Top Quotes on Wealth Creation From Charles Apoki

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Becoming wealthy is easier today than what it use to be in the past. So, if it is something you’ve always wished? Here are quotes on Wealth Creation from a notable Entrepreneur that will change your life.

Before I proceed, let me introduce Charles O. Apoki to you. Charles O. Apoki is a Medical Doctor who came from a WRETCHED background in the Niger Delta but his decision to be wealthy in life was and is still very strong. He believes that “God cannot force you [anyone] to get rich. You must be willing.” Today, God has called him into ministry. He’s one of the great men of God in Nigeria with special mandate to teach Wealth Creation. Oh, did I forget to tell you he is an Author? One of his booklets I value so much is; “Money Is An Idiot.”

Check out what he has to say about wealth:

“The purpose of money is not for comparative acquisition but for comparative responsibility”

“Wealth at a time becomes boring if there is no corresponding responsibility”

“Money has no religion. Money is neutral and very mobile”

“It is ideas that create the economic gradient for the economic flow in any direction. Patroniseable ideas surpass the wealth withholding mindset of people. They cause patronage and wealth flow”

“The docile and consumptive, the ignorant and ignorance are raw materials for the creative, enterprising and productive individuals”

“If a poor Egyptian had noticed Moses’ basket she would have carried him to Pharaoh’s police to gain favour”

“I hate poverty and the only way to overcome it is by being enterprising”

“Information is money, try as much as possible to get financially pregnant information. They deliver money if properly midwifed”

“The dynamism of wealth ensures that money is in a fluid state it always gravitates in the direction of ideas, values, services, opportunities, recreation and better options”

“If anything you do can attract people’s attention, it will attract money”

Do you find this quotes useful? Share it! That’s just a few of Charles Apoki’s idea.


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