How to Raise Money For Your Business Start up

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How to Raise Money For Your Business Start-up

Do you have a profitable idea, a viable business plan or a qualitative feasibility study but do not have the capital to jump-start your business – I mean the business purported to transform your life for a lifetime? Okay! What would you think if I tell you that raising money for your business startup is as easy as the air we breathe? Would you believe that? I know you might doubt it but before the end of this article I’m optimistic that your doubts will no longer be there. In this article I will show you strategies that helped me raise money to publish my first book, buy my first personal computer and of course support my education in the tertiary institution. A few of the things I mentioned is to tell you how real these strategies of raising money for your business are. Oh! Did I forget to tell you that the money needed to furnish this blog, design and of course print my business card also came from these strategies? These strategies are what self-made millionaires first started with.

These strategies of raising money for your business startup have not only worked for me but also to as many as that have followed my daily teachings on facebook. Recently one of my facebook friends who is also a consultant asked me for permission to borrow some of my strategies so that he could share it in his upcoming Business Class, which I obliged. That’s to tell you that what I am here to teach you on this blog are not one of those theories no one has ever practiced but true key points thousands of people pay to listen to in a Business Summits.

More often than none, people have narrowed their mind to borrowing to start up a business which I regard as the poorest method of a man’s thinking. Successful and practicing businessmen will never suggest that you collect a loan to start up a business – even your worst enemy can’t ask you to do that. This is because most people who failed from the top of their entrepreneurial life to get grounded all had their business capitals as loans with interest they could not pay at the long run. The principle is; “stay self-funded as much as possible.” Never take a loan to start up a business, and if you must collect, make sure the interest rate is as low as possible.
How to Raise Money For Your Business Start Up
To raise money for your business start up, here are few things you must do;

1. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you
2. Conserve more time than you use to. Only few would-be entrepreneurs know that Time is Money. In that case, don’t spend time otherwise you will never have it back instead invest it.
3. Work for a salary/wages
4. Get a part-time job
5. Begin a home-based business as another stream of income
6. Use salary advance for your start up if you are already employed
7. Raise your bar of excellence in the area of financial discipline
8. If you have a viable business plan and a well articulated and comprehensive feasibility study go for loan but be sure it has a low interest rate.

When you generate more income from any of the above strategies I stated above, begin by implementing it right away and you will see yourself flying on the wings of success.

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