What Thomas Edison Knew Other Inventors Didn’t

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How much do you know about Thomas Edison? To what extent does the story of Thomas Edison inspire you? What is it that made Thomas Edison so exceptional from other inventors? Well, if you are interested in giving your business a LIFT [which I know you are] I can also presume you will have interest to the answers of the above questions.

There’s virtually no Speaker or Writer who will talk about success in business and in life without quoting Thomas Edison. If not for the indelible mark he made on the sand of time we may not have known him.

After studying about the life of Thomas Edison as an inventor as well as a businessman, I discovered something SPECIAL which he did that other inventors didn’t. This is what I call The Law of Potential Difference. Edison knew it, applied it and that made all the difference.

Thomas Edison was known to have invented Quadruplex telegraph, Phonograph cylinder, Carbon microphone e.t.c. but none of them made him famous until he failed over and over again and finally came up with the Incandescent light bulb.

So, what are the things Thomas Edison knew and applied which other inventors didn’t?

1. Thomas Edison saw invention as an opportunity to solve needs. And as long as he saw that as a need, he filled it.

2. Thomas Edison was more interested in solving the need of his community than he was in the money. No wonder he had to offer free street light to his neighbourhood.

3. Thomas Edison knew how to give his invention a ‘Commercial value.’

Of all the inventors of his time only Edison became substantially wealthy. Why? He knew how to transact his intellect for money, [I wish I could do better in this area!].

4. Thomas Edison transferred the gene of creativity and the urge for financial freedom to Henry Ford while Ford worked with him.

5. He built his invention into business. General Electric is a product of his business acumen.

6. His long-term goal was more important than the certificate.

Are there over secrets you could share with us? Leave a comment.


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