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I came to realise that my decision today has a lot to contribute in making sure I am where I wish to be in the next 5 years. I also came to realise that before I am 30 years of age, there are levels of success I should have achieved. These things as I will be sharing with you here in today’s post has always being the drive behind every of my undertakings. These 30 Things are the basis why I do what I do. Each time I wake up in the night I stare at them, imagine their possibilities, identify the hidden risks and sacrifices attached to them and of course raise my faith to raise my bar of excellence.

I wouldn’t know if you have ever taken time to chart the course of your life in the next 5 years or 10 years. It is true it might look late but indeed it is never too late to start neither is it too late to win. If you can stand up in your mind today, look over the walls of limitations, you will realise that great heaps of opportunities has been waiting for you to explore.
One thing I am requesting of you today is that you allow these 30 Things that have always given me sleepless night because I want to achieve them before 30 to inspire you.

As I write this, I am not afraid neither am I in doubt if what I have planned to achieve before 30 will be mine or not. I am just over 100 percent sure I will achieve these things.
Now, without further delay, let me show you those 30 Things I Must Do Before I am 30.

1. Before 30, I must have known God better than I have ever done before
2. Before 30, I must have read my Bible cover to cover at least twice
3. Before 30 I must have become a Millionaire in dollars
4. Before 30 I must have published more than 5 books and several editions of my magazine
5. Before I am 30 I must have built the most visited business blog in Africa and by 40 I will beat the world record
6. Before I am 30 I must have had not less than 10 people in my payroll
7. Before I am 30 I must have built a Wisdom/Leadership Institute in Nigeria
8. Before I am 30 I must have had my MBA in Lagos Business School and Harvard Business School
9. Before I am 30 I must have been married
10. Before I am 30 I must have sponsored missionary work in several countries around the world
11. Before I am 30 I must sponsored not less than 5 persons on scholarship
12. Before I am 30 I must have been driving my third car and given out several cars
13. Before I am 30 I must dined with Presidents, Governors, Mayors and Senators
14. Before I am 30 I must have spoken on great platforms like TEDx and many others
15. Before I am 30 I must have been registered in National Speakers Association
16. Before I am 30 I must published more than 100 interviews of great personalities (including billionaires) in my blog.
17. Before I am 30 I must have co-authored a book with my Dad, Rev E. Emenike
18. Before I am 30 I must have positively impacted lives like no other
19. Before I am 30 I must have shared speaking platforms with some of my mentors and role models like Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Fela Durotoye and many others
20. Before I am 30 I must have visited Israel on Pilgrimage
21. Before I am 30 I must have planted at least one Church
22. Before I am 30 I must have stopped working for money and started making money work for me
23. Before I am 30 I must have had over 10 solid channels of generating income
24. Before I am 30 I must have displaced the popularly known Footballer by name Emenike Emmanuel on the search engine, such that when you type Emenike Emmanuel again all you will see is mine before him
25. Before I am 30 I must have been actively involved in Nigerian politics
26. Before I am 30 one of my books must have made it to the New York Times Bestseller
27. Before I am 30 I must have read over 200 business books
28. Before I am 30 I must have over 10,000 articles written by me, with over 50,000 bloggers following my blog and over 100,000 likes on facebook and a regular seminar hosting capacity of over 10,000
29. By 30, I must have achieved a whole lot of things as though I am in my fifties
30. Before I am 30 I can be sure I have lived my life so far just being a blessing to you. Yes. I mean YOU.

What do you think about them? Do you believe these things are possible? Do you have a similar goal or are you still waiting to meet life unprepared? I urge you think big. Dream big. And dare big things. You are meant to be up not down. I believe you can, so don’t proof me wrong. Cheers…


5 Lessons I Learnt From the Transaction between Facebook and WhatsApp

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5 Lessons I Learnt From the Transaction between Facebook and WhatsApp
On Wednesday 19th February, 2014 we got a breaking news that Facebook owned by Mark Zuckerberg has not only concluded agreement to buy WhatsApp founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton for Nineteen Billion Dollars but that he has fully paid for it both in cash and in shares.

This news got me thinking but I am grateful my thoughts didn’t end without some lessons to learn which I am about to share with you in this post.

These five lessons are so critical and greatness-provoking that if you can look deep into it well enough, it can spark off the lying giant in you to take action.

Before I proceed, let me tell you brief info about WhatsApp and Facebook. Facebook started 10 years ago and WhatsApp 5 years ago. Facebook has 1.2 billion registered members and WhatsApp 450 million registered members with over 1 million people registering every day..

Top 5 Lessons to learn from the transaction between WhatsApp and Facebook

1. Don’t let your background limit you from maximizing the hidden potentials in you.
Everyone has got a background. Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp had his own background – in fact an ugly one to mention. Jan Koum had to be employed as a Grocery store sweeper in order to assist his mother cater for the family, but it never limited him from becoming a self-made billionaire today. According Forbes release Jan Koum is now worth over 6.8 billion dollars.

2. Don’t let your employer limit you from becoming an entrepreneur.
Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp worked with Yahoo as the Vice President of the Engineering department before leaving Yahoo as a job seeker. He applied for a job to work with Facebook in 2009 but was rejected. Look at what Brian Acton tweeted; “Facebook turned me down. It was a great opportunity to connect with some fantastic people. Looking forward to life’s next adventure.”
Despite being rejected by Facebook, he never rejected himself instead; he called out the creative power within to initiate a process Facebook was over-willing to buy even if they lose.
3. Starting your own business today could be the wisest decision you will ever make in a lifetime in the next 5 to 10 years to come.
Robert Kiyosaki was right when he said that becoming a business owner is the easiest means to becoming and staying wealthy in life. Who would have accepted to pay his employee to become a Billionaire which Brian Acton and Jan Koum are today? Definitely nobody in his right frame of mind can do that. Research has shown that no employer pays you to be rich. I know you can’t doubt that.

If Brian Acton had continued carrying his files about in search of a new job after leaving Yahoo, he wouldn’t have become $3 billion richer today.

Now you have got the experience and the expertise, what is then hindering you from becoming an Entrepreneur of distinction? Don’t forget you will always lose 100 percent of the shot you never made.

4. When making negotiation make sure you won’t lose in the long run.
The negotiation to buy WhatsApp started in 2012 but being a wise man Jan Koum was, he never accepted the offer he was made. Google offered to buy WhatsApp for $10 billion but Jan Koum refused not because WhatsApp was really worth 10 billion dollars but because he knows his own worth. He knew he’s worth more than that. So when Facebook finally came up with their $19 Billion bids, Koum jumped at it. Today, that has made him a fortune.

When negotiating a contract, make sure you aren’t losing. Don’t panic about pricing. Believe in who you are and what you have. If you can position yourself well enough, buyers will only see greatness, opportunities and strengths in you and your products and services – they will never get to see the threats.

5. Don’t sell or merge because you are frustrated. Do it because you’ve got something to gain.
When making deals, make sure you aren’t making it because you are frustrated or because you are afraid of competition. Make it clear to your buyer that you are ready to face any form of competition in case he decides to start a similar business.

I am of the believe that Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook inc. decided to buy WhatsApp at such an exorbitant price because he was afraid of the threat WhatsApp was posing to his business. **Apologies** There’s no doubt the biggest competitor of Facebook in the last one year was WhatsApp.

If WhatsApp will continue at this growth rate, definitely they will surpass Facebook in the nearest future and I guess it was the fear of having such a relentless competitor that made Facebook accept to pay Jan Koum and Brian Acton such amount of money.

However, whether WhatsApp will make Mark Zuckerberg richer than he is today, I don’t know but I still see this as a big risk which will either pay off in future or may not. Whatever that happens, we are watching and I wish my Billionaire Mentor, Mark Zuckerberg the very best. He has always remained the biggest inspiration to any young person that wants to become a Billionaire before 30.

Interview with Peter LaPorta – A one time Leader of Walt Disney and Founder of ‘The Peter LaPorta Show’

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Interview with Peter LaPorta – A one time Leader of Walt Disney and Founder of ‘The Peter LaPorta Show’

Keynote Speaker and Radio Host
My name is Emenike Emmanuel, the founder and Executive Director of Emchis Consulting, the Business Development segment of Emchis Motivational Network with the responsibility to bring you the best business and career advice that will help to make you an Entrepreneur of distinction.

Today I’m hanging out with one of my senior friends in the speaking profession by name Peter A. LaPorta – a bestselling author, a Business consultant, a one time leader of one of the world’s biggest company that have exceeded its first generation by name Walt Disney, the founder and radio host of The Peter LaPorta Show, and a gifted keynote speaker.

In this interview I took time to ask my guest, Peter LaPorta series of questions, ranging from his professional profile down to his lifestyle and his dreams and expectations for the future – and the replies he gave me was so fantastic which I’d love to share with you.

In appreciation to my interview of him, he promised to feature not only me in his radio show but also my blog – Emchis Consulting.

Emenike: Sir, can you please tell us a brief info about yourself and your background?
LaPorta: My name is Peter LaPorta. I have been a leader for over thirty years and have led some of the top companies in the world, namely Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. I am a four time bestselling author with my first book, Ignite the Passion, being named by Amazon as being one of the top 20 books in print on motivational leadership. My fifth book, Adventures in Leadership was just released. I am also a keynote speaker, seminar host and business consultant. I founded and own LaPorta Enterprises and host my own radio show entitled The Peter LaPorta Show.

Emenike: Of all careers you mentioned, when did you start and how far have you gone?
LaPorta: My first management job was in 1984 and as mentioned has taken my leadership far. My first book came out in 2003 and I have been on the best sellers list four times. I started giving speeches in 2004 and have given keynotes all over the globe. My radio show started in 2012.

Emenike: In your own philosophy, when do you consider someone to be successful?
LaPorta: You are successful if you can spend your days doing exactly what makes you happy. It has nothing to do with wealth or position. If you love to wash dishes, then be a dishwasher. If you love to write books or play music, you are a success if you can do those things and still keep a roof over your head.

Emenike: What was your biggest challenge when you began your career newly as a Writer and a Speaker?
LaPorta: I never set out to be a writer or speaker. They kind of flowed together. In social settings, I would always tell stories about my years in leadership. People started to tell me to write them down, so I did. A few pages turned into a lot of pages and soon I was writing a book. Once my first book came out, people would ask me to speak about it to their group and my speaking career began. Once, I wanted to make a career out of it, however, it was difficult to get out of the gate as people wanted references of places I had spoken and such.

Emenike: What are the things you wish to achieve both as a Writer and a Public Speaker? In other words, why did you finally settle for speaking and writing as a career?
LaPorta: In both writing and speaking, I have the same end result in mind. I want to touch people’s lives. I want them to come away from reading one of my books or seeing me speak with a changed outlook on life and the world. It is for this sole purpose that I continue to give Autism seminars around the world pro bono. I just want to raise awareness and touch lives.

Emenike: How do you measure your worth when it comes to charging clients?
LaPorta: You know, I always look to the audience. I do not have cookie cutter rates. I have spoken at meetings to a group of 5 and to huge convention centers to 5000. Since I want each person to take away a message, I gauge my fee on audience size.

Emenike: What was the biggest platform you’ve spoken on?
LaPorta: I think my largest audience size was close to 6000 people.
Emenike: How do you manage your career with taking care of a family seeing that from your profile so far that you are busy kind of person?
LaPorta: It’s not easy juggling the family and my business but in some ways it is better than you would expect. Since I try not to book more than one gig a week, I’m usually at home for 5 days and travel for two. That’s better than most business people can say.

Emenike: That’s fantastic. I know your family will love you for that. So are your books available for purchase in the open market?
LaPorta: Yes. My books are sold all over the world in the open market. You can access them through Amazon or any other major retailer.

Emenike: What is you like doing outside your professional career?
LaPorta: Hahahaha… Emenike, well besides writing and speaking, I love to do things with my family. We cruise often and travel a lot. Personally, I read a lot and have great passion in music.

Emenike: What’s your biggest motivation? What inspires you the most?
LaPorta: I think my biggest motivation is my family. I work hard to provide for them and make them proud of me. On the flip side of that, I had a death experience years ago and woke up to getting the last rights read to me. Since that day my motivation has been not to waste one moment of any day. I strive to be the best I can be and do as much as I can with my time here on Earth.

Emenike: Who do you consider as your most inspiring mentor?
LaPorta: I think my most inspiring mentor would have to be Walt Disney. He overcame so much to build his empire. He is a reminder to me daily that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Emenike: What extra effort outside your routine activities have you put in to be where you are today and what more do you think if you do now or continue doing will take you to that level of success you have always dreamt of?
Peter LaPorta

LaPorta: My extra effort is a non-stop marketing of myself. I don’t get sufficed with submitting bids and contacting planners. I shake hands and introduce myself to everyone. I pass out my business cards like candy. And I never skip a beat. This extra mile has eventually got me further.

Emenike: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
LaPorta: I see myself taking on more and more of the “big shows”. I want to headline more and have my name being top of mind as people are looking for speakers. That is where I would like to be in 5 years to come.

Emenike: Sir, this is a great goal but I know you’ve had several plans and charts in the past that didn’t really work out. So what’s it that has being your biggest regret if given an opportunity to correct today will gladden your heart?
LaPorta: Yes. That’s true but I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. My biggest regret is that I gave up my music career to be a businessman. However, if I had not given up that path, I would not have become a writer and speaker and I would not be able to touch lives around the world with my words. Now, I am not certain I would hit that replay button ever.

Emenike: Sir, like I told you earlier, here in Emchis Consulting it is my dream as the founder to bring to the world through the masterpiece of writing the best business and career advice that will make them entrepreneurs of notable profiles, and as it stands now I can’t be truly successful at that if people in my own field of pep talk (especially members of National Speakers Association) don’t get to know your speaking profile. Having said that, can you please tell us about your successes in this fast-evolving industry of speaking profession?
LaPorta: I have spoken to some amazing audiences over the years. Some of my favorites have been non-profits because they see a different value than the businesses or organizations I speak to. I recently had a great measure of success when I met a stranger at my kids new school. He said that he had seen me speak a couple years back in Orlando and it changed his life. To me, that is the greatest measure of a successful speaker.

Emenike: So how do you see the journey so far?
LaPorta: Well, the journey has been rough but rewarding. I love the rush right before going on stage. I love to travel and I love to meet new people. I think the speaking profession was made for me. I cherish it so much now.

Emenike: What was the biggest mistake you ever made on stage and how did you correct it?
LaPorta: The biggest mistake I made was a few years back. The mistake was that I let the client dictate to me an odd speaking time. The group had been in meetings since 8am. They finally had dinner and drinks at 8pm and they had me speak at 10pm. The group was sleeping before I took the stage. I had to jump into the audience and stand next to them to wake them up. Now, I always look at the other events of the day when I set up my time.

Emenike: Oh, I’m sorry about that. I can visualize how stressful such an environment will be to speak fluently, non-stop. I think I’m learning and I wouldn’t allow that happen to me but those challenges notwithstanding, where do you see the Speaking industry in the next 10 years?
LaPorta: I see a lot of the industry changing to online meetings and speeches. I hope this is a fad. There is nothing that can take the place of face to face interaction in a resort location. People always remember you from where they heard you. “Hey,I heard you in Vegas”. “Hey, I caught you in the Caymen Islands last year”. I hope that never changes but it may.

Emenike: That will be a great revolution. So as a world-class Leader, Business Consultant, a highly respected Keynote Speaker, a Motivator and a Pacesetter who has achieved such a huge success at this age, what advice do you have for our audience who are also hoping to make it big in their respective endeavours?

LaPorta: My best advice for young people is that they should not rush life. They should enjoy it; build up their own stories and their repertoire by experiencing life as it comes. I have discovered that people are in too much of a hurry to be rich and famous. I believe if they can become the best they can be it will pay off.

Emenike: Sir, before we wrap up this interview what advice do you have for this organisation of ours, Emchis Consulting?
LaPorta: Be firm in your consulting. I have seen many business consultants fail because they tell the client what they think they want to hear. Sometimes you have to stand firm and tell them their leadership, their organization, or their business plan is wrong.

Emenike: Sir, I am very glad you granted my request to be featured in this Business blog despite the fact that you are always busy with your numerous engagements. This is one of the greatest sacrifices you’ve paid to me and thousands of my numerous audiences. I promise never to forget it in a lifetime but before we go, some of my friends who might be coming across this interview in different countries of the world might want to know what you think about me. So in just a sentence, who do you tell the world Emenike Emmanuel is?
LaPorta: Emenike Emmanuel seems to be an excellent Speaker and Consultant. I’m hopeful the world will embrace talent soonest.

Would you like to connect with Peter A. LaPorta for any professional engagement? Please visit:
Peter A. LaPorta
Author, Leader, Speaker, Consultant

The next to be interviewed on this blog could you if only you can come up with an outstanding profile

10 Powerful Quotes That Can Stir Up The Giant Within You

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Do you wish to start performing at your
very peak? Do you wish to stir up the giant within you? Then this article is written specifically for you.

1. “When we fill and re-fill up a dream, God fulfills it. God’s part is
not to dream for us but to fulfill our dreams and our own part is to fulfill God’s dream for Him and never to dream for Him.” – Emenike

2. “Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

3. “Two roams diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

4. “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

5. “Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.” –
W. Clement Stone

6. “The past is a ghost, the future a dream. All we ever have is now.” – Bill Cosby

7. “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my
decisions.” – Stephen Covey

8. “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” – Charles Swindoll

9. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowliness, sail away from safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your
sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.” – Mark Twain

10. “Ask and it will be given to you, search, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.” – Jesus Christ

The Young Man Who Rose From Detention to Distinction (Interview with Onyi Anyado)

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The Young Man Who Rose From Detention to Distinction
(Interview with Onyi Anyado)

Onyi Anyado

Emchis Consulting is the Business Development segment of Emchis Motivational Network saddled with the responsibility to write good and inspiring motivational cum business articles in a way of advise our audience on what works best and those that don’t.

In Emchis Consulting and Emchis Financial Empowerment Summit (EFES) it is my responsibility to bring you good business advice which will help you become an entrepreneur of distinction. So to help you gain insight and inspiration from people from diverse backgrounds, I have decided to interview men and women of noble character, people who have achieved success and are already established as entrepreneurs of distinction.

In today’s post, I will be sharing an interview with Onyi Anyado, a UK based Nigerian who have risen from the mean streets of East London to becoming a reference point of excellence to his generation. In his opinion, Onyi refers his life story as; From Detention to Distinction. Onyi is a double award-winning Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and Life Coach.

Without further delay, allow me to introduce Onyi Anyado.

Emmanuel: Onyi, can you please tell us about yourself?
Anyado: My name is Onyi Anyado and I was born and raised in Hackney, East London. Unfortunately, my father left at an early age so my mother raised myself and my sister by herself. Thankfully, my Father and I reunited after 25 years on Fathers Day 2012. After turning my life around, I am the founder of Onyi Anyado Media House and B1 Coaching who specialises in leadership development, entrepreneurship and youth impact coaching. Here in the UK, via schools, colleges, seminars, workshop and conferences, I equip, train, challenge and inspire and empower people on how to become students, leaders or entrepreneurs of distinction. I’m also delivering Life Coaching workshops to universities across the UK titled: Your Time Is Now: How To Become a Student of Distinction™.

Emmanuel: Of all the careers you mentioned, what did you first start off with and how far have you come?
Anyado: My career started of as a Life Coach then progressed to writing books and speaking. I’ve come very far from hosting monthly Life Coaching workshops in Stratford, East London.

Emmanuel: To me, I will say you are really an epitome of success going by the quality of your second book titled; The Doorway to Distinction. We always hear that success is relative, in your own words, what do you describe success as?
Anyado: In my opinion, as an entrepreneur, success is achieving a vision which brings you and those you’re connected with into new realms of possibilities, promotion and productivity.

Emmanuel: I know of you to be a good writer who has self-published books but for the sake of our audience, can you please tell us how many books you have published?
Anyado: I’ve written eight books and self-published two, titled: Hitting The Target: A 12 Month Guide To Distinction and The Doorway To Distinction: 200 Quotes To Inspire You To Reach New Levels Of Excellence.

Emmanuel: What was your biggest challenge whilst starting your career as a writer?
Anyado: In 2010, my biggest challenge as a new writer was not having any money or a laptop to write my first book. I ended up going to about eight different Internet cafes to use their services but after being turned down, I finally found one to use and progressed with my vision. So my biggest challenge at the time was the lack of finances.

Emmanuel: You always talk and write; From Detention to Distinction; can you tell us how you came about this title?
Anyado: Yes, From Detention to Distinction is my life journey from prison to the palace, so to say. Also, it’s the title of my TEDx talk I delivered in November 2013.

Emmanuel: How do you measure your worth when it comes to charging clients?
Anyado: My worth is measured by my expertise, experience, passion, innovation and thought leadership I bring to the industry.

Emmanuel: Which of the platforms you have spoken on do you consider as your biggest platform so far?
Anyado: I have spoken in schools, universities, conferences, Churches, seminars and workshop but for me, my biggest platform thus far was when I spoke at a TEDx event

Emmanuel: As a speaker and author, what are you trying to achieve and why did you choose both as a career?
Anyado: As a speaker and author, I am teaching, equipping, challenging and inspiring the listener and reader to become distinguished in their chosen field. I now realise it was in my calling to become a speaker and author so it wasn’t a choice, it was destiny.

Emmanuel: Are your books in the open in the Nigerian market?
Anyado: Yes, my books can be purchased via Amazon and we will be putting some plans to make my books more accessible across Nigeria and really Africa too.

Emmanuel: What do you like doing outside your professional careers?
Anyado: I love to read, relax and laugh.

Emmanuel: What has been your biggest motivation? Who inspires you the most?
Anyado: Great question, my biggest motivation has and is still people become distinguished from my teaching and vision. In regards to books, my biggest inspiration is my Pastor, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo who has written over 85 books. Truly, my biggest motivation is me, every time I wake up, look in the mirror and every time I close my eyes, I realise I have no choice but to be my biggest inspiration.

Emmanuel: Who do you consider as your most inspiring mentor?
Anyado: I have a few; Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and Richard Branson are two mentors who inspire me.

Emmanuel: What extra efforts outside of your daily activities have you put in to be where you are today?
Anyado: I would say, seeing what others don’t see, speaking what others don’t speak and constantly raising the bar of excellence.

Emmanuel: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Anyado: In 5 years, it will be the 2019 and I see myself in 2025.

Emmanuel: People always have things if given an opportunity they wouldn’t do again, if you could turn back time, what would you do again?
Anyado: Seeing as I can’t turn back time, I can only use my mistakes as a point of reference not to do the same thing again, after all, wisdom is the principal thing.

Emmanuel: In this blog, Emchis Consulting, most of our followers are either public speakers or they wish to become one in the future. I think they won’t forgive me if they don’t get to know about your speaking profession.
Anyado: In regards to my speaking profession, I recommend every speaker or potential speaker to go to YouTube type in Onyi Anyado Media House then subscribe and watch my videos. The teaching on view is a tool for all speakers and potential speakers.

Emmanuel: Onyi, can you please tell us about your successes in the speaking industry?
Anyado: As a speaker, I received two awards in one night and humbly I’m recognised as one of the top emerging speakers in the UK.

Emmanuel: How will you consider the journey so far?
Anyado: Awesome

Emmanuel: What was the biggest mistake you have ever made on stage and how did you correct it?
Anyado: This one is a funny one. Once I was speaking on stage and forget to switch off my phone. It rang but thankfully I pretended it was part of my presentation.

Emmanuel: Comparing the speaking industry in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom, are there any major differences? If yes, what are they?
Anyado: One thing I’ve noticed about the speaking industry in Nigeria is many, not all but many like title; i.e, Nigeria’s top leadership, peak performance, empowerment coach or Nigeria’s No. 1 motivational, entrepreneur life coach. The sad thing about things like this is, most speakers have a poor website or even worse, no website at all. Here in the UK, many speakers are now realising the necessity of having an excellent website.

Emmanuel: Where do you see the speaking industry in Nigeria in the next 10 years?
Anyado: I see the speaking industry in Nigeria excelling and many speakers using the teaching from Onyi Anyado Media House as a reference point.

Emmanuel: As a young man, a leader and pacesetter who has achieved huge success in such a small space of time, what advice do you have for our audience who are also hoping to become distinguished?
Anyado: My advice is, start small, think global, build a great online presence, have a diversified network, become innovative, raise the bar of excellence and never give up on your visions and dreams.

Emmanuel: What advice do you have for Emchis Consulting?
Anyado: My advice to Emchis Consulting is, start small, think global, build a great online presence, have a diversified network, become innovative, raise the bar of excellence and never give up on your vision and dreams.

Emmanuel: Sir, within the few minutes we have spent together, what can you tell the world about Emenike Emmanuel?
Anyado: Watch out for Emenike Emmanuel, he is going places.

To connect with our guest, Onyi Anyado visit the following online contacts
Twitter: Onyianyado777
Onyi Anyado Media House TV:

I hope you enjoyed your time through this interview with our guest, Onyi Anyado. The next to be interviewed on this great platform could be you – just keep working hard, like Onyi said, continue to “raise the bar of excellence and never give up on your vision and dreams.”

A Moment with David Okorie – The Brain Behind “Rise Up Africa.”

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A Moment with David Okorie – The Brain Behind “Rise Up Africa.”

Recently I was privileged to spend some time with David Okorie popularly known as Davebond Okorie in Aba Abia State Nigeria. The issues we discussed were very vast. In fact, time could not allow us exhaust every bit of ideas we needed to work on that very day because Davebond was rushing for an appointment where he was to be speaking to a cross-section of young people and I was also busy, trying to catch up with clients who were waiting for their goods to be delivered.

The Brain behind Rise Up Africa
The Brain behind Rise Up Africa

I asked him several questions as much as my curiosity was able to gather and the answers he gave were very fantastic.

The young and talented speaker and writer, David Okorie hails from Abia State Nigeria. He did his primary and secondary school in Abia State before he travelled to Benin Republique where the passion to write came on him which I think prompted him to gain immediate admission into the great Lagos State University where he’s studying Social Psychology.

While I wondered how he has achieved such a level of success at this a young age, I asked him; “when did you start this writing career of yours?” David said; “I started in 2010 and by December that same year, I published my first book.” “Wow! You are so amazing…” I exclaimed.

Still curious to know David better, I asked him what his perception of ‘success’ was – and without any delay, his response was so fantastic again. He said; “I see success as a fulfillment of destiny. You don’t pass through it until you are through here on earth. Success is like a ladder that has no end. It keeps evolving and it is a School that gives us no certificate.” His philosophy about success kept me thinking. By his response on this I was in no doubt that this is a great man that is going somewhere.

Rise Up Africa
Rise Up Africa

When asked what his biggest challenge is as a Writer, he said; “my biggest challenge as a writer here in Nigeria is the structure of our marketing system. The marketing system for authors in Nigeria is not easy. It makes one struggle so much to get his products across to the people. But all these notwithstanding, I still stick out my ideas via my many intellectual properties by going for Book Concerts, presenting public lectures in Schools and organising Book Tours in Tertiary Institutions across Africa.”

Referring back to one of his books, “Rise Up Africa” where he made a serious emphasis on youths being resourceful rather than stay indoors asking for resources, I asked him; “Dave, what’s the difference between resourcefulness and resources.” He started by saying that nobody has ever stumbled into blessing without the capacity to carry it. People who are resourceful don’t need money to be successful – in most cases; all they just need is just a paper, pen and an idea. Anyone who is meaningful will like to have something to do with a youth who is resourceful.” He went further to say that youths should be hardworking, they should believe in what they have and should be determined enough to burn down every limits of resistance. David said resourcefulness is all about what you have done. That is what stands before anyone you are hoping will invest in your business as a monument of your achievement. It tells them whether you are worth investing on or not.

When asked what he plans to achieve as an author and why he chose writing as a career, David Okorie said; “I don’t write for the purpose of showing up. I am not even writing because I can construct words. I write because I want to change the mindset of people. I write because I want to preserve history and I also write because I want to give people new strategy that worked for me.”

David said; “He didn’t give me sword to parade my strength in a battle formation but he gave me pen so that through written words I can stir the sleeping power in men so that they can reach greatness.”

From what he told me, he said beyond the good books and people around him that inspires him, two outstanding things were paramount, which were his ‘Personal Experience and Life Experiment’, not poverty, not money either. Coming to the area of his motivation, he said his biggest motivation in life was his ‘purpose.’ Dave said; “when I look at where I am and where I want to be, I discover I have not done much so I put up more faith and face life.” He went further to quote that “every morning in Africa, a Gazelle wakes up and it knows it must run faster than the fastest Lion or get killed. In the other hand, the Lion also wakes up and it knows it must run faster than the fastest Gazelle or it gets starved.”

I teased him by asking him what his biggest regret was but I was surprise at what he told me. He said; “I have no regret. I believe regret is a product of bad decision which I don’t do.” He believes the scriptures that said that all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to God’s divine purpose.

In the next 5 years, David Okorie aims to be slimmer, smarter, married, more spiritually mature to raise spiritual leaders, and he hopes to be working with Presidents, Senators, and People that make things happen through his several social events. He rounded it up by saying that he hopes to live the next 5 years as if it was another 25 years.

David Okorie is a young man who has a dream and he is living it. We look forward into the future where the next biggest Supermarket in Africa will be owned by Davebond.

Why Are You in Business?

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People come into business for different reasons, and there’s no doubt these things affect the way they do business.

The question is, why are you in business? Or what’s driving your passion to come into business?

Most people go into business for the wrong reason and for those reasons some of them make the worst of businesses.

Some of those wrong reasons include;

1. Quest for money
2. Quest for popularity
3. Quest for retaliation and many more.

Outside for the purpose of making impact, I see no other reason for going into business. Business should be for the purpose helping others.

Before I finally take my hands off the keyboard let me ask you again, why are in business?