How to Pitch a Simple but Irresistible Offer to Friends

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Hi friends! Are you considering running ads on your Blog, your ezines/Newsletters or ebooks and you don’t know how best to communicate the idea to your friends? Just hook with me here let me show you my simple secret. Since I’ve not started running ads on this blog, I utilize the EBOOK platform to ensure I’m still in the league of those who maximize profit using the internet. I’ve written several ebooks ranging from inspirationals to business related books and you know what? These are free ebooks – already paid for by those who place advert on it. In case you want to advertise your products in the free ebooks kindly let me know via: or send me a mail on facebook via: so that you can get the details. That’s aside! Back to what I want to share with you. Put it this way: Hi (insert friend’s name)! I have finally decided to start running a limited number of ads on my blog. I thought of it during my planning that your product would be a perfect fit.

But you know what? Honestly I don’t know if it will be beneficial to you or not. Therefore I’m of this opinion. How about we run an ad for 30 days and then assess the outcomes? If it generates traffic for you you can decide if you want to continue on a paid basis – if not, there’s no problem. We will pull the ad and still remain the friends we are. What do you think?

[insert your name].

Note: Before you go ahead to negotiate, make sure you’ve studied Entrepreneur’s Guide to Contract Negotiation in my previous release.


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