6 Ways to Help You Stop Thinking MONEY and Start Thinking Wealth

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6 Ways to Help You Stop Thinking MONEY and Start Thinking Wealth
The rich are different from the poor not because they were created from different parts of the world but because of the way they have chosen to think. While a rich man is busy thinking nations, a poor man is busy thinking his family. While the rich is busy thinking trans-generationally, the poor is busy thinking now. While the rich is busy thinking on how to sow his next seed, the poor is busy thinking where next a seed to eat might be coming from. And funny enough, while the rich is busy thinking wealth, the poor is busy thinking money. If you are to match their thoughts side-by-side do you think they will produce equal result? Don’t forget the Holy Bible said; “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” It is absolutely impossible that anybody can be different from the way he or she thinks.
If you are interested to quit working for money and start working for fortune this is that article you have been waiting for. It has the capacity to change the way you think about money, the way you think about God and the way you’ve been thinking wrongly about yourself. If you must stop thinking money and start thinking wealth (fortune), the followings are what you must know and do.
1. Understand How Money is Made, Spent And Invested
Sometimes it is funny that so many people only know about the a, b, c of money, which is; work for money, make the money and spend the money. In most cases you will even be amazed that they can’t lay claim on things they have used the money on. Money spent on trivial things can never be re-claimed except the ones you invest. And the best way to invest is in God’s kingdom.
2. Understand What ‘Real’ Money Is
Money is more than the liquid cash we know. Money in the hand of a man who honours God is an instrument of kingdom expansion but the reverse becomes the case for a man who has no respect for God. Two Beings seek our services and honour – one is God and another is Money. Matthew 6:24 said; “no one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. YOU CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MONEY.” The one you use at the expense of the other tells us what you think. Don’t use God – use money. Money is not meant to be honoured.
3. Understand That God Don’t Answer Our Financial Needs By Throwing Down Cash, Instead He Gives Us Revelation, Vision And An Idea
When a Nation cries for help from God, He sends them a man. When the man gets ready to fulfill God’s mandate God gives him a vision. When a man asks for money He gives him an idea. And when the vision looks too similar with what every other person has God gives such a person a Revelation (a light on his path to see clearly). In the business terms we call it innovation. Don’t expect God to dance to your tune – instead, follow His pattern. He has done all and even the information product in your hand now is still one of the ways He’s talking to you. The sound health, the boldness and the unique life you have is yet another means He’s attending to your financial needs. Go ahead and maximize it.
4. Think Service, Think Others And Maximize Both
Do you know that the only way you can pay for your rent on earth is through your services to God and to humanity? If you aren’t serving in any area in life you are actually not paying your rent for being accommodated here on earth. In such case consider yourself a debtor who must surely pay. Get involved and serve. The shortest route to greatness is service. This is because service to many leads to greatness. Stop thinking money – think service.
5. Think the Kingdom – God’s Kingdom
The Kingdom which you and I pray we inherit must be our primary focus. You will soon discover that when you become so focused to favour the course of the Kingdom you will become instantly blind to every other distractions. Fela Durotoye said; “focus creates blindness.” The Scriptures in Matthew 6:33 said; “but seek first the kingdom of God ….. and all these things shall be yours as well.”

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