How to Succeed While You Work From Home

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Although not all businesses can be worked from home but experience has taught us that the best way to start from scratch is to start a home-based business. One of the best home base businesses I enjoy most is the internet business which includes; online marketing (sales of information products), freelance writing, blogging, sales of ad spaces etc.

If you are into online business one advantage about it is that you can run your business from any part of the world as long as you connected to the internet. When I am working from home I save time and money that should have gone to transport, I have less of distractions from people and mind boggling stories, and of course I can wear any cloth of my choice – in fact while I was typing this article I wore boxer (my underwear) which is impossible if this was to be a business you can’t run from home.

Find an area in your house to make an office

Notwithstanding you are working from home, try to make out a small space in your room that will serve as your office. This is for the purpose of helping you be in the same working mood you would have been if you weren’t working from home. Doing this not only helps to put you in a special working mood but will also help to avoid the temptation of trying to work from the bed which is very unproductive.

Dress for success

Don’t mind the fact that I told you I wore only my underwear while I wrote this article. Don’t imitate me on that, sometimes I just have to freestyle. Dressing for success always while you are working from home gives you a greater measure of confidence, a sense of professionalism and a great level of productivity.
You don’t necessarily need to put on your suit but a clean and pressed shirt and trouser will ultimately give you the mood you need.

Pre-requisites for working from home

1. Self discipline

Not everyone can work from home. If you are not self-discipline you will easily get distracted while working from home.

2. Do what you love
To do what you love you must first of all find out what you love. Find a skill around it. Learn it and start practicing. When you are doing what you love you don’t need to look into someone else own and since that’s what you love doing, you will definitely be willing to do that from anywhere, including from home.

A friend of mine who now uses two rooms as his recording studio started working from home by converting their dining room into a studio. If he didn’t love what he was doing he wouldn’t have succeeded now.

3. You must be self motivated

In this case, what is fueling your passion to become more productive will not be the ambient, the financial reward you might get or the different kinds of new faces you will certainly not see but internal motivation. Being self motivated is pivotal in running a successful home-based business. When I first started this blog most people are now celebrating because of the speed at which it is growing

4. Be prepared to start from scratch

Starting from scratch is not what everybody can afford to do but to me, that’s the best way of starting a business. My dream is to build businesses which when spoken about people will be motivated and inspired. And if your thought is as good as mine then you must have thought of home-based business. For instance in America and Europe, most of the young millionaires like Caterina Cook of MyYearBook, Matt Mickiewicz, Sean Belnick, Jermaine Griggs e.t.c. we celebrate as those who became millionaires before 24 all started from home and of course from scratch.

5. Set out time to work at home

That you are working from home should not make you mismanage your time. Prepare your time table for work and other things. Failure to do this you will soon realize that your spouse will get bored about you. It is an error to think that because you are working from home should make every time a time for work.

6. Treat it as a business not a hobby

That you are working from home does not make it less a business. Invest in buying up more equipment to build your business. Develop your own marketing plan. Home-based business is business not a hobby.

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3 thoughts on “How to Succeed While You Work From Home

    Sy Welch said:
    January 11, 2014 at 11:53 pm

    Great information! I agree that running a business from home does take discipline, especially if you have a family. There are so many ways to become distracted. I would like to add another to the list, however. Like with any business, you must be organized and create a working environment that will keep you productive and excited about your business. I talk about this and other great tips specifically for home-based business owners in my blog, When you have a moment, check it out. Here’s to a prosperous new year!

      Emenike Emmanuel responded:
      January 12, 2014 at 6:45 am

      Yes. Home-based is very fantastic. I always like to suggest it to people who are new entrants into the world of business or someone whose business is facing financial challenges.

      To me I believe it is the best way to start so I teach it. Like you said, a lot is needed to be successful at it.
      Thank you @Welch for developing that blog. I’m glad you stopped by to improve on this. Bless you.

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