Why Getting a Job is a Job

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The rate of unemployment all over the world is alarming. According to Huffington Post report, Job Seekers in U.S. make up 75% of U.S. Workforce. In Nigeria it is no longer a news that our streets are littered with graduates seeking for employment.

In life we are left with two options – either to find a job or to create a job. But do you know that creating a job is easier, faster and pays more in the long run than finding a job?

For too many reasons, getting a job has become a tudious act especially in Nigeria. Some experts believe that the problem is from our Schools that steadily churn out millions of half-baked graduates who are incompetent for the few available jobs. Others believe that job seekers lack God’s favour. Whatever may be your opinion, just believe with me that getting a job is a BIG job.

I may not offer you job sites now but I will advice that you re-visit some of your social media profiles as to edit the contents you have in there. When recruiters visit your facebook profile, they are clearly looking for what they don’t want to see. In order to help you land your dream job, I will suggest you create an account with Linkedln.com so as to help you network, and hook up with possible employers.


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