Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Success Secret Exposed: “How I Built My Multi-Million Dollar Business”

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Before I finally expose Robert T. Kiyosaki – [a man who every young successful Entrepreneur relates the spark of their success in business to, a man who have changed people’s perception about money and a man whose core interest is to make everyone financially free], let me tell you who this man is. Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the bestselling Rich Dad Poor Dad series.

One day after school, he was workin in his rich dad’s office. He was about 15 years of age at the time and was very frustrated in school. He wanted to learn to be rich, but instead of studying subjects such as “Money 101” or “How To Become a Millionaire 202”, he found himself dissecting frogs in science class and wondering how this dead frog would make him rich. Feeling frustrated with school, he asked his rich dad, “Why don’t they teach us about money in school?” Rich dad smiled, looked up from his paper work and said, “I don’t know. I’ve wondered that myself.” He paused for a while and then asked, “Why do you ask?”

“Well”, Robert Kiyosaki said slowly, “I’m bored in school, I don’t see any relevance between what we are required to study in school and the real world. I just want to learn to be rich.” Robert Kiyosaki wondered the relationship between making money and dissecting frogs.

His poor dad and class teachers believe that to be rich or make money you need to get good grades in order to find a safe secure job. When Robert Kiyosaki retired at 47, he said; “I don’t want to spend my life having someone else tell me how much money I can earn or when I can go to work or take a vacation. I want to be free. I want to be rich.”

Since the needed financial education wasn’t taught in school he began studying with his rich dad after school and on weekends until he was about 38 years of age. That became his Business School.

Today, Robert Kiyosaki is a worldclass Investor, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and a Mentor to millions of young Entrepreneurs.


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