4 Top Reasons Why Smart People Hardly Become Rich

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Smart people are those people with high IQ. They hardly give in to be cheated. They are not ready to break any rule. These people called ‘smart people’ lack emotional intelligence needed for financial success and massive wealth building.

For the Top 4 Reasons which I’ve stated below, smart people hardly become rich.

1. They love to play the game of money too cautiously

Why? They are afraid to lose their money so they dump it in the bank. Banks use their money for business paying them back just a few interest.

2. They are too interested in short-cuts

This kind of people when surfing the internet for ways to increase their income you will see words like; “5 Quick Ways to Make Your First $1 Billion in a Year”, “How to Become a Billionaire in 6 Months” and the rest of them – you know those get-rich-quick stuff.

Smart people lack emotional intelligence called patience. They are always seeking for where they can get it now and you know what? It makes them move from job to job and from prayer house to prayer house collecting prayer project and before long, they get bored and quit – thereby never becoming rich.

3. They are fast ‘spenders’

Although I am the one writing this but I must confess that I am guilty of this. Sometimes I just wish I could be whipped for spending either before I earned it or allowing money run through my hand like a slippery soap. I still know they are others out there who are guilty of this. I am actually getting better, I hope you will join me?

4. They prefer to sell off anything of value they have just to pay a debt

These people hate owing. [I am not actually saying owing is good afterall the Bible said; “a debtor is a slave to the lender”] Instead of them to owe anyone they prefer to sell off their items or investment of value. If they should by any means own their real estate investment, they sell it off.

And as long as they keep working for security, they have no interest in working for freedom.


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