The Young Man Who Rose From Detention to Distinction (Interview with Onyi Anyado)

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The Young Man Who Rose From Detention to Distinction
(Interview with Onyi Anyado)

Onyi Anyado

Emchis Consulting is the Business Development segment of Emchis Motivational Network saddled with the responsibility to write good and inspiring motivational cum business articles in a way of advise our audience on what works best and those that don’t.

In Emchis Consulting and Emchis Financial Empowerment Summit (EFES) it is my responsibility to bring you good business advice which will help you become an entrepreneur of distinction. So to help you gain insight and inspiration from people from diverse backgrounds, I have decided to interview men and women of noble character, people who have achieved success and are already established as entrepreneurs of distinction.

In today’s post, I will be sharing an interview with Onyi Anyado, a UK based Nigerian who have risen from the mean streets of East London to becoming a reference point of excellence to his generation. In his opinion, Onyi refers his life story as; From Detention to Distinction. Onyi is a double award-winning Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and Life Coach.

Without further delay, allow me to introduce Onyi Anyado.

Emmanuel: Onyi, can you please tell us about yourself?
Anyado: My name is Onyi Anyado and I was born and raised in Hackney, East London. Unfortunately, my father left at an early age so my mother raised myself and my sister by herself. Thankfully, my Father and I reunited after 25 years on Fathers Day 2012. After turning my life around, I am the founder of Onyi Anyado Media House and B1 Coaching who specialises in leadership development, entrepreneurship and youth impact coaching. Here in the UK, via schools, colleges, seminars, workshop and conferences, I equip, train, challenge and inspire and empower people on how to become students, leaders or entrepreneurs of distinction. I’m also delivering Life Coaching workshops to universities across the UK titled: Your Time Is Now: How To Become a Student of Distinction™.

Emmanuel: Of all the careers you mentioned, what did you first start off with and how far have you come?
Anyado: My career started of as a Life Coach then progressed to writing books and speaking. I’ve come very far from hosting monthly Life Coaching workshops in Stratford, East London.

Emmanuel: To me, I will say you are really an epitome of success going by the quality of your second book titled; The Doorway to Distinction. We always hear that success is relative, in your own words, what do you describe success as?
Anyado: In my opinion, as an entrepreneur, success is achieving a vision which brings you and those you’re connected with into new realms of possibilities, promotion and productivity.

Emmanuel: I know of you to be a good writer who has self-published books but for the sake of our audience, can you please tell us how many books you have published?
Anyado: I’ve written eight books and self-published two, titled: Hitting The Target: A 12 Month Guide To Distinction and The Doorway To Distinction: 200 Quotes To Inspire You To Reach New Levels Of Excellence.

Emmanuel: What was your biggest challenge whilst starting your career as a writer?
Anyado: In 2010, my biggest challenge as a new writer was not having any money or a laptop to write my first book. I ended up going to about eight different Internet cafes to use their services but after being turned down, I finally found one to use and progressed with my vision. So my biggest challenge at the time was the lack of finances.

Emmanuel: You always talk and write; From Detention to Distinction; can you tell us how you came about this title?
Anyado: Yes, From Detention to Distinction is my life journey from prison to the palace, so to say. Also, it’s the title of my TEDx talk I delivered in November 2013.

Emmanuel: How do you measure your worth when it comes to charging clients?
Anyado: My worth is measured by my expertise, experience, passion, innovation and thought leadership I bring to the industry.

Emmanuel: Which of the platforms you have spoken on do you consider as your biggest platform so far?
Anyado: I have spoken in schools, universities, conferences, Churches, seminars and workshop but for me, my biggest platform thus far was when I spoke at a TEDx event

Emmanuel: As a speaker and author, what are you trying to achieve and why did you choose both as a career?
Anyado: As a speaker and author, I am teaching, equipping, challenging and inspiring the listener and reader to become distinguished in their chosen field. I now realise it was in my calling to become a speaker and author so it wasn’t a choice, it was destiny.

Emmanuel: Are your books in the open in the Nigerian market?
Anyado: Yes, my books can be purchased via Amazon and we will be putting some plans to make my books more accessible across Nigeria and really Africa too.

Emmanuel: What do you like doing outside your professional careers?
Anyado: I love to read, relax and laugh.

Emmanuel: What has been your biggest motivation? Who inspires you the most?
Anyado: Great question, my biggest motivation has and is still people become distinguished from my teaching and vision. In regards to books, my biggest inspiration is my Pastor, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo who has written over 85 books. Truly, my biggest motivation is me, every time I wake up, look in the mirror and every time I close my eyes, I realise I have no choice but to be my biggest inspiration.

Emmanuel: Who do you consider as your most inspiring mentor?
Anyado: I have a few; Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and Richard Branson are two mentors who inspire me.

Emmanuel: What extra efforts outside of your daily activities have you put in to be where you are today?
Anyado: I would say, seeing what others don’t see, speaking what others don’t speak and constantly raising the bar of excellence.

Emmanuel: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Anyado: In 5 years, it will be the 2019 and I see myself in 2025.

Emmanuel: People always have things if given an opportunity they wouldn’t do again, if you could turn back time, what would you do again?
Anyado: Seeing as I can’t turn back time, I can only use my mistakes as a point of reference not to do the same thing again, after all, wisdom is the principal thing.

Emmanuel: In this blog, Emchis Consulting, most of our followers are either public speakers or they wish to become one in the future. I think they won’t forgive me if they don’t get to know about your speaking profession.
Anyado: In regards to my speaking profession, I recommend every speaker or potential speaker to go to YouTube type in Onyi Anyado Media House then subscribe and watch my videos. The teaching on view is a tool for all speakers and potential speakers.

Emmanuel: Onyi, can you please tell us about your successes in the speaking industry?
Anyado: As a speaker, I received two awards in one night and humbly I’m recognised as one of the top emerging speakers in the UK.

Emmanuel: How will you consider the journey so far?
Anyado: Awesome

Emmanuel: What was the biggest mistake you have ever made on stage and how did you correct it?
Anyado: This one is a funny one. Once I was speaking on stage and forget to switch off my phone. It rang but thankfully I pretended it was part of my presentation.

Emmanuel: Comparing the speaking industry in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom, are there any major differences? If yes, what are they?
Anyado: One thing I’ve noticed about the speaking industry in Nigeria is many, not all but many like title; i.e, Nigeria’s top leadership, peak performance, empowerment coach or Nigeria’s No. 1 motivational, entrepreneur life coach. The sad thing about things like this is, most speakers have a poor website or even worse, no website at all. Here in the UK, many speakers are now realising the necessity of having an excellent website.

Emmanuel: Where do you see the speaking industry in Nigeria in the next 10 years?
Anyado: I see the speaking industry in Nigeria excelling and many speakers using the teaching from Onyi Anyado Media House as a reference point.

Emmanuel: As a young man, a leader and pacesetter who has achieved huge success in such a small space of time, what advice do you have for our audience who are also hoping to become distinguished?
Anyado: My advice is, start small, think global, build a great online presence, have a diversified network, become innovative, raise the bar of excellence and never give up on your visions and dreams.

Emmanuel: What advice do you have for Emchis Consulting?
Anyado: My advice to Emchis Consulting is, start small, think global, build a great online presence, have a diversified network, become innovative, raise the bar of excellence and never give up on your vision and dreams.

Emmanuel: Sir, within the few minutes we have spent together, what can you tell the world about Emenike Emmanuel?
Anyado: Watch out for Emenike Emmanuel, he is going places.

To connect with our guest, Onyi Anyado visit the following online contacts
Twitter: Onyianyado777
Onyi Anyado Media House TV:

I hope you enjoyed your time through this interview with our guest, Onyi Anyado. The next to be interviewed on this great platform could be you – just keep working hard, like Onyi said, continue to “raise the bar of excellence and never give up on your vision and dreams.”


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