Why Do You Want To Quit Your Job?

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Many people today who quit their job do that for several reasons. But the question is; are those reasons worth it? When I made up my mind that it was time to quit my job I knew what I wanted and that has helped me to live in the reality of those things.

When the news of my resignation was spread across our offices Nationwide, many of our staff who have worked with me could not believe it. Some of them had to call me to confirm what they heard. Why were they calling? They said; “you never behaved like one who wanted to quit this job.” Yes! They were right – but I knew it was time to bid bye bye to corporate slavery.

For several reasons I have warned those who came to me for advice about their decision to quit their job to have reasonable reasons why they want to quit their job before they do.

In today’s post I will be sharing with us reasons why you should or shouldn’t quit your job, although it is expected of you to leave a comment for me why you quitted your job or wish to do that in future.

Don’t quit your job because of the following reasons:

1. Because you hate your Boss

Too many employees today who are quitting their jobs do that because they hate their Boss. What they forget is that one day they will also become a Boss and if the Law of Nature should take its course on them, their employees will also hate them.

I still feel fortunate to have worked with one of the most hypocritical Bosses in the world who as he bites you he blows air on you. He perpetrated the act of waving off over 5months salary arrears and 2years leave allowances of ours without apology but I still did not hate him.

Hatred is a seed – don’t sow that seed because I know you won’t like its fruit.

2. Don’t quit your job because you need more money

As long as you keep quitting every old job and hooking up with new ones because you need more money, you will never have enough. In worst scenerio, if you move into the entrepreneurial world with such mentality you will ultimately get grounded along the way. So, get a better reason why you want to quit.

3. Don’t quit your job because your job consumes a better percentage of your time

It is a myth that becoming an Entrepreneur will offer you more time, instead, it is true that it will help you to be in control of your time. This is to mean that having more time is not the same as being in control of your time.

I’m yet to see an employee who invests more time than I do as an Entrepreneur except for those who have given off their entire being to be used up by their bosses.

4. Don’t quit your job because you lacked recognition and empowerment

Empowerment is something you work out for yourself. No one can ever empower you more than that you can do for yourself. If you’ve decided on the kind of person you wish to be go ahead and source for empowerment. Don’t leave your job because because your company has refused to empower you. Remember, it is not their responsibility to make you wealthy.

Work hard for recognition, and if it does not come go ahead and work – by doing so you set some universal laws in motion to work for you.

If those reasons and some other flimsy ones are your reasons for trying to quit your job you’ve got to have a re-think.

In my opinion I considered two things to be paramount before I decided to quit my job. Since I had a great value for this two things I never bothered to disclose it to anyone that may try to discourage me. What are those things? They are;

¤ Freedom from corporate slavery and

¤ My dream itself

These things – not money or fame are my driving force for becoming an Entrepreneur. And if I should ask you, what are your drive for being an Entrepreneur? Leave a reply for me let’s have your opinion. Thanks


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