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3 Things You Should Never Expect From An Enemy

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Are you experiencing a set back in your busines or career? Do you find it difficult to trust people due to one hurt feeling you had in the past? Or do people find it difficult relating [or opening up] with you? If your answer to these questions is YES! Then you are the reason for which the inspiration to write this article came. Read it, learn from it and live a better life.

Traditionally we are taught to blame every bad omen on our enemies. But my research here shows that they are not always responsible (although as we know, they are wicked).

There are three things in life which one called an enemy (whether man or devil) can’t do. I am writing this so that when next it happens you don’t blame the wrong person. When you blame the wrong person, the wrong result occurs.

They are;

1. Disappointment

Have you ever had someone disappoint you? If yes! Was that person a friend or an enemy? Let me leave you to answer that.

Well, I have had enough. And guess what? They were people I loved, respected and trusted. Same was likeable to God, Jesus and Joseph. God exalted Lucifer as the Arch angel – the one in charge of His food processing industry, of course you know God eats only Praise and Worship but what did the stupid lucifer do? He disappointed God. Judas disappointed Jesus, Joseph was disappointed by his brothers and Joshua was disappointed by Achan, a man from the Messaic lineage.

2. Discouragement

Have you ever been discouraged? An enemy can’t show you your weakness – he is a stranger. Even when the devil wants to discourage you he comes through the person you expected encouragement from. My dear, this is life and you’ve got to face it is their language.

3. Inability to Believe in You

Enemies are afraid of you. A friend knows a bit of your ability. A friend concludes you faster.

Note: Inasmuch as you need to be careful about who you consider as the enemy of your progress, you must be much more careful about your friendly enemies.

‘Watchfulness’ is the game.

Top Quotes on Wealth Creation From Charles Apoki

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Becoming wealthy is easier today than what it use to be in the past. So, if it is something you’ve always wished? Here are quotes on Wealth Creation from a notable Entrepreneur that will change your life.

Before I proceed, let me introduce Charles O. Apoki to you. Charles O. Apoki is a Medical Doctor who came from a WRETCHED background in the Niger Delta but his decision to be wealthy in life was and is still very strong. He believes that “God cannot force you [anyone] to get rich. You must be willing.” Today, God has called him into ministry. He’s one of the great men of God in Nigeria with special mandate to teach Wealth Creation. Oh, did I forget to tell you he is an Author? One of his booklets I value so much is; “Money Is An Idiot.”

Check out what he has to say about wealth:

“The purpose of money is not for comparative acquisition but for comparative responsibility”

“Wealth at a time becomes boring if there is no corresponding responsibility”

“Money has no religion. Money is neutral and very mobile”

“It is ideas that create the economic gradient for the economic flow in any direction. Patroniseable ideas surpass the wealth withholding mindset of people. They cause patronage and wealth flow”

“The docile and consumptive, the ignorant and ignorance are raw materials for the creative, enterprising and productive individuals”

“If a poor Egyptian had noticed Moses’ basket she would have carried him to Pharaoh’s police to gain favour”

“I hate poverty and the only way to overcome it is by being enterprising”

“Information is money, try as much as possible to get financially pregnant information. They deliver money if properly midwifed”

“The dynamism of wealth ensures that money is in a fluid state it always gravitates in the direction of ideas, values, services, opportunities, recreation and better options”

“If anything you do can attract people’s attention, it will attract money”

Do you find this quotes useful? Share it! That’s just a few of Charles Apoki’s idea.

Top 25 Secrets of Success By Bill Newman That Could Change Your Life

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Are you seeking for the right button to push and the secret of success will be unveiled to you? Let me share with you the Top Secrets of Success as stated by Bill Newman.

Who is Bill Newman?

Dr Bill Newman is a distinguished Australian speaker whose wealth of knowledge has being shared through his books, articles and radio and TV programs.

1. Seek and seize opportunities. Great chances and challenges don’t always come giftwrapped

2. Channel your passion into your profession

3. Persist and persevere. Overnight success is a myth

4. Be inquisitive. Read widely outside of your field. Ask questions and turn things inside out

5. Be optimistic. Things aren’t always as hard to accomplish as you expect

6. Learn to get along with people. Make people like you

7. Learn to exhibit more patience than any other person you know

8. Respect other people’s opinions and ideas

9. Be humble

10. Be loyal

11. Cultivate cheerfulness

12. Work hard

13. Find your own particular talent

14. Be big

15. Be honest

16. Learn to think problems through. Don’t give up. If you don’t get the answer today, go back to it tomorrow. Discipline your mind to the thought that anything given you to decide, presupposes your ability to solve it. Sufficient thought will bring the proper solution in due time.

17. Learn to put yourself in the other’s place. There are two sides to every dispute and yours is not necessarily the right one. Keep an open mind, no matter how personal the point is.

18. Live with enthusiasm

19. Don’t let your possessions possess you

20. Don’t worry about your problems

21. Look up to people when you can – down to no one

22. Don’t cling to the past

23. Assume you full share of responsibility in the world

24. Strive to be happy and enjoy life

25. Depend on God

Success in life and business only goes to the person who has the courage to dream, the ability to organise and the strength to execute.

Has any of the secrets been relevant to you? Share your experience with us.

Top 7 Business Strategies For Those Who Want to Make it Big – Part 2

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Today, I will be continuing where I stopped previously on the Top 7 Business Strategies For Those Who Want To Make Big.

As the title implies, if you have no interest to make it big in business do not bother reading further but if your interest is as good as mine who wants to build a trans-generational business empire, read on for this is the kind of article that will educate you with applicable information to expand your business.

Having stated in part one of this article that starting a business with your own savings is the best, I want to also make it clear that running same business with internally generated fund is also a good idea only to invite investors when your financial track record is tilting on the positive.

4. Financial Discipline

The failure of great number of businesses in Africa and of course the world at large cannot be totally blamed on the environment nor the government policies. More should be channeled on how business owners treat money. Some hostile people call it a stranger and are always in a haste to send it out.

“If money cannot stay with you until it is planned to be spent, then you are not yet mature to be rich.”
– Emenike Emmanuel

As you generate your funds, you must find way of retaining the money in the business. Only by this means will you grow. But when you burn your candle from both ends, you will discover that competition will naturally catch with you; market dynamics somehow will catch up with you. And if dwell so long in that dead-zone ‘comfort’, fortune will move away from.

Saving a little will save you a great deal. It is one of the Top Business Strategies I learnt recently.

5 Monitor The National Budget

Every year your country present a budget. Have you ever considered giving a better priority to investing more in the area where your country’s greater percentage of investment is? No matter how small your business is, you need to leverage on this information if you need to make it big in business.

This article has not ended, we will continue tomorrow.

If this article has touched you or just reminded you something, leave a comment with us.

Zig Ziglar: The Model of My Mentor By Emenike Emmanuel [MSP]

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No one ever became magnificiently successful without having a Being he could point at and say “this is my mentor or model! The person who inspired me with his words and actions.” The story of everyone who is in the Motivational Speaking profession cannot be complete if he or she have never encountered Pa Zig Ziglar.

Although I was never able to meet Zig Ziglar in his lifetime like it was in my plan to do, but the impart his materials (Tapes and Books) have made on me can only be erased by eternity.

It was just this time last year, being 28th Novermber, 2012 when the news of his death got to us. We cried, we sobbed but the remarkable investments he made in the lives of half a billion people all over the world was our consolation. Pa Ziglar was a Godly man who loved God and His work.

I got to know Zig Ziglar from Leslie Brown who spoke about him as his Mentor. How he ‘fired up’ Les Brown was a great inspiration to me.

Today, as a remembrance of the day he took a transition into glory after battling with Pneumonia, I am de dedicating this article to him. I regard him as the ‘Model of My Mentor’, a man who made Motivating others to achieve success in life a priority. Notwithstanding the poor background he came from he dared ‘success’ and met it, and not just doing it alone, he stated a philosophy to make it a chain reaction. He said; “You can get whatever you want if you can just help enough others get what they want.” Of course that message is the one that destroys selfishness which is the biggest challenge of the human race.

Some of his quotes I love so much includes;
“You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.”
“If you don’t see yourself as a winner, you can’t perform as a winner.” and
“You don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great.”

Zig Ziglar died at the age of 86, spent 50 years to produce 30 books, imparted half a billion people and companies (which Emchis Consulting is a part of) and today, his legacy lives.

If given an opportunity to say something about Zig Ziglar, the Father of Modern Day Motivation, what would you say? Leave a comment for us and bid Zig Ziglar a Perfect Rest.

Top 7 Business Strategies For Those Who Want to Make it Big – Part 1

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How has your journey in the world of business been? Have you be going from success-to-failure or on the reverse? Well, whatever your state is I’m here again with the 7-Manifold Business Strategies that will help you become a key player in the business sector. Remember, the result comes on application and not just reading this.

1. Get a Big Picture of the Business

Very simple! By this I mean, get a vision. No business becomes big without a vision. Put your vision on paper. If you are afraid of anyone stealing your idea (like I often get atimes), analyse it with a diagram which only you can understand.

Your business can only get as far as your vision can go. So, if you are interested to build a Multi-Billion Dollar Business like myself and my Blogging Mentor, Ajaero Tony Martins owner of &, then you must get a big picture of the business in many years to come.

2. Work Hard, Work Smart

This two ‘adjectives’ are completely different. Poor people know how to work hard even on hard works that yields little or no result but the elites who are considered the shakers and movers in the world of business have mastered the strategy of harmonizing the two to maximize profit.

One of the best advice I have ever received was from the Project Manager of SPDC Nigeria, Engr. Ihendu Ogba. He said in a low tone; “Emenike, I will help you but Hard work pays!” Although it sounds simple but the impart of that word can only be erased by eternity.

Work hard, work smart even at soft works.

3. Start With Your Own Savings

Many money lending homes may want to offer you money to start a business but don’t accept that if you want to make it big. Banks don’t give CAPITAL, they give CREDIT and for every credit, you are bound to be in debt. Zig Ziglar said; “you don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great.”

The best way to start a business is to start with your own savings.

To be continued in the next post =>

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Top 5 Habits of Great Motivational Speakers

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Having listened to the tapes and read the books of great speakers like Fela Durotoye and Niyi Adesanya (of Nigeria), John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, stephen Covey, Les Brown (my mentor) and many others I can’t mention here, I want to share with you Top Habits which I discovered were common in all of them.

These men has made the speaking industry one of the choicest industries in the world. My discoveries proved that they all had these habits I am about to share with you. So! Relax, read and let it inspire you – meanwhile joining us won’t be any error, afterall that’s part of the ‘Passive income’ I have always talked to you about.

Let’s check it out!

1. They survey their audience

The first thing every great motivational speaker does on receiving a letter of engagement is to make a research of the audience he’s to speak to. With this you can have their age, profession, philosophy and probably their expectations.

2. They make good use of the time given to them

This is simple! Nothing annoys an audience like having a speaker who doesn’t keep to time. Not only not keeping to time but wastes time. Great motivational speakers maximize the time. So, if you’re aiming to become one in future, note this!

3. They use simple-to-understand words

Yeah! No need of big grammar otherwise you lose the audience’s concentration. The essence of communication is to get the listeners to learn.

Great speakers talk and listen – both to themselves and to audience. By using simple words you get to participate.

4. They leave the audience better than they met them

This can be done by using highly motivating words. Words when listened people will scream, “I have never heard anyone talk like this before.” If you can meet their demands you will come back to speak.

5. They end well

This talks about their conclusion. They make it friendly and entertaining. On concluding, remind them of what you expect them to do.

The speaking industry is a huge opportunity, get to know how we make money talking.