How to Fuel Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

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“All humans are Entrepreneurs not because they should start companies but because the will to create is encoded in human DNA.”
– Reid Hoffman, Linkedln co-founder

Every Entrepreneur has same spirit. Of all the Entrepreneurs I know, to re-ignite their passion they do something and what do they do? These and more will be discussed shortly.

After meeting an accidental failure which is a common denominator to every Entrepreneur, the rugged spirit of persistence and decision to swallow risk which we Entrepreneurs are known for begin to fade off. This if not revived can make one lose his Entrepreneurial spirit. Thomas Edison if awakened from his slumber will attest to it.

In order to fuel your Entrepreneurial spirit these are few things you must do.

1. Put your motives right

What’s your motive for being an Entrepreneur? Are you an Entrepreneur because you don’t want a Boss, a paid job or you want more money? What’s actually driving your passion? If you can get it right then your entrepreneurial spirit entrepreneurial spirit can’t help but stay aglow.

2. Utilize your imaginative power

Imagine yourself having all you need. “In the workshop of imagination one may take old well-known ideas or concepts, or parts of ideas, and combine them with still other old ideas or parts of ideas, and out of this combination create that which seems to be new.” – Napoleon Hill

3. Utilize every opportunity to learn

Going through Michael Dunlop’s blogs ( and, I was extremely happy at what I saw – how he dropped out of school to become an Internet Millionaire, and I quickly said to myself, mehn! This is an opportunity to learn from this young dude.

Yes! To keep your entrepreneurial spirit constantly fuelled, you need to learn new things every day.

4. Network with other Entrepreneurs

Yesternight I was with Pastor Joe during the WEE conference, he shared his vision of starting up a Business Club where young practicing and intending Entrepreneurs will gather to brainstorm. What a great idea!


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