5 Things I Learnt While on Tour in Ebonyi State

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While on tour in Ebonyi State, Nigeria precisely Ohaozara for the first segment of the Mega Business Summit, I was impressed by the things I learnt, the people that were inspired by my simple words and the dimension God is taking us to. While speaking to a cross section of young people, a lady who heard the way I stressed so much on Talent, Skill and Competence without giving 100% attention to formal education stood up and asked; “what is the essence of education?” You will see the interesting answer I gave her in the course of this article. Just read on!

1. Spending time with people who believe you can make it big helps you perform at your peak. Yes! For me to keep them liking me, I had to study and research voraciously. It was then I knew that the essence of having a formal education is strategy and not certificate.

2. Staying where your impact is felt natural stirs your spirit to act in harmony to the positive expectations of your fans, audience or clients.

3. I stumbled on some life-changing books in my Dad’s library – from the ones giving a divine revelation of hell and Heaven, business, politics and history. “Begin with Sadat” was among such great books. I wished I could exhaust the over 5000 books in that library.

4. I learnt with practical realities that money is not what is needed first to make money. You need God’s favour, connection, great idea and a big dream. A dream when shared frightens.

5. I learnt in more simpler terms that visions and dreams are the vessels through which God fulfill our heart’s desire. It shook me that some people can’t dream big dreams but they expect God to do big things. No o o o! That’s not the way it is!

Being there has imparted my life.


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