6 Things Every Boss Wants From an Employee

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This topic should be considered an urgency – a must-read. People who never thought of losing their jobs have lost it long ago. And the question is; why is it so? What are the things your Boss would want you do to become more productive at work? Remember, he might not be telling you what he wants but it is your responsibility to find out.

Having learnt some things Bosses want from their employees, I would like to use this opportunity to get them across to you so that it can help you climb faster in your corporate ladder.

This is just a continuation of our previous topic on 6 Things Every Boss Wants From an Employee.

4. Be Fast

Do you know we are now in the Jet age, the computer age and the age of speed. Some of my friends call it the ‘fast food’ age! Managers and company owners want things done fast, and customers in the same vein are no different.

If you are an Employee who have understood the difference between perfection and completion, you will agree with me that this fourth point is relative. Some Bosses want the job completed in a shortwhile even if it wasn’t perfectly done while others will better have you slowdown your speed than to have an imperfect result. Knowing the kind of Boss you have will serve you better in this.

Do you want to be endeared to your Boss? Then develop good speed in getting jobs done.

5. Be Self-motivated

One of the responsibilities of Bosses is to keep their employees motivated both in words and in action, but what of in a situation where your Boss don’t live up to that responsibility again? What happens? Will you now quit your job or query him? I think all that won’t be necessary. So, you’ve got to design another means of staying motivated otherwise you are on the verge of being fired!

Now, what are the means you can possibly stay afloat and motivated without sinking in pity? See a few of them I’ve outlined below:

(a). See your job as a training platform

(b). Read motivational books and inspiring biographies to get a kick in the butt

(c). Mingle with motivated friends

(d). Try being faultless and many more

If your Boss gets to discover you are so motivated, he will without questioning assume you will be imparting same kind of life to other members of the staff. He sees you as one adding more value than paid for.

Staying motivated also entails developing a positive mental attitude.

6. Respect the Organisation’s Organogram

Every organisation has an organogram and it is believed that anyone who tries to act against it is expressing disrespect for the management. Your Boss wouldn’t want you to be seen as an indisciplined staff. Even if it is at the detriment of your happiness do it as long as you still love the job.

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