The Biggest Mistake I Made in My Early Days of Coming into Network Marketing Business

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The Biggest Mistake I Made in My Early Days of Coming into Network Marketing Business

Mistakes Every Network Marketer Make

As a newbie in MLM business who was anxious to make more money, live the kind of life I have always dreamt of and of course cruise in my own car; I fumbled and stumbled just because of a tiny mistake I failed to realize had the capacity to bring me fail then.

I have told you time without number here on this blog how my Branch Manager introduced me into this line of business he knew nothing about. As one who was just interested in what he will get and gain, I had so many notions about the Network Marketing business. Some of them worked out, while others didn’t.

Right here in today’s post, I will tell you those notions that didn’t work out. Meanwhile, that’s what has constituted to my biggest mistake in Network Marketing Business.
Not only will I be sharing the biggest mistake I made when I came into Network Marketing business newly, I will also show you most of the mistakes other people are currently making and how to stop them.

Without mincing words, I’m still of the belief that Network Marketing business is one of the best businesses you can ever think of. Network Marketing business is the kind of business you walk into without experience but when leaving, you become trained to train others. Robert Kiyosaki calls it ‘A Business for People Who like Helping Others.’ In fact, the potentiality in MLM business is fully under-tapped. That’s to mean that in the next 50 years, a Network Marketer who understands what he is doing will make into the world billionaires.

Some of the mistakes I made as a Network Marketer is what I am about to share with you. If you are in the business of Network Marketing or know someone who is in the business and the person isn’t progressing, there’s this likelihood he or she must be making these mistakes I am about sharing with you. So, what do you do? Yes. That’s a nice question. Just open your mind, remove every distractions and focus on every bit of information I am about to give you now. Even if you are not yet apart of this line of business, by heeding to the lessons of those who have made mistakes and afterwards jumped back on their feet to correct their mess, you too can make it as a successful Network Marketer.

General Mistakes Most Network Marketer Make

1. Most Network Marketers Sell on Credit
2. Most Network Marketers are in the Line of products they don’t have passion in
3. Most Network Marketers thought everyone will like the product they are promoting
4. Most Network Marketers thought that because they are smart and good looking it will make people to buy
5. Most Network Marketers don’t know how to introduce their products to different categories of people. They thought what worked in Jos will work in Lagos or what worked in the open market will work when they visit government officials to sell to them
6. Most Network Marketers don’t know much about the product and the company that manufactures it

Although those mistakes I listed above are very severe, but those mistakes were not the biggest mistake I made in those days of coming into Network marketing newly.
Do you want to know what that biggest mistake was? Okay. Here it is.


After I came across my money mentor, Robert Kiyosaki, through many of his intellectual properties (books, online interviews and CDs), I came to realize how stupid I was then to begin selling without the necessary skills to back myself up. When I look back into the memory lane, I recall how was rejected and mocked because I could not defend my stand. In worst scenario I will be sent out in utmost disgrace.
Those experiences made me hate selling. It made me hate going into business because I knew it is impossible to do business without having to sell. I know that’s what has held so many people down from going into business, especially Network Marketing business.

Those ugly experiences of not knowing how to sell made me wish I had graduated so that I can go look for job. But the question is; ‘the job created by who?’

Today, I am grateful to God for using Robert Kiyosaki’s book; “Business School For People Who Like To Help People” to change my life by drawing me closer to the number one Business Skills in the world which is SALES SKILLS.

Now, I have had a conscious decision to correct every mistake I made in the past as a newbie in Network Marketing Business. If you are going through similar pains as a Network Marketer or in other areas in Business, you can count on us for guide. Thanks.


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