviewed on this blog told me about their foundations and some who have not started any prayed that one day they will. Are you also a party to this?
Chinedu: For now, I’m still contemplating something beneficial I will give back to the public.

Emenike: From your own philosophy about success, at what stage do you consider a Writer to be successful?
Chinedu: For me, a successful writer is one who sells one thousand copies of his/her book on daily basis **laughs**. When a writer has all he/she wants at call and beck, when a writer is so famous that people would wish to see him or her flesh and blood. For me, this is the way I see a successful writer.

Emenike: What ways do you intend to get your books to the market, especially this powerful one “NOW I KNOW”?
Chinedu: My intellectual materials are already in the digital print (ebook) as published by Kingstar Digital Publishing but for fast accessibility you can buy it online at the following online stores using these links; Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and noble, Apple iBookstore etc

Emenike: What marketing strategy earns you your highest level of income as an established Author?
Chinedu: Well, like I told you earlier, my biggest motivation as a writer is not in how much it earns me but how many lives I can touch through it. So, I have not been careful to observe which of the strategies I have applied in the past and still applying earns me my highest return but so far so good, my marketing strategies have always been effective.

Emenike: What’s your advice for young people who may want to become very great in life?
Chinedu: My advice for young people who may want to become very great in life is that they should not allow their dream for greatness to die in vain. They should also not allow their present condition to weigh their dreams down. Most especially, they should not talk about their greatness on their lips but they should work it out so that people will talk about it. They should also believe and trust in God always because He is the maker of man. Lastly, whoever that wants to be great have 100% chance of becoming great.

Emenike: From the way you’ve sounded I can see a great height of sincerity in your eyes in helping young people realise their destiny like you’ve done yours in the field of writing. So tell us, for some hours now I have been with you, what can you tell the world about Emenike Emmanuel, the Founder and CEO of Emchis Consulting?
Chinedu: Emenike Emmanuel is such a person that has a great vision and not only having this vision to be great but, he is focused, hardworking, enduring in actualizing the vision. I must confess that being with him for some hours now, I see a person that is going somewhere beyond man’s imagination and in no distant time to come, the world will experience the emergence of a world changer and the world changer is no other person than EMENIKE EMMANUEL!

Emenike: What ways do you think we can go in raising the bar of excellence in this blog so that Emchis Consulting will become the most visited blog in the world?
Chinedu: To raise the bar of excellence of this blog, Emchis Consulting, you should maintain frequent online presence, post valuable facts and most especially, rub minds together with some other professional bloggers in the world.

FACEBOOK PAGE: Okoro Chinedu Vincent
TWITTER: @Okorochinedu2
GOOGLE + : Okoro Chinedu Vincent
LinkedIn: Okoro Chinedu Vincent

You read some of his favourite quotes here.

Top Ways to Becoming More Productive in the Work Place

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The difference between men of activity and men of productivity is in the
measure of jobs left undone after the day was over.

The inspiration to write this article came while I was walking down to
the office in the morning. I pondered over it then and said to myself;
“Boy! Let’s see how productive you will be today.” The bitter truth is
that they are days so disgusting that we end up wet and weak yet not
accomplishing much. But can I tell you that it isn’t natural… That is
to mean; you can either choose to be productive or not.

One of the key factors I have observed that distinguish the Rich from
the Poor is that the Rich are men of productivity while the Poor are men
of activity. In the neutral sense of it there’s nothing wrong with
activity but how come it has always stopped the average man from ever
becoming as wealthy as he wanted?

I didn’t bore myself today by setting unrealistic goals, I was straight
and simple to set three goals which I insisted to see I did finish it
before coming back. I had in my To-do-list a proposal to compose for my
Motivational Business Series among others and I’m glad I did today.
That’s what it means to be productive.

What are the benefits for being productive?

Being productive is the best thing anyone can do. When you are
productive as a subordinate you manifest the result of law of
attraction. It makes you a favourite staff, a reliable boss and most
importantly, the spotlight will always be on you. People tend to run to
you each time a work is required to be done fast and in good condition.

Having watered your mind to find or increase your interest in being
productive, I think the time is right to disclose to you the 6 Ways to
Become Productive.

Let’s get down on them so that we could do something else.

1. Recognize God

Of course this is not a religious sermon but whatever we do in this life
without God is prone to fail. God may not be asking you to let Him do
the job but you must recognize His Sovereignty and Supremacy.

“Our service to God is not to provoke His blessings but to fulfill His
purpose for creating us.”
~ Anya Oko

See God as the first.

2. Focus on your strength

One of the reasons why most Entrepreneurs find it difficult to be
productive is because they start business in fields or industries they
have no passion and thus strength in.

How can one discover his strength?

To find the area of your strength discover the area of your true
passion. And how can you find this area of your passion? Ask yourself of
things you can willingly do without asking for a pay check.

Any time you stop focusing on your strength you are bound to be very
unproductive. So, to become productive, focus on your strength.

3. Don’t sabotage yourself

So many people are the root cause of their problems. They intentionally
sell themselves to their enemies through their characters.

Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t be your own enemy.

4. Learn to work as a team

Be a team player. After you’ve learnt every other thing you must learn
to work with a group. Don’t always believe you can achieve much going

5. Learn to delegate responsibility

You can’t be everywhere at the same time and you can’t do everything all
alone. You’ve got to let others mind the next post while you focus on
someting else.

6. Be yourself

Don’t fake who you are not. Be original! Understand your limit.

Productivity is all it takes to be productive. Like begat like. The more
productive you become, the more likely you will get the opportunity to
be more productive.

Do you know of someone who wants to be more productive? Share this
article with them or feature it in your blog.
Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.