How to Achieve Success Working Part-Time

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How to Achieve Success Working Part-Time

Many people have remained stagnant in their finances today because they never understood the power and magic of part-time job. There is absolutely no where you can invent a bright future for yourself if you have not found out few things you could be doing part-time today that is capable of reflecting success in your future

If you want to transform your future working part-time on your fortune without the part-time job in any way interfering with your current full time job, then this article is specifically written for you.

What amazes me sometimes is that some people give their 100 percent attention to a full time job that can never in life make them a fortune yet you see them hoping to become the next richest person to be recognized on Forbes list. It does not work that way. If you give in to one full-time job that ended up becoming your only source of income – making you for instance $12,000 to $20,000 annually, how long do you think you can stay in it before turning out a millionaire, needless to mention a billionaire? Or you don’t desire such kind of financial attainment in your life?

If you must achieve success working part-time, here are some things you need to know.

3 Unavoidable Things to Know If You Must Achieve Success While You Work Part-Time

1. Every Part-Time Job is Another Stream of Income
Most times your part-time job may not be in the form of a passive income but it is still a guaranteed new stream of income

2. No Full Time Job Incapable of Making You a Fortune is Worth the Full Time You Are Giving it
In that situation what do you do? Look for another part time job you are convinced has the potentiality to make you a fortune with time and start working on it.
As you continue to work on both, compare the profits being generated from your full time job with that of your part time job overtime. And as soon as the part time job starts making as twice as much profit as the full time job, it is time for a switch – interchange them, now make your part-time job a full-time job and your full-time job a part-time job. This is what Jim Rohn calls the Magic of Part-Time. Now, if your previous full-time job now your part-time job can’t be worked on part-time again, that is the best time to quit the job to move ahead with life and fun.
3. Give 20 Percent Effort to the Part-Time Job and 80 Percent to the Full-Time Job
This is similar to the magic of part-time stated above but not purely the same. Here I am trying to consider the time frame involved. And not only that, I want you to understand how the Pareto Principle can work out a miracle for you here.

4 Benefits of Working Part-Time

1. Working part-time makes you strong.
2. Working part-time helps you develop an uncommon value for time.
3. Working part-time makes you think faster, smarter and expansively.
4. Working part-time helps you learn the importance of brainstorming and spending time with like-minded people.

Some of the Part-Time Jobs You Can Engage in

1. Security night watch and other relevant night duties
2. The business of Blogging
3. Acting
4. Home based businesses
5. Freelance writing
6. Coaching
7. Speaking engagements
8. Teaching special subjects in School
9. Marketing of some products through MLM

You can achieve a high level of success if you can learn how to start part-time. Most successful businesspeople you see in the world today started part-time. The number of part-time jobs you are able to control has a way it reflects success in your entire business life.

In my next article I will be showing you various reasons why I suggest you start part-time. For now, I will take my rest why you share a bit of your thoughts with us. Thank you


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