6 Things Every Boss Wants From an Employee (Part 1)

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Are you an Employee who have tried his best to please his employer but every attempt of yours irritate him. Or you know of a friend, a colleague or one of your family members who have tried in several occasions to please their Employer but they every effort was futile – then you’ve got to recommend them to this article or teach them the principles I’m about to share with you here.

Some years back while I was working with my employer I learnt this 6-Things Every Boss Wants From an Employee. They may never include it in your Job Responsibilities but that’s part of the things they will be requiring from you and if you fail at that, you might soon be fired.

So, what are these things? Let’s take it one step at a time.

1. Know the job

Nothing irritates a Manager like an employee who does not know the job. Knowing the job and its ethics is one of the best things an employee can do for himself in order to go higher in his career ladder.

Employees who know the job represent their company’s brand perfectly, and this has often times endeared them to their employers.

2. Be smart

“Whatever you do in life surround yourself with smart people who will argue with you.”
~ John Wooden

Real Managers do not want a ‘wheel barrow’ for an employee. They want someone who has got some technical skills to argue issues in a way it will bring more profit to the organisation. If they had wanted a ‘wheel barrow’ kind of employee I guess they can afford a Robot to act in such person’s place.

A smart person is not the kind who does not make mistake. Of course your Boss is not expecting you to be perfect.

“A smart man makes mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again.”
~ Roy H. Williams

Do you wish to win the heart of your boss? Just be smart in character, in action and in the way you dress.

3. Work as if you don’t need the money

I’ve discovered by experience that employees who show great interest in how much they are paid instead of what the organisation needs to grow are the ones who get easily fired. Why? Because they are working for money instead of their love for the job.

I summarized this in my previous article – How Thinking Money Makes You Poor (try and read it).

No Boss wants to have a Parasite in his team of workers or be considered a ‘host’ where everyone comes to suck when they are in need. There’s this energy seen at work in employees who are working because of their love for the job.

It is one of the things employers consider before hiring or firing an employee.

So far so good we’ve remained systematic in our approach in this Part 1 of 6 Things Every Boss Wants an Employee and I promise you Part 2 will be Wow! Don’t miss a bit of it – follow us.

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