How To Build A Strong And Lasting Relationship With Your Boss

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How To Build A Strong And Lasting Relationship With Your Boss: Your Best Strategy Ever Reviewed

Are you always finding it difficult to cope with your Boss? Have your Boss made you wish you never worked with anyone in your life? Or you want your boss to be always fond of you? If you answered YES! to those questions, then this article was written with you in mind. Read it and leave your comments with me.

At one time or the other in your life you must work under a boss. The kind of relationship you develop is critical in having a successful career.

The speed with which you climb the career ladder is much more linked to how good the relationship you have with your boss is. When your relationship with your boss goes sour, it could make your boss delay your promotion and never talk about your pay increase. Although it is unfair but that’s just how life is.
In order to build an effective and lasting relationship with your boss, these are things you must do;

1. Be Honest With Your Boss

Honesty they say is the best policy. Get to make your boss develop trust for you. When you make mistakes on the course of exercising your job responsibility own it up. Don’t try to lie about it or blame someone else. If you do, it will hurt you in the long-run. Speak to your boss about your mistake and he will be extremely happy with you. Since no one is perfect in life, he is also not expecting you to be perfect. If he finds out about your honesty, it will help strengthen your relationship with him.

2. Burn Your Ego

No one likes an egomaniac. Humble yourself. Don’t try to suppress other employees working under you because if you do, you are already creating an avenue through which your own boss may tackle you. Do your best by leading by example. The best of workers always take the lead.

3. Be Teachable. Always Be Ready to Learn

Generally speaking, your boss is probably more experienced than you are. That is to mean there’s always something your boss has to teach you. If you are always ready to admit where you don’t measure up so that you will be taught, you will soon realize how dear you will become to him. Don’t be afraid to approach him. In most situations, he will be happy you are seeking advice from him and he will definitely be willing to teach you even beyond what you’ve asked.

4. Get to Understand Your Boss’ Weaknesses And Strengths

Like I said earlier, no one is perfect – including your boss. He has his weakness, so also his strength. Instead of capitalizing on his weakness, look out for things he can do very well and praise him for it while you go ahead to protect his weakness before outsiders. Let him know you are concerned about him.

5. Don’t Cover Anyone Up

Yes! I said it. Don’t cover anyone up. Covering colleagues who erred against the company’s policy does not always yield the best of result. Let your colleagues know in advance about your stand so that they don’t get disappointed. Research made by Warren Buffett has shown that those who tried covering others up end up destroying the integrity they built in 20 years in just 5 minutes. If this is true like I know it is, it then means that if your boss finds out you lied, you might get fired sooner than you ever thought.

6. Begin to Work More Than You Are Paid For

You think your boss isn’t watching? No! He is. Those extra times you give; those extra job responsibilities you undertake and those unpaid consultations you did are under close-watch. There are watching. By doing all that you are simply letting the spotlight fall on you. It makes your boss like you the more. Employers will be willing to pay more to employees who are ready to give more.

7. Don’t Take Credit For Other Peoples’ Work

Taking credit for other peoples’ work is a big error in the corporate place. Not only is it dishonesty, but your boss will sooner or later find out. If your co-workers find too, you lose every respect they once had for you. And this may hamper your chances of one day becoming their boss. Don’t be ashamed to say you worked as a team.

8. With your character; let your boss know that you are an employee today just because he is your boss. It gladdens his heart to know that you recognize the importance of the office he occupies. Both of you are interdependent. For him to have done well within the period under audition, the individuals under him must have done well. His success is the success of all and his failure the failure of all.

9. Develop a Positive Relationship With Your Boss Not a False Relationship

Don’t flatter your boss. He is no fool. He will soon find out. When approaching him for any discussion put up a smiling face. Frowning always sends the wrong information. Don’t try to fake to be happy when you are not especially in cases you feel your right has been infringed. If you decide to hide it, you can’t hide it enough. And it will be unfortunate that you displayed it at the wrong time.

Having known that you spend huge amount of your time at the workplace, it will be in your own best interest to have a happy, strong and lasting relationship with your boss and co-workers. Doing this helps you build a happy career life, achieve optimum satisfaction from your job, get adequate promotion and pay increase. To have an Effective and a Lasting Relationship with your Boss read this article all over again.


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