Top 25 Secrets of Success By Bill Newman That Could Change Your Life

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Are you seeking for the right button to push and the secret of success will be unveiled to you? Let me share with you the Top Secrets of Success as stated by Bill Newman.

Who is Bill Newman?

Dr Bill Newman is a distinguished Australian speaker whose wealth of knowledge has being shared through his books, articles and radio and TV programs.

1. Seek and seize opportunities. Great chances and challenges don’t always come giftwrapped

2. Channel your passion into your profession

3. Persist and persevere. Overnight success is a myth

4. Be inquisitive. Read widely outside of your field. Ask questions and turn things inside out

5. Be optimistic. Things aren’t always as hard to accomplish as you expect

6. Learn to get along with people. Make people like you

7. Learn to exhibit more patience than any other person you know

8. Respect other people’s opinions and ideas

9. Be humble

10. Be loyal

11. Cultivate cheerfulness

12. Work hard

13. Find your own particular talent

14. Be big

15. Be honest

16. Learn to think problems through. Don’t give up. If you don’t get the answer today, go back to it tomorrow. Discipline your mind to the thought that anything given you to decide, presupposes your ability to solve it. Sufficient thought will bring the proper solution in due time.

17. Learn to put yourself in the other’s place. There are two sides to every dispute and yours is not necessarily the right one. Keep an open mind, no matter how personal the point is.

18. Live with enthusiasm

19. Don’t let your possessions possess you

20. Don’t worry about your problems

21. Look up to people when you can – down to no one

22. Don’t cling to the past

23. Assume you full share of responsibility in the world

24. Strive to be happy and enjoy life

25. Depend on God

Success in life and business only goes to the person who has the courage to dream, the ability to organise and the strength to execute.

Has any of the secrets been relevant to you? Share your experience with us.


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