How to Know if it is Time to Quit the Job

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The decision to quit a job is something wise people don’t make in a hurry. They are always careful to know if the time to do that is ripe or not. Some of my friends who wouldn’t want to make a regrettable mistake have asked me severally, is it time to quit this job? How do I know when the time is come? I just hope they will visit to read this article.

Like I said earlier, the decision to quit a job is a hard one and I’ve always adviced that anyone who wants to do that must know how to do it and when to do it. To know if it is time to quit a job these are few things you must observe or consider;

1. Is the ovation high?

The best time to quit a job is when the ovation high. Yes! That might be quite difficult to believe but it is true.

Leaving a job when your flag is still flying is the best choice to make. It is at this point that your reputation and professional image is still clean and deciding to leave at such time endorses you a hero.

So, is the ovation high? Then it is time to quit.

2. Is your job no longer aligning with your long-term goals?

Do you have a goal, a dream and a workable vision? Do you wish to share platform of greatness with men such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Martin Luther King Jr e.t.c.? Then you must focus on your long-term goals while you engage in any job.

Your long-term goal is the person you wish to become in the future. In a situation your current job no longer aligns with it, it is an indication to show that it is time to quit the job.

3. Are you still self-motivated?

No one can talk you up as much as you can do to yourself. That’s to mean, if you continue to wait for your Boss to motivate you you might wait till eternity.

Being self-motivated helps you avoid being pressured into action. When you lack it, you’ve lacked passion which ought to be the driving force of great accomplishment. Are you lacking self motivation in your job? It is an indication that the time to quit the job has come.


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