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The Biggest Mistake I Made in My Early Days of Coming into Network Marketing Business

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The Biggest Mistake I Made in My Early Days of Coming into Network Marketing Business

Mistakes Every Network Marketer Make

As a newbie in MLM business who was anxious to make more money, live the kind of life I have always dreamt of and of course cruise in my own car; I fumbled and stumbled just because of a tiny mistake I failed to realize had the capacity to bring me fail then.

I have told you time without number here on this blog how my Branch Manager introduced me into this line of business he knew nothing about. As one who was just interested in what he will get and gain, I had so many notions about the Network Marketing business. Some of them worked out, while others didn’t.

Right here in today’s post, I will tell you those notions that didn’t work out. Meanwhile, that’s what has constituted to my biggest mistake in Network Marketing Business.
Not only will I be sharing the biggest mistake I made when I came into Network Marketing business newly, I will also show you most of the mistakes other people are currently making and how to stop them.

Without mincing words, I’m still of the belief that Network Marketing business is one of the best businesses you can ever think of. Network Marketing business is the kind of business you walk into without experience but when leaving, you become trained to train others. Robert Kiyosaki calls it ‘A Business for People Who like Helping Others.’ In fact, the potentiality in MLM business is fully under-tapped. That’s to mean that in the next 50 years, a Network Marketer who understands what he is doing will make into the world billionaires.

Some of the mistakes I made as a Network Marketer is what I am about to share with you. If you are in the business of Network Marketing or know someone who is in the business and the person isn’t progressing, there’s this likelihood he or she must be making these mistakes I am about sharing with you. So, what do you do? Yes. That’s a nice question. Just open your mind, remove every distractions and focus on every bit of information I am about to give you now. Even if you are not yet apart of this line of business, by heeding to the lessons of those who have made mistakes and afterwards jumped back on their feet to correct their mess, you too can make it as a successful Network Marketer.

General Mistakes Most Network Marketer Make

1. Most Network Marketers Sell on Credit
2. Most Network Marketers are in the Line of products they don’t have passion in
3. Most Network Marketers thought everyone will like the product they are promoting
4. Most Network Marketers thought that because they are smart and good looking it will make people to buy
5. Most Network Marketers don’t know how to introduce their products to different categories of people. They thought what worked in Jos will work in Lagos or what worked in the open market will work when they visit government officials to sell to them
6. Most Network Marketers don’t know much about the product and the company that manufactures it

Although those mistakes I listed above are very severe, but those mistakes were not the biggest mistake I made in those days of coming into Network marketing newly.
Do you want to know what that biggest mistake was? Okay. Here it is.


After I came across my money mentor, Robert Kiyosaki, through many of his intellectual properties (books, online interviews and CDs), I came to realize how stupid I was then to begin selling without the necessary skills to back myself up. When I look back into the memory lane, I recall how was rejected and mocked because I could not defend my stand. In worst scenario I will be sent out in utmost disgrace.
Those experiences made me hate selling. It made me hate going into business because I knew it is impossible to do business without having to sell. I know that’s what has held so many people down from going into business, especially Network Marketing business.

Those ugly experiences of not knowing how to sell made me wish I had graduated so that I can go look for job. But the question is; ‘the job created by who?’

Today, I am grateful to God for using Robert Kiyosaki’s book; “Business School For People Who Like To Help People” to change my life by drawing me closer to the number one Business Skills in the world which is SALES SKILLS.

Now, I have had a conscious decision to correct every mistake I made in the past as a newbie in Network Marketing Business. If you are going through similar pains as a Network Marketer or in other areas in Business, you can count on us for guide. Thanks.


Features of a Good Business Plan

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Features of a Good Business Plan

The Executive summary gives overall detailed information about the business venture. It is very emotional, appealing and easy-to-read. It is the last to be written but the first to appear on the business plan.

The company overview provides a strategic insight into the company and as well describes how the company is organised, what products and services it offers or will offer, and then goes into detail on the company’s qualifications in serving her target markets. In the company overview you get the following:
a. Company Profile
b. Company Vision and Mission Statement
c. Past Accomplishment (if you are new, you don’t need that)

This section includes;
a. Market Need
b. Market Fundamental
c. Industry Overview/Trend
d. Market Size
e. Unique Qualifications

This section of analysis underscores the assessment of the segment(s) in which the company serves. In this section the company outlines the ‘must have’ needs and wants of their target customers and how their products and services focus on attending to those needs and wants. Typically, two things are worthy of note here and they are;
a. Customers Needs
b. Customers Profile

In this section is where you make a comprehensive study of your business competitors both direct and indirect, know their strength, their weakness and how your own competitive approach can become an advantage over them.

In your marketing plan is where you state your core strategies to penetrating the targeted markets describing in details what your brand style (that is, what comes to mind when people remember your company such as; colour, image, packaging, mode of service e.t.c) will be, promotional strategy (choosing advertisement style) and pricing.

There’s a big gap between the times of conception and the time of reality. The gap in-between is where all internal strategies necessary for the business success must be implemented. You must ask yourself of the milestones that must be reached before launching out officially. A typical example was when the vision to settle up Emchis Motivational Network came. We had to stay for a year online spreading the vision and consistently convincing people through personal selling before we launched the Network officially.

This section outlines the human resources that the company has or must have to be successful and how those human resources will be drawn into the company. This might include the Board of Directors, the Professional Advisors and Investors or Shareholders Profile.

The financial plan involves the development of the company’s revenue styles and profitability model. With your financial plan you can count your eggs before they hatch and that will in great measure serve as a monetary motivation.
In your financial plan is where you state your projected income strategy, what you must likely spend your money on, your Balance Sheet and Cash Flow for a period of 3months, 6months or 1year.

When these Tricks and Strategies of writing a Business Plan are fully implemented, experts believe you are on a greater percentage of hitting your business success when you start.

How to Achieve Success Working Part-Time

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How to Achieve Success Working Part-Time

Many people have remained stagnant in their finances today because they never understood the power and magic of part-time job. There is absolutely no where you can invent a bright future for yourself if you have not found out few things you could be doing part-time today that is capable of reflecting success in your future

If you want to transform your future working part-time on your fortune without the part-time job in any way interfering with your current full time job, then this article is specifically written for you.

What amazes me sometimes is that some people give their 100 percent attention to a full time job that can never in life make them a fortune yet you see them hoping to become the next richest person to be recognized on Forbes list. It does not work that way. If you give in to one full-time job that ended up becoming your only source of income – making you for instance $12,000 to $20,000 annually, how long do you think you can stay in it before turning out a millionaire, needless to mention a billionaire? Or you don’t desire such kind of financial attainment in your life?

If you must achieve success working part-time, here are some things you need to know.

3 Unavoidable Things to Know If You Must Achieve Success While You Work Part-Time

1. Every Part-Time Job is Another Stream of Income
Most times your part-time job may not be in the form of a passive income but it is still a guaranteed new stream of income

2. No Full Time Job Incapable of Making You a Fortune is Worth the Full Time You Are Giving it
In that situation what do you do? Look for another part time job you are convinced has the potentiality to make you a fortune with time and start working on it.
As you continue to work on both, compare the profits being generated from your full time job with that of your part time job overtime. And as soon as the part time job starts making as twice as much profit as the full time job, it is time for a switch – interchange them, now make your part-time job a full-time job and your full-time job a part-time job. This is what Jim Rohn calls the Magic of Part-Time. Now, if your previous full-time job now your part-time job can’t be worked on part-time again, that is the best time to quit the job to move ahead with life and fun.
3. Give 20 Percent Effort to the Part-Time Job and 80 Percent to the Full-Time Job
This is similar to the magic of part-time stated above but not purely the same. Here I am trying to consider the time frame involved. And not only that, I want you to understand how the Pareto Principle can work out a miracle for you here.

4 Benefits of Working Part-Time

1. Working part-time makes you strong.
2. Working part-time helps you develop an uncommon value for time.
3. Working part-time makes you think faster, smarter and expansively.
4. Working part-time helps you learn the importance of brainstorming and spending time with like-minded people.

Some of the Part-Time Jobs You Can Engage in

1. Security night watch and other relevant night duties
2. The business of Blogging
3. Acting
4. Home based businesses
5. Freelance writing
6. Coaching
7. Speaking engagements
8. Teaching special subjects in School
9. Marketing of some products through MLM

You can achieve a high level of success if you can learn how to start part-time. Most successful businesspeople you see in the world today started part-time. The number of part-time jobs you are able to control has a way it reflects success in your entire business life.

In my next article I will be showing you various reasons why I suggest you start part-time. For now, I will take my rest why you share a bit of your thoughts with us. Thank you

13 Unavoidable Reasons Why You Must Have a Business Plan

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13 Unavoidable Reasons Why You Must Have a Business Plan


1. Business Plan makes you stay focused and on track
I have a popular slogan with me “that the focused attitude of an Aircraft is what keeps it going beyond the limiting gravitational force.” When you venture into business, things you never imagined that existed keeps popping into your imagination and if you lack a clear-cut plan of what you are in for and where you are going you may lose focus and start failing. If you want to know Entrepreneurs who lacked concentration go and check those who had no Business Plan.
2. A Business Plan offers you good assistance in setting the standard for accessing and evaluating your business
By taking your mind back to the day you first had that business idea(s), you will understand with me that the business you thought of was quite fascinating. If by any means something goes wrong in your absence, it is with the help of the Business Plan that people can correct the mistake made being in accordance with the vision of the Pioneer. I stand to be corrected that one of the reasons why so many businesses could not survive beyond the first generation owners is because they lacked solid and implemented Business Plans.
If there be a yardstick for measuring accuracy in staff performance in a company, an assessment tool for determining high-level performance in School systems and a limit of Right to offenders, I think we would have no heavy problem to contend with. Remember: Business Plan is a compilation of your Business Ideas in such a manner that it can deliver an optimum result of success. This makes it clear that we must not limit a Business Plan to only businesses. It must be extended to everything that makes us busy – that’s ‘busyness.’ It could be a talent, life goals or a profession. Just name it!
3. Adjustment and Readjustment where and when necessary can only be real in a business that had a Business Plan
To identify the place of error in a licking roof, you must search out for the pigeon-hole using the Building Plan. And until you find the Pigeon-hole in the Building Plan, you may succeed in spending your time in futility. With the help of a Business Plan you can be able to find out mistakes and business failures where and when necessary and within the limit of your knowledge or that of your hired Professionals offer solutions to ameliorate it.
4. Business Plan helps you build values and principles that will guild your company
The kind of product you are limited to trade on must be inculcated in your business plan. How you intend to convince customers must as well be part of the content of your business plan. And the class of customers you are out to serve, the value-rating you seek to acquire in the market, your innovative approach and the standard every workforce of the company must undertake in fulfilling the company’s vision must be strictly spelled out and followed in the Business Plan.
With this, you have acquired the unbending principle towards achieving business breakthrough and greatness.
5. Business Plan helps you recognize opportunities, identify risk, plan preventions and develop strategies to tackle any eventuality
Entrepreneurs who have a Business Plan for their business and apply it to the core are never easily tossed up and down by the prevailing societal issues at hand. It is this kind of people that Zig Ziglar referred to as Real Managers who get excited when their customers complain. Zig Ziglar has it that when customers complain, business owners and Managers ought to get excited because it is a huge opportunity for more business. Why would they get excited because they have just been reminded of their weaknesses and that’s a good opportunity to either subdue it or work on it?
Even before they walk into business, by the power of a good Business Plan, they have known what their possible opportunities for more business are, a limiting weakness that could stand their way, possible risks they must undertake to unveil the next success and of course have searched out means they could prevent the avoidable risks and strategies to tackle the unavoidable risks.
6. A Business Plan defines your products or services
It is in your Business Plan that you determine if your company will be focusing on delivering products (and what type of product?), services (and what type of services?) or products and services (and how this two can be combined optimally). To establish a firm that can’t fail so easily, you must seek to deliver services when selling your products.
If you don’t know how to start or what to sell, start by selling services and then grow into selling products. Once you’ve grown into selling products after services, you can go to think while your business goes ahead in gaining the market shares.
7. A Business Plan helps you channel your energy in the right direction and eliminate waste
Your Energy Bank Account has things that make it stocked up and things that make it glow red. The previous is the right investment of energy and the recent is the wrong investment of energy.
You may ask, how do people invest their energies wrongly? Yes! People do. They do that by taking uncalculated risk, by venturing into unpredicted success lane hoping that miracle will happen or luck will shine on them, by not studying the successful business pioneers, by working on assumptions and expectance of instant gratification. With a good Business Plan you can overcome this low-level mentality that has brought people unprincipled success.
If you have a good business plan which by professional look has been approved to last, you have no worry to do if the business will pay or not. You simply know that you are in for great business.
8. A Business Plan helps you identify your targeted consumer group and their particular needs and how to proffer services to meet those needs
Every product has its customers, every Speaker has his/her audience, every school has her students and every congregation has her God. How can you get this right? It is through good business planning. You must know who you are in to serve. That will help you better in knowing how to serve them.
9. With the help of a Business Plan you can be enlightened to who your competitors are, and the strategies with which you can stay ahead of them
Do you think you are alone in the business? You will be wrong to think that way. There are one thousand and one persons who are in to share the customers with – and who gains a larger share of the customers gains the highest business success. As a Sales Expert, I have learnt through many experiences not to bother myself too much on increasing my sales volume – but I’m rather devoted to increase the influx of my customers because when customers’ patronage increases, sales volume automatically increases.
The easiest ways I have discovered overtime in staying ahead of my competitors is to be innovative and move into a virgin land. Take the lead in innovation both in product branding and in technology, and you will always prove a great sign of superiority over your competitors. The successful Banks and Telecommunication industries we see today in Nigeria are those who are highly innovative and have strong believe in virgin lands.
10. A Business Plan promotes your business before investors and as such gives you an edge in securing loan and partners
One of the foremost things an investor demand of you is your Business Plan. No one plans to risk his hard-earned money in futile activities. No one! So, knowing too well that you want to build a business-type that last, then investors will one day be involved.
These investors are looking out for where they can invest their money and go to sleep for returns. And the first criteria in having your business a choice pot of investment by numerous investors is in you having a good business plan.
11. With the help of a Business Plan you can manage your assets and be able to analyze your cash flow
In a good business plan there’s clear-cut analogy of how you raise your funding, how you handle your income, who handles your cash, how you spend it and when you spend it.
For the sake of space let’s list out this remaining two and in my next article I will show you the typical requirements or features of a good business plan:
12. When you have a good Business Plan it helps you set achievable goals
13. A good Business Plan helps you know which company to merge with or sell to in case of bankruptcy

What is a Business Plan

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What is a Business Plan

A Business Plan is the blueprint, the handbook and the foundation pillar of any business entity. It is always a detailed and articulated documentation showing the roadmap and compass of a firm. It is a well thought out plan that is clear, easy-to-follow and understand by anyone who comes in contact with it.
Notwithstanding how small or big you want to start your business, planning is an inevitable part of the business and of course, the foundation of the business which will determine the reliability and lasting power of the business. Any Entrepreneur who ventures into business without a Business Plan is most likely going to be swallowed up by the rigors of business activities but the reverse is the case for an Entrepreneur who understood the place of planning in starting up a business. The five Ps has it that “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.” Such a person strongly and decisively deals with issues arising from his business because he had already made plans for exactly the issue that arose or similar issues.
It is a fact that most Entrepreneurs don’t value the importance of a Business Plan and for the few that might have heard of it and have as well seen its power in action do not know how to write it. Other class of Entrepreneurs who understood the importance of a Business Plan only write one when they want to secure loan from Banks and Investors but this ought not to be. Writing a Business Plan is good and simple. If you are still a starter and cannot hire the services of a Professional does not stop you from having a Business Plan. In its simplest note, a Business Plan ensures that you put your business ideas on paper, conduct a research on the various factors needed to make your business a success and in each case, identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. That is, your SWOT analysis.
Just like the foundation of every building is tasking and time-consuming, so also it is in Business Planning. The strength of the business is dependent on the quality of the planning. An old saying has it that when you fail to plan you have planned to fail and if you missed Heaven, you can never miss Hell. The earlier you start gathering your daily business ideas and of course interconnect them in a way it will reflect success on your business, the better for you.
Of course I wouldn’t want to sound so exaggerated to you by telling you wholesomely that writing a Business Plan is simple for all businesses, even the Strategic Business Units (SBUs). No! It is indeed tasking. I knew how many months it took us in building the Business Plan of our magazine and of course this blog. When you saw blog I know you wondered if it was worth it writing a business plan that consumes money and time on just a blog. Well, this blog (as you may call it) is already turning out a good business haven.
We had to write and tore, type and delete, sleep and welcome up until we were so sure we have overcome. Anyway, that is not meant to frighten you but to strengthen you that if it must be gainful, it must be painful. If it must be glorious, it must be gloomy. Don’t panic, let’s move ahead.
If the reasons above isn’t appealing enough to make you invest such a huge amount of your time to write a Business Plan then let me blow your mind that this has become a necessity for your business success. It will always run through your mind each time a new idea comes in – whether to amend the plan just like the Legislators do to the constitution or to remain in the a-bi-initio plan.
In my next article I will show you 13 unavoidable reasons why you must have a Business Plan. Hope you enjoyed this article and most importantly, you now know what Business Plan is. Don’t forget to share this post with friends and leave your comments for me.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Money Mentor

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Money Mentor

Do you find it difficult making money decision? Are you looking for where to invest your next income? Or are you interested to know how having money Mentor can help you duplicate your earnings so that you will begin to live the kind of life you have always wanted? Well, there is no other better way of gaining financial education except through money Mentors. So, if you answered ‘Yes’ to those questions above then this article is specifically written for you.
When I am not writing at home, I am in the field sourcing for information and connecting with new class of people. People I know I will need to be a better Businessman. Today, I stumbled on a person I have just decided to use as my money Mentor. In fact, I want to thank him wherever he is now for inspiring this article. After spending few minutes with him, I learnt something very important that would have taken me decades to get by.
Today, I will not only share with you the importance of having money Mentor but I will also show you strategies to getting money Mentors and how to know if a particular money mentor is the best for you.
Nobody can claim to know everything. Even as a writer, I don’t know everything. So to make up for the things I don’t know which I ought to know to remain relevant in my field and the society at large I use other people’s knowledge by simply having them as my mentor.
As an Entrepreneur or would-be Entrepreneur, one of the best thing you can do for yourself is to have someone (whether male or female, old or young, online or offline) who will always guide you in making money decision. Many who started out in their businesses without a mentor today have themselves to blame. Why? They undermined the importance of having a money Mentor, a good financial Adviser and a common sense of decency.
Who is Qualified to be a Money Mentor?
On several occasions, some people like to present themselves as experts in things they know little or nothing about, probably because of the title accompanying it or the financial rewards attached to it. If you are the type that loves to play the game of luck bear it in mind here that luck has never really worked and never can it work when it has to do with selecting a money Mentor. Don’t say I didn’t warn you in advance. Not everyone qualifies to be your money Mentor. J. Paul Getty said; “Seek [financial] advice on risk from the wealthy who still take risks, not friends who dare nothing more than a football bet.”
Find someone who is already successful in starting and running his own business and seek for money advice. Search them out both online and offline. Some of the places you can find money mentors are at Seminar grounds, by visiting their offices or buying books written by those you want to serve as your money mentor.
The most successful business people will be more willing to pass on their expertise. So there is no harm in trying out.
When I think of money mentors I think of men and women who have proved their financial acumen by making a bit of money themselves – and not by inheritance or lottery winnings. If you can find any of them around you that you admire, like I said earlier, approach them to make your intents known.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Money Mentor
1. Money Mentors bring a wider range of experience to the table
2. Money Mentors help you model your business ideas in a concise but detailed form where it can be marketable
3. Money Mentors help you develop a strong passion over a business idea they understood has the capacity to make you a fortune
4. Money Mentors are there to ask you questions that will spark off your seat of thought to action.
5. Money Mentors are good listeners, ready to give their time and attention to questions and afterwards, provides relevant answers.
6. Money Mentors are made men who are independent and will never think of stealing your idea. With Money Mentors the fear of competing with an already established firm is minimized.
7. Every successful Entrepreneur you see today has a money mentor. So if you want to be successful too, then you will need one.

I hope with these reasons you can now see vividly why you need a money mentor? Share your own thought with me in the comment box and as usual, don’t forget to share with friends on facebook, twitter and google+.

Top 10 Tips To Help You Stay Positive While You Look For a New Job

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Top 10 Tips To Help You Stay Positive While You Look For a New Job

Probably something happened and you lost your job or you are in a job that does not bring you maximum satisfaction, there’s still hope for you to remain positive while you go ahead to look for other new jobs.

Don’t let what the media is saying discourage you. No matter how bad they say things are in the labour market, great companies are still busy looking to hire the best available staff. If you have the right skills, a strong passion and the backing grace of God, it is then guaranteed that job could be waiting for you around the corner.

You need to be upbeat and positive. In order to help you stay positive, here are top 10 tips to help you stay positive while you look for another job.

1. Volunteer at Church, School, Hospital and other relevant organization of humanitarian service.
By doing this it is possible that the spotlight will fall on you. You attract people you never thought possible in your life and God being faithful, you will come across a person who will favour you with a new job.

2. Join a Think Tank
A think tank is a group of experts who provide advice and ideas on political, social or economic issues. This group of experts help you brainstorm to come up with new ideas that will keep you on the fore-front of what is happening in the society. This kind of network really helps a great deal.

3. Keep a Routine
Don’t go into bad habits of waking up late, sleeping in the afternoon, visiting people in the afternoon or procrastinating around the house when you ought to be looking for a new job. Wake up when you ought to, engage in activities that will yield long-term profit and get to diversify.

Come up with new job responsibility to keep you active and viable. If you finally had the privilege of attending a new job interview, you will be asked what you did or were doing while you waited for a job. Most times I suggest you just submit unsolicited applications to different companies, attend their interview sessions even if you don’t need the job and certainly you will have something to learn without having anything to lose.

4. Be well informed with details about the industry you are into
Yes. This is very important. For instance you studied engineering, and as things are, there’s no job, that shouldn’t make you to undermine the series of important activities going on in your industry. You must stay up to date to stay positive.

Don’t go below just because you are not working. Keep yourself positively busy by learning to know more about your industry or another industry you might be willing to work in. If there is a particular company you submitted application letter to, begin to make extensive research about them. What this thing does is that it will help you to stay ahead of your competitors when the time for interview comes.

5. Become adventurous
Let the passion to know and learn new things begin to spin up from you. Look for a new language or dialect to learn, a new kind of meal, deal making strategy, how to live on less, how stuffs work and so on and so forth. There are over one thousand and one things you could learn while you look for a new job. My concern which I also know ought to be yours is for you not to look back in regret after many years are gone. Utilize this very opportunity – it will help you stay positive.

6. Avoid negative people
At the very time you are jobless when advisers will come with both their solicited and unsolicited advices. Some of them will make you cry and some of them will make you smile. Some will discourage you while others will encourage you. In fact, there is nothing you won’t see at this point in time but where the heart of the matter is is in your reaction. Sort out those people whose thoughts and advices are always perverse – those who are always thinking up one new negative thing or the other and avoid them. You don’t need those kinds of people to stay positive while you look for a new job.

7. Think different, Think Positive
Do not focus on the negative side of life. Give no room for any kind of thought that won’t make you better. Staying positive while you look for a new job can’t be possible if you can’t think different and positive.

8. Network with others
Keep your contacts intact. Make new connections and make best use of the social network. That reminds me, what do you do when on facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube, google+, pinterest, instagram and other social networks? While you look for a new job, make as much connections on these social networks than ever. These connections will one day turn out to be clients or job referrals.

9. Checkmate on your expectations
I know it is good to be expectant. Yes. I also know that without expectations most of our requests won’t receive the support of the invisible Creator – God, but most times people who expect too much end up placing themselves on a high jump. It makes most people want to turn out a perfectionist which is unhealthy for peaceful co-existence.

Don’t expect everyone to be good and don’t expect everyone to be bad. Give people room to be free with you. It is a powerful tool to helping you stay positive while you look for a new job.

10. Don’t give up
A wise man said that the road to success is littered with the carcasses of men who tried and failed. Don’t participate in the folly by giving up on yourself and your abilities. Keep your faith tuned on. Everything you are passing through today is among what is needed to shape your glorious future. Okay, come to think of it; what will you tell your posterity if you give up today? Will you tell them there weren’t jobs to do in your time? What if their destiny is connected to yours? Can you afford to stand the shame of being the reason for their calamities?

Don’t give up. Never stop submitting applications. Never stop attending interviews. Never stop researching on the next available job. Never stop making studies about your industry. And never stop working on a new career. You will ultimately come out a winner someday.

Before I conclude this article, let me also tell you that there is another means of getting a fat paycheck. And that is creating your own job. If you have faced too many rejections before now, don’t bother, you have the capacity to create a job others will be eager to work in. Look at what Bill Gate said. He said; “I failed in some subjects, my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” Did that word mean anything to you? I repeat, don’t give up. Also, see this. Reid Hoffman, the founder of Linkedin said; “all humans are entrepreneurs not because they should start companies but because the will to create is encoded in human DNA.”

God bless you for your time to read this article. I believe it has credited your knowledge bank. You can go ahead to share it with friends on facebook, twitter and google+.