List of People Who Became Millionaires Before Turning 25

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List of People Who Became Millionaires Before Turning 25

While trying to gather this information I discovered that there was absolutely nothing ‘luck’ contributed in making these ones who turned Millionaires before 25 who they are today. So if you are excusing yourself that you aren’t as lucky as they are stop – for no successful Entrepreneur ever banked on luck. Of course Ralph Waldo Emerson said; “shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” The cause and effect here simply tells us that for every decisions, actions and reactions we make has its corresponding effect which could either be success or failure.

One common trait about these people who turned millionaires at a tender is that of great vision, smart ideas and unflinching determination. That makes it simple to say if they can make it you too can make it.

In this article today I will not only be listing these people who became millionaires before they turned 25 but I also share with you their advices for anyone who wants to perform better than them.

Don’t say this article isn’t for you after all you are already above 25 for I know you know someone who might need this motivation to jump-start on his ideas. Go ahead to share it with them or simply reblog it.
Below is a List of People Who Became Millionaires before They Turned 25:

Michael Dell

Michael Saul Dell born in 1965 earned his first million at the age of 19. Michael Dell dropped out of the University of Texas shortly after starting a computer company that sold directly to consumers at prices lower than retail rivals could match.
By the time Michael Dell was 24, the company now known as Dell had had revenue worth of $258 million. In his advice for young people Michael Dell said; “young people should be passionate about what they do which must be on what they really love to do.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is among those who became millionaires before they turned 25. Mark Zuckerberg born on May 14, 1984 in February 2004 launched the Enterprise now known as Facebook inc., which catapulted him into the Forbes list of Billionaires for the first time in 2007 at the age of 23. While presenting a speech in 2007 to a cross-section of students at Stanford University, Mark Zuckerberg said; “young people are just smarter.” This word of his stands to mean that there’s no other better time to be smarter than now you are below 25 or slightly above it. Although there’s no medical report to proof that but it has always happened to be true.

Catherine Cook

Catherine Cook, born in 1989 became a millionaire at the age of 21. Catherine Cook and her brother David Cook and elder brother Geoff who was a Serial Entrepreneur started MyYearBook, a social networking site for updating photos for teens.

The idea to establish such a powerful project that later revolutionized their family background struck after she and David complained bitterly about their School YearBook. But instead allowing such bitterness weigh her down she maximized the opportunity to become what we know today as the Female Mark Zuckerberg.

In her advice she said; “you should stop thinking about it and make it happen.” Catherine Cook also said; “when you are young is the best time to start your own business, as you do not have the responsibilities you have when you are older. The worst that can happen if you fail now is that yo have firsthand experience to make your next venture a success.”

Sean Belnick

Sean Belnick became a millionaire at 16 through the sales of office chairs online. This great idea of his metamorphosed into a company now known as
Sean adviced that it is never too early to start… there’s a lot of great information on the internet. Just do the research and find a way to do what you want to do.”

Jermaine Griggs

Jermaine Griggs, born on 18th June 1983 became a millionaire at the age of 23 by pursuing his passion for teaching music. His website, is designed to help people learn to play piano, guitar or drums by ear, with reading sheet music. According to the report on ground more than 2 million students download his online lessons each year.

Jermaine Griggs’ long term goal is to establish a brick-and-mortar learning centres, a TV network and a magazine. He advised that any young entrepreneur who wants to be successful must understand the power of selling, not only things but himself and his ideas. Jermaine Griggs said; “Study business. Study those who have come before you and find people with the same dreams and aspirations as you.”

Matt Mickiewicz

Matt Mickiewicz, born on June 27, 1983 made his first million dollars at the age of 22. Best known as an Internet Entrepreneur he created the following websites;, 99designs and

According to Matt Mickiewicz, the internet gives entrepreneurs instant feedback from consumers, making it relatively inexpensive to test and launch ideas.

Mickiewicz said; “people who say it takes money to make money are using the worst excuse ever. Create massive value for others by providing a solution where no other exists.”

Juliette Brindak

Juliette Brindak, born built the website at the age of 15 and by 19 he was already a millionaire. At this 19 I talked about she was already worth $15 million.

The idea to come this far all started at the age of 10 when Juliette Brindak began drawing the “cool girls” cartoon figures that later became stars in her online community. At the age of 21 she already had 20 employees working under her, one of whom is her father.

Juliette Brindak advised that you should fill your team with members who believe in your idea and any time they no longer do, get rid of them.

David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos

David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos became millionaires in 2006. Both of them met at Babson College and later developed the Grasshopper Virtual Phone System formerly known as GotVmail Commnunications in 2003. This company of theirs was designed to help Entrepreneurs stay in touch with customers, investors or others while on the move.

As a way to have a strong division of labour where everyone stayed in his own area of expertise, David Hauser built the technology while Siamak Taghaddos took care of the marketing.

Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson, born on November 13, 1984 launched more than a dozen websites between 1998 and 2004 before he was 20 years old. Before he left High School he was already a millionaire.

At the age of 9 Cameron Johnson started a Printing Company called Cheers and Tears, where he makes greeting cards from his home. At the age of 12 he made $50,000 selling his Sister’s Beanie Baby collection on the permission of her Sister.

In 2009 he hosted a BBC television show called, “Beat the Boss.” As one among those who turned millionaires before 25, Cameron Johnson said in his advice for young people; “put yourself out there. Get started, do something and start small. The lower your startup costs, the easier it is to find profitability. Create value for others, and you will be rewarded.”

In conclusion, I think I have done a great job in making a collection of these young millionaires before 25. What do you think you can pay for the mind shift it just had on you now? Well, unlike other bloggers in my field who would want to charge for write-ups like this and many more on this blog I am definitely not going to charge you for a dime but promise me you will do the following;
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Don’t forget, I came online to help you become an Entrepreneur of distinction. I hope that’s exactly what I am doing? Luck is a false hope – it doesn’t really work anywhere.


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