How to Handle the Fear of Rejection in Sales Making

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How to Handle the Fear of Rejection in Sales Making
…an article that helps you unleash the Super Salesperson in you.

Have you ever felt like never talking to anyone or even close relatives about products you are promoting? Have you ever being rejected by a prospect for one or more reasons you could not explain and at the end of the day your toiling yielded no result – it ended in no sale? Then let’s read through this article written by someone who has felt the scourge and later became a sample of success. Please do not close the browser for what you are about to read will transform the way you handle rejection during marketing.

Fear is a very disgusting factor that has belittled so many giant salespersons. This fear from the research we gathered over many years as Sales Experts shows that it can either be in-born or acquired. Most people who were never afraid of certain things like being rejected by a prospect as a result of their faith in the teachings of their religion suddenly starts growing cold feet simply because they saw someone who they regarded as a Super salesperson being rejected. Well, this is a general problem which most salespersons like us who are sincere to say it do encounter in one point-of-sales or the other. It hindered me many years ago but today I have gained mastery over it and that is why I want you to as well do.

The fear of rejection cannot be overcome if the fear of failure is not. But how do you overcome this fear of failure? Failure in most cases is not the problem but the fear itself. The fears of failure have limited most salespersons from maximizing their potentials and have thus drastically reduced their sales volume. Before these salespersons approach a new prospect, negative feelings spins up from their inside, presenting to them numerous words of rejections which the prospect may likely ask to throw them off-balance and then leave them embarrassed before using the exit door. These voices tell them; ‘you can’t make it’, ‘your price is too high’, ‘do you think any reasonable person will afford to pay that kind of price?’, ‘don’t you think there are other products much better than the one you are promoting?’, ‘there are other experts who have severally being rejected, how much more you?’, ‘don’t even dare trying!’ e.t.c. Well, those voices are just mere imaginations; don’t let them become your realities. You can make it. You can turn that sales volume from hundreds into thousands and even into millions and billions – that is only if you stick to what I am about to teach you.
When I went into sales making, it was a voluntary choice I made unlike Robert T. Kiyosaki who was talked into by his Rich Dad – nobody forced me or even paid me for it and thus, there was nothing like ‘sales target’ given to me. Most of my colleagues then mocked me that I was trying to show off but little did they know that I was tracing the path that will change my perception about business for life. This was because I understood early enough that no business is complete if the end-users (that is the customers) who are the essence of production don’t get the product. Is there any other method of doing that if not through sales making? My experience within those days not only thought me numerous lessons but also aroused my interest about new products. I see new product as an advantage, an opportunity and the best product in the world.

Beside all my wonderful and positive experiences, I also felt a lot of rejections from prospects. In fact, I came to a point I was wondering if the rejection was the problem or the fear that I will be rejected should I talk to anyone about the new product I was marketing. Remember these are two distinct things – the fear of rejection and the rejection itself. This fear we are talking about here is what has limited over 50 percent of potential super salespersons from ever attempting in their lifetime.
In case you don’t understand what the word rejection means in this context. It is those silent booing you get from a prospect after introducing yourself, your company and your product. At that point you wish the ground will open and swallow you up.

Those words written in red above are the three things every average
Marketer simply rehearse in their minds before approaching
any prospect although that’s not where the conviction to buy comes.

To effectively handle this fear of rejection and ensure it does not limit your sales volume you must ask yourself certain questions about your product. Assume yourself to be a customer and without unbiased mind ask yourself the solution which the products you are marketing represent, what immediate satisfaction can one derive from consuming or paying for it and if the products are referable? These things underlined are the top reasons why customers buy. If you can provide sincere and tested answers to those questions you are made to lick money like lollipop from your customers without fear of being rejected in your life again.

Whether you will be rejected one time in business or not is not bargain-able but how you handle it matters most. Don’t be ignorant of how these rejections come. Like I said earlier, some are silent booing, use of rude words, criticism and/or disapproval. Don’t let them stop you but if you do, then you’ve chosen selling as a wrong choice of making a living.

Don’t get it twisted next time you are rejected. Some of the prospects who have had a bad day relief themselves by unleashing rejections on any marketer that gets near them. This is more reason why you must study and re-study customers’ behaviours.
Some of them may reject your product because they hate impromptu spending or afraid of making purchasing mistake but will turn out to be your best customers in future. If they consider your product useless to them, you are likely going to have a bad day if you don’t raise your self-esteem. See yourself as being made of more, your product as the best and always be open to accept constructive criticisms that will help you grow.

Don’t let anyone talk you down. Be positive! And say your prayer before meeting any prospect.

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