3 Things You Should Never Expect From An Enemy

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Are you experiencing a set back in your busines or career? Do you find it difficult to trust people due to one hurt feeling you had in the past? Or do people find it difficult relating [or opening up] with you? If your answer to these questions is YES! Then you are the reason for which the inspiration to write this article came. Read it, learn from it and live a better life.

Traditionally we are taught to blame every bad omen on our enemies. But my research here shows that they are not always responsible (although as we know, they are wicked).

There are three things in life which one called an enemy (whether man or devil) can’t do. I am writing this so that when next it happens you don’t blame the wrong person. When you blame the wrong person, the wrong result occurs.

They are;

1. Disappointment

Have you ever had someone disappoint you? If yes! Was that person a friend or an enemy? Let me leave you to answer that.

Well, I have had enough. And guess what? They were people I loved, respected and trusted. Same was likeable to God, Jesus and Joseph. God exalted Lucifer as the Arch angel – the one in charge of His food processing industry, of course you know God eats only Praise and Worship but what did the stupid lucifer do? He disappointed God. Judas disappointed Jesus, Joseph was disappointed by his brothers and Joshua was disappointed by Achan, a man from the Messaic lineage.

2. Discouragement

Have you ever been discouraged? An enemy can’t show you your weakness – he is a stranger. Even when the devil wants to discourage you he comes through the person you expected encouragement from. My dear, this is life and you’ve got to face it is their language.

3. Inability to Believe in You

Enemies are afraid of you. A friend knows a bit of your ability. A friend concludes you faster.

Note: Inasmuch as you need to be careful about who you consider as the enemy of your progress, you must be much more careful about your friendly enemies.

‘Watchfulness’ is the game.


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