How Thinking ‘SERVICE’ Makes You Rich

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How Thinking ‘SERVICE’ Makes You Rich

I n my previous post I told us How Thinking Money Makes You Poor, and today in this post I want to show you how thinking service can make you rich. So, do you really want to be rich or you are satisfied wishing it? Wishes don’t make people rich, instead, action does. And that action is this service I am about to show you. Once again I ask you, do you want to be rich? As if I don’t know – who doesn’t want to be rich? Of course everyone does but the poor can never be totally eliminated. This post today if rightly applied can add a dollar to your account. By this I mean to say that if you discover an area to serve, people will willingly pay you for it.

Jim Rohn, the American Business Philosopher said something from the Bible that amazed me. He said; “Service to many leads to great.” This is exemplified in the number of people that followed the ministry of Jesus Christ. Even after many have read this, some of them still undermine the power of service. Service, no doubt is the only channel through which we pay our rent here on earth and it is still the only reason for which money can leave your hand into mine and that of others. None can ever be rich by thinking money. Most times we are beclouded with this fantasy about money that thinking money, money, money will make us have it. Wake up my dear, the rich has always sought for a means to serve the poor, yet the poor still wonder why the rich are getting richer. Can’t you see they are ones serving you despite how rich they are? The day they get tired of serving you they are FIRED.

Experts have told us that 80 percent of the money generated in the world is controlled by 20 percent of the world population. And from the last time I checked, this twenty percent offer the greatest and most widely used services.

No matter how long you continue to think about money you may never have it. My own case was a glaring one. As much as I thought about money, I lacked the money even more. I never knew I was empowering my mind to work against my success. This is the case of most entrepreneurs today but thank God for this article that has come to change us; the way we think and the things we think on. Steve Jobs sought for a way to make computer more portable and digitalised so as to serve us better he built Apple computer. and the money came. Bill Gates sought for a way to simplify issues especially during calculation so as to serve the world better he gave us Microsoft and the money came. Richard Branson sought for a way to make travels in the air more convenient so that people can get value for their money and he gave us Virgin Airways. Aliko Dangote, the great man of the African community sought for a way to serve Africans better he gave us Dangote Group of companies that have continued to cater for our Cement, Salt, Sugar, Flour, Juice and Pasta needs and the money came. Okay, what of Mike Adenuga?- The giant man of Telecommunication in Africa. His decision to serve his people was his propelling force to compete favourably with MTN in a market that was already taken. Anyone that ever became rich had a way he served.

Before I finally drop my pen let me ask again, Are You Ready to Be Rich? If you are, then you should be thinking of new ways to serve your generation. There has never been any other better way of becoming rich than through service. Thinking Service Can Make You Rich if you know how to think it.
Thank and God bless you.

Emenike Emmanuel
Business Consultant l Motivational Speaker l Entrepreneur

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