How to Prepare and Present a Speech People Will Love to Listen to

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Image from PresenterMedia
Image from PresenterMedia

Having been in the speaking profession for few years now, I have observed that there are speeches that don’t just sell and there are others people will cry to listen to. To have a great speech written down is not where the matter ends; it is at its presentation. If you have mastered how to write creatively with new thinking and great possibilities you must as well learn how to make great presentation.

Meanwhile, this article is only for those who want to thrill and fire up their audience. If that doesn’t matter to you don’t bother reading further because I will shock your mind.

To prepare a powerful speech that will end up selling heavily you must have the audience at the centre of your heart. They are the reason for the speech and if they finally don’t get motivated to do more and have more after your speech, you have ended up doing nothing.

How I know the level of regards you have for your audience is in the quality of time you invest in preparing a speech and the quality of the speech you present – including your willingness to give out for free things they should have ordinarily paid for.
Recently a friend of mine from India who I met on facebook complained to me bitterly about 30 Pre-Primary Teachers who spoiled her mood by using harsh and rude words on her on the feedback form. Although it was not only these 30 people that were present for the meeting but this 30 out of 100 (where 70 of them were from the faculty of engineering) gave same harsh and rude feedbacks. She asked; “does this happen? Is there any other way to conduct special session for them?”

Although I gave her few replies then but in this article today I will be going in details.

Three things make audience or listeners reply harshly in their feedbacks. These things are;

1. If they don’t feel belonged to the kind of speech delivered in the meeting.

2. If they feel intimidated by other professionals present.

3. If you kick against their philosophy (or belief system).

To present a speech that is proven to sell you must make it void of those three things.

Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. Chuba Okadigbo and the rest of those we know as master communicators didn’t wake up to become that perfect, they worked it out. Before you prepare or present a speech, these are some of the assignments you must undertake;

 Narrow your topic

Be centric, specific and focused. There’s definitely no way you can cover all aspects of blogging for instance, if that’s what you are expected to present a speech on. But any attempt to be everything at the same time will leave you embarrassed.

 Hide every ulterior motive if you have any

If there is any ulterior motive you have like to using the audience to sell your materials don’t make it known. Hide it as much as you can.

 Speak in the tone of your audience

Don’t speak like one from the moon. Use illustrations that pertain to the daily dealings of your audience. Otherwise I can assure of being seen as a television than a speaker. If you are speaking to High School graduates speak their language. If you are speaking to professionals in a particular field do an extensive work to know more about them so that you will be able to flow.

 Even if you are already an Expert it is advised that you make a note of your speech. Use bullets to point out major issues you can’t fail to miss.

In summary, before preparing your speech next time ask those that invited you about the academic levels of all the attendees they are expecting. Ask of the total number of people expected, the number of doors and windows in the room or hall and sitting arrangement. Make sure you arrive at the venue before every other person so that you can get accustomed to the environment. If you don’t like the sitting arrangement or where the platform is, you can ask for rearrangement if possible in order to suit your choice and style.

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