My Weekend Discovery of Crawling Businesses

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How to Stop Your Business From Crawling

I moved round the city yesterday to observe good number of companies and industries that have been in business for over 5 years and my discoveries were so amazing. Two of the last places I visited were a boutique along Mosque Street by Hospital Road and a Photograph/Video studio along Cameroun Road by Ube Street (all in Aba, Nigeria). The looks on the faces of the two owners of these businesses proved how frustrated they were.

When I threw few of my sampling techniques of identifying businesses that are crawling or that may likely crawl, I came to realise how far these businesses were behind the modern technology. Like the photograph studio I made mention of visiting, they were over 5 years behind where the technology is today. When others, I mean their competitors have gone into the use of digital cameras and computer system for professional editing they were still busy with their mechanical/analogue approach. Come to think of the signpost (an arrow indicating where their business is and what they had the capacity to offer) they had, it was mocking. I know that no reasonable person in his right senses will like to do business with such companies. The signposts are so unfriendly that it can send a potential customer on flight at the first sight.

However, something can still be done to revive those businesses and in few moments from now, I will be offering my solution if well implemented will help them bounce back to life and thus regain their customers’ loyalty and confidence.

So, is your business or that of someone you know experiencing any of those setbacks I cited above from my weekend discoveries? Here are things you must do to stop your business from crawling again.
How to Stop Your Business from Ever Crawling Again

1. Be observant of where the technology is at the moment

Customers will consider it an insult on their persons if they discover you sold to them an old tech with the current price tag. If they were so quite to reserve their comments bear it in mind they will never return again. Get to know what is in vogue at the moment that your customers may likely want. Spice those things into your services and you will continually land more prospects and of course returning customers too.

2. If possible, don’t let the world around you develop faster than you

To remain relevant both to your customers and in your industry you must develop alongside the technology. When your competitors are beginning to use computerized doors, join them. When they are beginning to use digital facilities, join them. And if you can, take the lead but in a situation you are not creative enough you can learn to follow well by incorporating two or three new technologies of your competitors. Don’t let the technology develop faster than you otherwise your competitors will push you out of the industry.

3. Look for one new technology you can invent

No matter how uncreative you think you are, there’s always a new thing you can do. There’s always a new technology you can embrace. What drag customers into your business most times for the first time might not be the wonderful referrals but the outlook of your business. Like I made mention of the ugly signpost I saw, what does yours look like? How creative is it? If you are to be the customer will you make a choice to go ahead with the purchase after sitting the signpost? I leave it to you to judge.

4. Always check out what your competitors are doing

This point looks similar to the one discussed above but here I want to cite something different. This point is for those who are afraid to take risk. The easiest way to avoid uncalculated risk is to watch your competitors more closely than they can ever watch themselves. For every action they took for the first 6 months watch out to see what the reactions of customers were. Don’t be in a haste to copy otherwise you might be copying a gambled decision of the business owners. Watch before you leap but don’t die watching. Copy professionally.

5. Ask relevant questions concerning your business

Most business owners are so carried away by the rigours and fantasy of business that they no longer care to ask people how they business is, what people think about them and how they can get better. Although asking question is necessary but not everyone is qualify to be asked. People like your competitors and novice are not worth asking.

6. Come for mentorship
Yes. I have been helping you all through my articles on a distant level but now I’m offering you an opportunity to present yourself and your business for mentorship on a closer relationship. It was for this course that I established Emchis Financial Empowerment Summit (EFES). It is on this platform that you ask me all sorts of questions relating to your business and career and you will receive instant reply within 24 hours. It is a group on FACEBOOK. Just Search for Emchis Financial Empowerment Summit (EFES) and you will find it. You can also like my page –


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