A Moment with David Okorie – The Brain Behind “Rise Up Africa.”

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A Moment with David Okorie – The Brain Behind “Rise Up Africa.”

Recently I was privileged to spend some time with David Okorie popularly known as Davebond Okorie in Aba Abia State Nigeria. The issues we discussed were very vast. In fact, time could not allow us exhaust every bit of ideas we needed to work on that very day because Davebond was rushing for an appointment where he was to be speaking to a cross-section of young people and I was also busy, trying to catch up with clients who were waiting for their goods to be delivered.

The Brain behind Rise Up Africa
The Brain behind Rise Up Africa

I asked him several questions as much as my curiosity was able to gather and the answers he gave were very fantastic.

The young and talented speaker and writer, David Okorie hails from Abia State Nigeria. He did his primary and secondary school in Abia State before he travelled to Benin Republique where the passion to write came on him which I think prompted him to gain immediate admission into the great Lagos State University where he’s studying Social Psychology.

While I wondered how he has achieved such a level of success at this a young age, I asked him; “when did you start this writing career of yours?” David said; “I started in 2010 and by December that same year, I published my first book.” “Wow! You are so amazing…” I exclaimed.

Still curious to know David better, I asked him what his perception of ‘success’ was – and without any delay, his response was so fantastic again. He said; “I see success as a fulfillment of destiny. You don’t pass through it until you are through here on earth. Success is like a ladder that has no end. It keeps evolving and it is a School that gives us no certificate.” His philosophy about success kept me thinking. By his response on this I was in no doubt that this is a great man that is going somewhere.

Rise Up Africa
Rise Up Africa

When asked what his biggest challenge is as a Writer, he said; “my biggest challenge as a writer here in Nigeria is the structure of our marketing system. The marketing system for authors in Nigeria is not easy. It makes one struggle so much to get his products across to the people. But all these notwithstanding, I still stick out my ideas via my many intellectual properties by going for Book Concerts, presenting public lectures in Schools and organising Book Tours in Tertiary Institutions across Africa.”

Referring back to one of his books, “Rise Up Africa” where he made a serious emphasis on youths being resourceful rather than stay indoors asking for resources, I asked him; “Dave, what’s the difference between resourcefulness and resources.” He started by saying that nobody has ever stumbled into blessing without the capacity to carry it. People who are resourceful don’t need money to be successful – in most cases; all they just need is just a paper, pen and an idea. Anyone who is meaningful will like to have something to do with a youth who is resourceful.” He went further to say that youths should be hardworking, they should believe in what they have and should be determined enough to burn down every limits of resistance. David said resourcefulness is all about what you have done. That is what stands before anyone you are hoping will invest in your business as a monument of your achievement. It tells them whether you are worth investing on or not.

When asked what he plans to achieve as an author and why he chose writing as a career, David Okorie said; “I don’t write for the purpose of showing up. I am not even writing because I can construct words. I write because I want to change the mindset of people. I write because I want to preserve history and I also write because I want to give people new strategy that worked for me.”

David said; “He didn’t give me sword to parade my strength in a battle formation but he gave me pen so that through written words I can stir the sleeping power in men so that they can reach greatness.”

From what he told me, he said beyond the good books and people around him that inspires him, two outstanding things were paramount, which were his ‘Personal Experience and Life Experiment’, not poverty, not money either. Coming to the area of his motivation, he said his biggest motivation in life was his ‘purpose.’ Dave said; “when I look at where I am and where I want to be, I discover I have not done much so I put up more faith and face life.” He went further to quote that “every morning in Africa, a Gazelle wakes up and it knows it must run faster than the fastest Lion or get killed. In the other hand, the Lion also wakes up and it knows it must run faster than the fastest Gazelle or it gets starved.”

I teased him by asking him what his biggest regret was but I was surprise at what he told me. He said; “I have no regret. I believe regret is a product of bad decision which I don’t do.” He believes the scriptures that said that all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to God’s divine purpose.

In the next 5 years, David Okorie aims to be slimmer, smarter, married, more spiritually mature to raise spiritual leaders, and he hopes to be working with Presidents, Senators, and People that make things happen through his several social events. He rounded it up by saying that he hopes to live the next 5 years as if it was another 25 years.

David Okorie is a young man who has a dream and he is living it. We look forward into the future where the next biggest Supermarket in Africa will be owned by Davebond.


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