Top 10 Tips To Help You Stay Positive While You Look For a New Job

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Top 10 Tips To Help You Stay Positive While You Look For a New Job

Probably something happened and you lost your job or you are in a job that does not bring you maximum satisfaction, there’s still hope for you to remain positive while you go ahead to look for other new jobs.

Don’t let what the media is saying discourage you. No matter how bad they say things are in the labour market, great companies are still busy looking to hire the best available staff. If you have the right skills, a strong passion and the backing grace of God, it is then guaranteed that job could be waiting for you around the corner.

You need to be upbeat and positive. In order to help you stay positive, here are top 10 tips to help you stay positive while you look for another job.

1. Volunteer at Church, School, Hospital and other relevant organization of humanitarian service.
By doing this it is possible that the spotlight will fall on you. You attract people you never thought possible in your life and God being faithful, you will come across a person who will favour you with a new job.

2. Join a Think Tank
A think tank is a group of experts who provide advice and ideas on political, social or economic issues. This group of experts help you brainstorm to come up with new ideas that will keep you on the fore-front of what is happening in the society. This kind of network really helps a great deal.

3. Keep a Routine
Don’t go into bad habits of waking up late, sleeping in the afternoon, visiting people in the afternoon or procrastinating around the house when you ought to be looking for a new job. Wake up when you ought to, engage in activities that will yield long-term profit and get to diversify.

Come up with new job responsibility to keep you active and viable. If you finally had the privilege of attending a new job interview, you will be asked what you did or were doing while you waited for a job. Most times I suggest you just submit unsolicited applications to different companies, attend their interview sessions even if you don’t need the job and certainly you will have something to learn without having anything to lose.

4. Be well informed with details about the industry you are into
Yes. This is very important. For instance you studied engineering, and as things are, there’s no job, that shouldn’t make you to undermine the series of important activities going on in your industry. You must stay up to date to stay positive.

Don’t go below just because you are not working. Keep yourself positively busy by learning to know more about your industry or another industry you might be willing to work in. If there is a particular company you submitted application letter to, begin to make extensive research about them. What this thing does is that it will help you to stay ahead of your competitors when the time for interview comes.

5. Become adventurous
Let the passion to know and learn new things begin to spin up from you. Look for a new language or dialect to learn, a new kind of meal, deal making strategy, how to live on less, how stuffs work and so on and so forth. There are over one thousand and one things you could learn while you look for a new job. My concern which I also know ought to be yours is for you not to look back in regret after many years are gone. Utilize this very opportunity – it will help you stay positive.

6. Avoid negative people
At the very time you are jobless when advisers will come with both their solicited and unsolicited advices. Some of them will make you cry and some of them will make you smile. Some will discourage you while others will encourage you. In fact, there is nothing you won’t see at this point in time but where the heart of the matter is is in your reaction. Sort out those people whose thoughts and advices are always perverse – those who are always thinking up one new negative thing or the other and avoid them. You don’t need those kinds of people to stay positive while you look for a new job.

7. Think different, Think Positive
Do not focus on the negative side of life. Give no room for any kind of thought that won’t make you better. Staying positive while you look for a new job can’t be possible if you can’t think different and positive.

8. Network with others
Keep your contacts intact. Make new connections and make best use of the social network. That reminds me, what do you do when on facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube, google+, pinterest, instagram and other social networks? While you look for a new job, make as much connections on these social networks than ever. These connections will one day turn out to be clients or job referrals.

9. Checkmate on your expectations
I know it is good to be expectant. Yes. I also know that without expectations most of our requests won’t receive the support of the invisible Creator – God, but most times people who expect too much end up placing themselves on a high jump. It makes most people want to turn out a perfectionist which is unhealthy for peaceful co-existence.

Don’t expect everyone to be good and don’t expect everyone to be bad. Give people room to be free with you. It is a powerful tool to helping you stay positive while you look for a new job.

10. Don’t give up
A wise man said that the road to success is littered with the carcasses of men who tried and failed. Don’t participate in the folly by giving up on yourself and your abilities. Keep your faith tuned on. Everything you are passing through today is among what is needed to shape your glorious future. Okay, come to think of it; what will you tell your posterity if you give up today? Will you tell them there weren’t jobs to do in your time? What if their destiny is connected to yours? Can you afford to stand the shame of being the reason for their calamities?

Don’t give up. Never stop submitting applications. Never stop attending interviews. Never stop researching on the next available job. Never stop making studies about your industry. And never stop working on a new career. You will ultimately come out a winner someday.

Before I conclude this article, let me also tell you that there is another means of getting a fat paycheck. And that is creating your own job. If you have faced too many rejections before now, don’t bother, you have the capacity to create a job others will be eager to work in. Look at what Bill Gate said. He said; “I failed in some subjects, my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” Did that word mean anything to you? I repeat, don’t give up. Also, see this. Reid Hoffman, the founder of Linkedin said; “all humans are entrepreneurs not because they should start companies but because the will to create is encoded in human DNA.”

God bless you for your time to read this article. I believe it has credited your knowledge bank. You can go ahead to share it with friends on facebook, twitter and google+.


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