Top 5 Habits of Great Motivational Speakers

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Having listened to the tapes and read the books of great speakers like Fela Durotoye and Niyi Adesanya (of Nigeria), John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, stephen Covey, Les Brown (my mentor) and many others I can’t mention here, I want to share with you Top Habits which I discovered were common in all of them.

These men has made the speaking industry one of the choicest industries in the world. My discoveries proved that they all had these habits I am about to share with you. So! Relax, read and let it inspire you – meanwhile joining us won’t be any error, afterall that’s part of the ‘Passive income’ I have always talked to you about.

Let’s check it out!

1. They survey their audience

The first thing every great motivational speaker does on receiving a letter of engagement is to make a research of the audience he’s to speak to. With this you can have their age, profession, philosophy and probably their expectations.

2. They make good use of the time given to them

This is simple! Nothing annoys an audience like having a speaker who doesn’t keep to time. Not only not keeping to time but wastes time. Great motivational speakers maximize the time. So, if you’re aiming to become one in future, note this!

3. They use simple-to-understand words

Yeah! No need of big grammar otherwise you lose the audience’s concentration. The essence of communication is to get the listeners to learn.

Great speakers talk and listen – both to themselves and to audience. By using simple words you get to participate.

4. They leave the audience better than they met them

This can be done by using highly motivating words. Words when listened people will scream, “I have never heard anyone talk like this before.” If you can meet their demands you will come back to speak.

5. They end well

This talks about their conclusion. They make it friendly and entertaining. On concluding, remind them of what you expect them to do.

The speaking industry is a huge opportunity, get to know how we make money talking.


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