10 Things You Must Know Before You Seek For a Paid Job

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“Don’t play games you don’t understand even if you see lots of other people making money from them.”
– Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

What’s your motive for seeking for a paid job? Do you really know what’s involved in it?

Before you seek for a paid job here are 10 Things You Must Know.

1. Discover your life purpose

Any job that can’t help you fulfill your life purpose is the wrong job not withstanding how much that job makes for you. Don’t waste your time doing the wrong job, discover your life purpose before you seek for paid job.

2. Your skill is what is required

Don’t economise it. Use it. That’s what you will be paid for. More skills means more opportunity.

3. You might be working with an idiot as a Boss

Sorry to use that word ‘Idiot’. But some Bosses are just like that, and if you are seeking for a paid job know it.

“Be nice to Nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.”
– Bill Gates

Make room to accommodate his so-called foolish ideas.

4. Your Boss is always right

Take it that way. Your Boss’s command is the last order. He’s to lead while you’re to follow.

5. You don’t have total control of how you manage your time

It is your employer who draws the schedule of when you resume work for the day and when you close. He has better control of your time.

If you aren’t yet prepared to entrust your time to another person don’t bother seeking for paid job.

6. You might get fired one day

No job offers security more than the ones you created. As long as you are not the owner, prepare your mind that you might get fired one day. That will help you create numerous streams of income.

7. Focus on the experience you will get

Be centred on the experience you will acquire not the money that comes with it.

8. You can never become richer than your Boss

Paid job can’t make you extremely wealthy. But starting your own corporation will. So, don’t go competing with your boss, you won’t win.

9. It is an opportunity to network with others

Best of networking is made in the work place.

10. Creating your own job would be easier, faster and more profitting in the long run than the paid job


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