5 Things to Keep You Motivated as a Blogger in Your Blogging Career

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5 Things to Keep You Motivated as a Blogger in Your Blogging Career

This simple post is only meant for those who are into blogging or have always thought of joining. By this I mean to say that if you have no interest in blogging this article may not be making much sense to you. So what do you do? I suggest you use the arrow at the end of this article that will connect you to other beautiful articles talking about business and career on this blog so far.
Before I show you few things that should keep you motivated as a Blogger in your blogging career, please help me answer the following questions;
How long have you been in the blogging industry?
What is your blogging niche?
What is it that is fueling your passion to keep producing fresh and useful content?
How often do you write?
What are the long-term and short term goals for your blog?
What do your family and friends say about your decision to be a blogger?
Have you ever been criticized because you choose blogging as a career, either full-time or part-time?
How do you raise money to take care of your blog bills, or has your blog started raising money?
If you blog isn’t bringing income yet, how long do you think it will take you before that can be possible?
What is your biggest embarrassment as a blogger so far?
And. . . Are you thinking of quitting blogging?

Well, those questions I asked you above might be simple but it has really undone so many bloggers. Every year millions of people come into blogging and still in the same year, millions of others quit from blogging. To tell you the speed at which people come into blogging, in just 10 years WordPress alone have had over 60 million people registered. But we know as it is today not everyone of them stayed back. The reason, as I discovered was because there was nothing they saw to motivate them in their blogging career but today, I will show you 5 Things to Keep You Motivated as a Blogger in Your Blogging Career. This keeps you on the advantage over those of them that quit before now.
Warren Buffett said that investors of today cannot profit from yesterday’s growth. So if you quit blogging now, you will ultimately not profit from the internet growth of tomorrow.
Enjoy it.
5 Things That Will Motivate You as a Blogger

1. Blogging is just like every other job where time, hard work and patience is needed for promotion to come

2. You don’t need to be famous to start blogging but by blogging you will ultimately become famous

3. If you are able to produce good content you will make money faster.

4. The track record of successful bloggers serves as an external inspiration to you

5. It is fun to see yourself doing what you are passionate about

I know these can’t be only the things that keep bloggers motivated as you too would have yours, so I urge you to share with us so that others who visit can at the same feed from your motivations.


2 thoughts on “5 Things to Keep You Motivated as a Blogger in Your Blogging Career

    banjobabbs said:
    May 7, 2014 at 7:02 am

    The first motive of a blogger shouldn’t be about fame or money but about the message he would be passing across to his/her readers .. Many quit because they are in a hurry to make fame and money…

    Emenike Emmanuel responded:
    May 7, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    Yeah, that’s true. Fame is not always the ultimate. Blogging is a great career that one needs to be more motivated to perform. Thanks for stopping by.

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