5 Kinds of People You Must Never Seek Financial Advice From

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When it comes to investing or the right use of your money, who do you ask? You might be tempted due to circumstances on ground to seek for financial advice from anybody and everywhere. As much as this article won’t be telling you specifically who to seek financial advice from, I will indeed do justice in telling you five kinds of people you must never seek financial advice from if you want to be successful.

Before then, who is a financial advicer or advisor? Why do you need one? I am not a Certified Financial Planner but as much as I have known, some of them who present themselves as one teach what they don’t practice and as such, I am more comfortable taking the risk so that I can have a story to tell.

A Financial Advicer or Advisor is a professional who renders financial services to clients. His aim is to help you identify goals to pursue, set an overall financial plan and avoid the avoidable disasters. A financial advicer shows you how best to save, invest and grow your money.

Having said that, let’s go straight into listing out these 5 Kinds of People You Must NEVER Seek Financial Advice From.

1. Poor Person with Poverty Mentality

I hope you know the new definition of who a poor person is? A poor person is not one who has no money in his pocket but one without dreams. The white crude oil in the person’s head is neither productive nor profitable.

Why am I saying this? Dreams are like a huge motivational magnet. They help you through life’s low points. So, what plan executable and profitable in the future can one (a poor person) who lacks dream offer? Definitely, none!

A person with poverty mentality tells you; “don’t quit your job, don’t take the risk of starting your own business. Can’t you see failed businesses around?” Well, that’s the way they talk. They hate investing. So, don’t take the risk of asking such people for financial advice. They are embodiment of discouragement.

2. A Novice

A Novice in this context is someone who does not have Financial IQ. Someone who has no knowledge of the business on ground. Don’t waste your precious time seeking financial advice from such person – it will yield no result.

We will continue this article tomorrow. See you….


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