Top 7 Business Strategies For Those Who Want to Make it Big – Part 1

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How has your journey in the world of business been? Have you be going from success-to-failure or on the reverse? Well, whatever your state is I’m here again with the 7-Manifold Business Strategies that will help you become a key player in the business sector. Remember, the result comes on application and not just reading this.

1. Get a Big Picture of the Business

Very simple! By this I mean, get a vision. No business becomes big without a vision. Put your vision on paper. If you are afraid of anyone stealing your idea (like I often get atimes), analyse it with a diagram which only you can understand.

Your business can only get as far as your vision can go. So, if you are interested to build a Multi-Billion Dollar Business like myself and my Blogging Mentor, Ajaero Tony Martins owner of &, then you must get a big picture of the business in many years to come.

2. Work Hard, Work Smart

This two ‘adjectives’ are completely different. Poor people know how to work hard even on hard works that yields little or no result but the elites who are considered the shakers and movers in the world of business have mastered the strategy of harmonizing the two to maximize profit.

One of the best advice I have ever received was from the Project Manager of SPDC Nigeria, Engr. Ihendu Ogba. He said in a low tone; “Emenike, I will help you but Hard work pays!” Although it sounds simple but the impart of that word can only be erased by eternity.

Work hard, work smart even at soft works.

3. Start With Your Own Savings

Many money lending homes may want to offer you money to start a business but don’t accept that if you want to make it big. Banks don’t give CAPITAL, they give CREDIT and for every credit, you are bound to be in debt. Zig Ziglar said; “you don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great.”

The best way to start a business is to start with your own savings.

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