J. Paul Getty’s Quotes

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J. Paul Getty’s Quotes

Industrialist and the CEO of Getty Oil Company
Industrialist and the CEO of Getty Oil Company

J. Paul Getty is one of the most respected men of his time. He began brokering oil leases for his father George Getty in 1914 and just within 2 years in 1916 he established his first successful oil well in Oklahoma and by the 1920s he has already amassed great wealth drilling oil in California. Having acquired the required experience, when his father died in 1930, he became the President of his father corporation.
At the age 23 Getty had earned his first $1 million which is today worth over $20 million. Just like Warren Buffett, Paul Getty was a great investor. He uncovered dividend-paying companies who are key players in the market and he stayed long-term with them. One of the things that excite me about Getty was that he believes in buying when others are selling. Before his death, Paul Getty, his Getty Oil Company not included, he also manages other 200 companies. The manual for becoming rich which he left behind for us is ‘How To Be Rich.’ Although so many people claim that information in this book of his is already outdated, I want to make it clear here that there are more life truth in that book.
These Quotes made by J. Paul Getty will transform your Business Mindset. Enjoy it!
Quotes on How to Create, Manage and Multiply Wealth By J. Paul Getty
“Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells.”
“No one can possibly achieve any real and lasting success or ‘get rich’ in business by being a conformist.”
“My formula for success? Rise early, work late, strike oil.”
“Buy when everyone else is selling and hold when everyone else is buying. This is not merely a catchy slogan. It is the very essence of successful investment.”
“I have no complex about wealth. I have worked very hard for my money; producing things people need.”
“To build wealth today; you must be in your own business.”
“The employer generally gets the employees he deserves.”
“You must take risks, both with your own money or with borrowed money. Risk is essential to business growth.”
“Seek advice on risk from the wealthy who still take risks, not friends who dare nothing more than a football bet.”
“Men of means look at making money as a game which they love to play.”
“You must not only learn to live with tension, you must seek it out. You must learn to thrive on stress.”
Build wealth as a by-product of your business success. If wealth is your only objective in business you will probably fail.”
“In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy.”
“Oil is like a wild animal, whoever captures it has it.”
“The man who comes up with a means of doing or producing almost anything better, faster or more economically has his future and his fortune at his finger tips.”
“Wealth is only a benefit of the game of money. If you win, the money will be there.”
“Patience, this is the greatest business assets. Wait for the right time to make your moves.”
“Once you have made it, you will understand that any business is limited in the challenges it offers. You will want and need other games to play, so you will look for other ventures to hold your interest.”
“If you owe the bank $100, that’s your problem. If you owe bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem.”


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